TPV Podcast, Episode 236: Hemorrhoid Horror

Ep. 236: Hemorrhoid Horror


In this episode, Stacy and Sarah tackle hemorrhoids and what to do about them, much to Stacy’s horror!

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The Paleo View (TPV), Episode 236: Hemorrhoid Horror

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    • This week is about poop and hemorrhoids! Stacy is THRILLED!
    • Stacy just can’t help but imagine people going through… situations when they ask these kind of questions.
    • The signs of health in your digestion is very readily identifiable in your poop, but because people don’t have anyone to talk to about it, they don’t have much guidance on how to read these signs.
  • Question from Cyndi (7:11): “Since you both took charge and spoke about POOP, I figured I would ask this FUN question!  What do people who have AI do with PAINFUL internal hemorrhoids?  I have had them now for 3 months (I ate some Tootsie Rolls at Thanksgiving) and have tried a variety of things to help them (AIP eating, epsom salt baths, FUN suppositories, ointments, creams, meditation, exercise, kombucha & finally started taking over the counter pain meds) but it’s still hanging around. It’s been like that family member who comes for the holidays and NEVER leaves!  My sleep has been wonky during this time and I wake up around 4:30 am to have a BM with URGENCY & wicked pain!  I saw a Gastro PA this week and they gave me Metamucil powder to use 2x a day and suppositories 2x a day (which I think makes it worse but why listen to me???).  PA said “since they are internal, you may need to think about surgery.”  Sooooooo, what am I missing? Do I need to give myself more time to heal since I have always been super sensitive to anything related to my GUT and BUTT?  I am seeing a Functional Med. Dr. Feb 2 and will bring this up with him as well,  Thank you for your help and guidance!”
    •  Metamucil is Psyllium husk. It is a soluble fiber that is used to treat constipation. Some people are sensitive to it, see Sarah’s post.
    • When Stacy’s kids get constipation, she increases fruits and vegetable and water in their diets. Fiber is key for regularity!
    • She also says to eat predigested foods: cooked veggies, long braises, etc.
    • When doctors recommend thing you don’t usually eat, ask why they are recommending it. For example, she asks if apple juice and broth can be used in place of Pedialyte.
    • What are hemmorhoids? An swollen or inflamed vein in the rectum or anus. Internal ones are much more of an issue because they are irritated more frequently and are harder to reach with pain relief creams and such.
    • The cause is unknown, but is assumed to be a combination of constipation, poor vascular health, and inflammation.
    • They are not life threatening and don’t usually require surgery because they will go away after a few weeks.
    • Usual recommendation is avoiding constipation with fiber, water, and stool softeners.
    • Sarah loves Omega-3 fats, antioxidants, and Coenzyme Q10.
    • Vegetables are the perfect food to fight this!
    • Soluble fiber bulks stool and slows down digestion. Insoluble fiber speeds it up. So hemorroids probably need more insoluble fiber like leafy greens. But a balance of both is important.
    • Also, a Squatty Potty or other stool stool would also help.
    • Sitting at 90 degrees makes you “poop around a corner” while the squatting position unkinks the colon. See Sarah’s review.
    • For the pain and swelling, use witch hazel wipes.
    • And if you have to have surgery, so be it. At least you solved your issue!
    • Prunes and prune juices because of the polyols. They draw water into the colon, similar to magnesium supplements. Because people tend to be deficient in magnesium anyway, Sarah recommends magnesium supplements instead.
    • Metamucil and psyllium husk may increase blockages, or exacerbate cancer. But, occasional use probably isn’t an issue.
    • Metamucil probably has a lot of extra junk in it as well.
    • What about enemas?
      • Sarah DOES NOT believe that there is anything but trouble in coffee enemas! See her post and just drink the coffee
      • A regular Fleet enema is not an issue because it doesn’t go too far up to affect gut bio diversity, but should be a regular thing you do. If you’re using an enema once a week, seek further medical attention!
      • Do not do an enema to “keep your belly flat”. Come on!
      • Glycerine suppositories are also ok once in a while.
      • These are for people who want to avoid major constipation because constipation can be a SERIOUS issue!
    • Pooping should be easy and enjoyable! If it’s not, look for the culprit. Usually it’s lack of fiber, nutrient deficiency, gut dysbiosis, lack of sleep, or hormone imbalance. You can work on all of these.
    • If sleep is your issue, we recommend Go to Bed
    • Stacy made it through a butt show!
    • Wicked, you guys. Straight out of Mass! Be wicked smaht!
    • Remember: we aren’t doctors! If you have better advice, post it in the comments!
    • Thank you for listening!
  • Outro (36:52)


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