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TPV Podcast, Episode 28: Immune System and Immune Disorders

Our twenty-eighth show!
Ep. 28: Immune System and Immune Disorders

In this episode, Stacy and Sarah are not talking about autoimmune disorders, but the opposite: how do you handle a taxed or a disordered immune system? Hear tips on how to regulate immune function and how to recover when you’ve been sick. Plus, should you really give children wheat so that they develop an immune reaction to it?

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The Paleo View (TPV), Episode 28: Immune System and Immune Disorders

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  • I want to thank Matt for putting up links associated with the show. I know that takes time. In addition to directing us to great resources, it was the links that got me listening to the show – kind of a reverse effect, because I’m a blog reader more than a podcast listener. Now, I love the podcast – it’s fun and I always learn something.. I also wanted to mention to to Stacy and Sarah that there is an alternative to the BRAT diet that’s pretty much identical to your recommendations. It’s the GAPS Introduction Diet. Stage 1 is broth with well cooked veggies, ginger honey tea, a couple of teaspoons of fermented foods. Stage 2 adds egg yolks and braised meats and lots more broth. Stage 3 adds grain-free pancakes and scrambled eggs. And from there you slowly transition back to your normal paleo/gaps diet. In the GAPS book, she mentions that it’s a great way to bounce back from illness.

    • Glad that time is worth it! Happy to have you as a listener. We are familiar with GAPS and I believe we have mentioned it before on the show (particularly the episode featuring Danielle from Against All Grain, I believe). Thanks!