TPV Podcast Episode 218: Thirsty Brain and Showering

Ep. 218: Thirsty Brain and Showering


In this episode, we invite Matt from Thirsty Brain to talk about showering and soap and whether we’re doing it too much!

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The Paleo View (TPV), Episode 218: Thirsty Brain and Showering

  • Intro (0:00)
  • News and Views (0:40)
    • Matt is on this week! He’s our producer and the host of Thirsty Brain!
    • The Thirsty Brain episode of Paleo Magazine Radio is here.
  • This week’s topic: How often should you shower?
    • I’ve determined that a 105 degree shower is actually pretty typical. And Stacy’s 95 degree showers are cold for most people. Also, neither are probably killing bacteria.
    • It was actually Queen Elizabeth who took the monthly bath, but bathing habits essentially did not change from the fall of the Romans to the 20th century. Bathing once a month was a sign of luxury.
    • Wiki has a great, well referenced article on body odor and sexual attraction. Including the link between ovulation and smell.
    • The Witches, that wonderful Roald Dahl documentary
    • While hot showers won’t kill all parasites, it is shown to kill and wash off parasites in general, helping to keep them from becoming a problem.
    • How does soap work?
    • Human skin temperature
    • Here is the dubious Mother Dirt Probiotic soap
    • For the show on bacon and cancer, go here.
    • Go to iTunes for Thirsty Brain!
  • Outro (47:33)


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