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TPV Podcast, Episode 27: Mark Sisson and the Primal Connection

Our twenty-seventh show!
Ep. 27: Mark Sisson and the Primal Connection

In this episode, Stacy and Sarah are joined by the fabulous Mark Sisson! Mark’s new book, the Primal Connection talks about how to reconnect to the rest of your genes and ancestral heritage after you’ve accomplished the big diet and exercise goals. It was a fascinating discussion we are sure you will love too!

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The Paleo View (TPV), Episode 27: Mark Sisson and the Primal Connection

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  • I enjoyed listening to this today, and when you got to the part about people with autoimmune disease all being Type A personalities, I thought “Bullsh*t! I’m not Type A and I have rheumatoid arthritis!’ But then I realized Type B people probably don’t shout at podcasts, nor care what they’re called. Too funny. Thanks for helping me laugh at myself.

  • Nicole Pittman

    LOVE love this so much. Everything you guys discuss is so wonderfully ON POINT and I have found that diet is really only about 60% of the equation when it comes to health. You guys ARREEE THHHEE BESSSTTTT. Keep it coming rockstars.