TPV Podcast, Episode 156, The Micronutrient Miracle

Ep. 156, The Micronutrient Miracle

On this episode of The Paleo View, Stacy and Sarah are joined by Jayson and Mira Calton for their third appearance on the show! They are back and sharing on their super-friends, micronutrients, and provide a new perspective on how to incorporate all the nutrients you need in realistic ways.

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The Paleo View (TPV), Episode 156, The Micronutrient Miracle

  • Intro (0:00)
  • News and Views (0:56)
    • Sarah’s husband just celebrated his 40th birthday and Sarah threw him a huge party
    • Stacy had food poisoning over the weekend, which was not a fun way to spend the weekend – so she is now working on inoculating the gut and drinking broth/eating soup
    • So excited to announce the Reset & Thrive Library – an e-library OVERFLOWING with amazing resources!
      • Meant to help people moving into the fall and new academic season to reset from the summer and get organized in an easy way
      • Will include resources from the Paleo community, and those extending beyond
      • All resources have NEVER been in another bundle before, so the value is amazing
      • 40 resources for $39, the value of the bundle is over $1000 in the resources alone, doesn’t even include the two big bonuses!!
      • We have over 25 vendors who contributed amazing discount codes
      • Will launch on Friday, August 21, and will only last through August 31
    • The podcast is on the eve of its three year birthday
    • How Stacy and Sarah’s lives show that you can live your best life now, despite your health history, there is always time to improve, heal and nourish when you focus on a nutrient dense lifestyle
  • Science with Sarah (19:49)
    • This week on The Paleo View, we are excited to welcome back the Caltons for their third appearance on the show (first appearance and second appearance)
    • They just released their third book, first book and second book
    • More on The Micronutrient Miracle book
    • More from Sarah on the concept of ‘functional food’
    • How the Caltons simplify the why and the how of all the various micronutrients
    • When you have micronutrient sufficiency, macro nutrients aren’t as important
    • The micronutrient Jayson is most passionate about
    • Stacy’s favorite nutrient
    • And Sarah’s favorite
    • Not yet understanding the full picture
    • The people who struggle to make the lifestyle and diet changes, what can they do to work on micronutrient intake
    • The key steps to prioritize when improving your diet
    • Every person who buys a copy of the book will get FREE money to shop at their favorite health food shops – find all the details here
  • Special thanks to the Caltons for coming on this week’s show – please be sure to check out the links above to listen to their previous appearances on The Paleo View and to learn more about their books
  • Outro (1:08:43)

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