TPV Podcast, Episode 280: Just BLEEPing Love Yourself

Ep. 280: Just BLEEPing Love Yourself

In this episode, Stacy and Sarah discuss the health ramifications of an on-again, off-again approach to healthy eating

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The Paleo View (TPV), Episode 280: Just BLEEPing Love Yourself

  • News and Views (0:41)
    • Stacy’s heard a lot of talk about “yo-yo” Paleo; doing 30-day challenges then eating all the pizza
    • She wants to talk about loving our bodies instead!
    • It’s especially prevalent this time of year, whether it’s keto, a cleanse, etc.
    • Science! Sarah says remembering that stress is both physical and mental is helpful.
    • Many changes create a stress on our bodies.
    • Stochastic change, or an element of randomness, is helpful in some areas of health according to research, like working out at different time, occasionally varying calorie intake, could be good stressors.
    • Big switches in macronutrient ratios create stress on the body, and swinging back and forth creates too much stress.
    • Our bodies get used to producing certain amounts of digestive enzymes, and big shifts can create imbalances, and imbalances in gut bacteria (usually bad bacteria grow rapidly).
    • These, in turn, produce neuroactive compounds, which can cause not only GI symptoms but mood swings.
    • That doesn’t even take into account how many inflammatory compounds you’re eating, challenge to our metabolisms and lack of nutrient diversity we’re facing.
    • Stacy points out that if we’re loving ourselves, we don’t NEED these big changes.
    • Sarah says it’s okay to make the conscientious choice to choose what’s not best for you once in a while, you’re challenging your body with a little stochastic randomness that might actually be beneficial
    • Stacy says it’s important to focus on your long-term goals.
    • When Sarah has a craving, she indulges—but she also asks herself if lifestyle factors like sleep or stress are causing that craving and adjusts accordingly.
    • Mindset shifts are helpful. What can you do with gusto that will achieve the same result?
    • Sarah likes body scan meditations.
    • Happy New Year and thank you for listening, we’re approaching 5 million downloads (a lot from our 6 listeners!).
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  • Outro (50:50)

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