The BEST Paleo Drinks to Hyrdrate With Flavor!

First and foremost – a HUGE Happy Father’s Day to those who read this newsletter. We hope you had a fantastic day surrounded by loved ones! Over here the summer is heating up with record-breaking heat waves (especially considering we live in the North and it’s still Spring!), so we’re sharing our favorite refreshing, flavorful drinks in this week’s newsletter… hot, cold, fruity, and even a cocktail recipe!

Our Real Life

What happens when you take every one of my favorite flavors and put them together? You make my new faovrite thing in the world that I am obsessed with! Javazen has coffee, matcha tea, cacao nibs, cinnamon and vanilla. It’s brewed like regular coffee (we use a French Press) and I can’t get enough of it – it’s so good! It’s a local company, so I discovered this at the grocery store –> but you can get it on Amazon prime here. We definitely recommend giving it a try if you don’t do well with the caffeine in regular coffee – the matcha helps balance out how your body processes the caffeine and mellows it out.

And as mentioned in the podcast, I’ve also been focused on moving more and focused personal training to help the continued healing of my back. So this visual reminder of my progress was such a big deal for me. With my recurring back injury it’s been a struggle to get as much movement as I would like. But I feel like Wonder Woman making a comeback as I ease slowly into working out regularly again! And as scary as it was to start back up again, I’m loving it! Thanks for all your encouragement and kind words this week on Instagram – they mean so much.

You have to take a date-selfie, right?! We took a day-date to McClintock Distilling for a tour and tasting, which was so much fun. And their gin is crazy good! I see some gin cocktails in our future this summer (gin + kombucha = awesome!). If you’re local, this distillery is definitely worth checking out! While we’re on the topic, also check out Bold Rock Hard Cider if you’re local!

Our Favorite Drinks with Flavor!

My new OBSESSION. I fell head over heels big time for this Javazen– its a mix of organic coffee, matcha tea, and cacao nibs. I normally don’t handle coffee in the morning that well, but this has been great for me so far. It also has ground cinnamon and vanilla bean, which brings all the flavors together- it’s awesome!

Spindrift is a new sparkling water we’ve been loving- its made with just a hint of real fruit. And they have some really great flavors (try the raspberry lime or cucumber!). It’s perfect for sipping by the pool or adding to Paleo-friendly summer cocktails!

Tea is one of my go-to drinks, and I am still loving the Licorice and Cinnamon Tea by Pukka. I usually drink this one at night because it is very calming and both have fantastic anti-inflammatory properties!

We had to mention Collagen Veggie Blend because it has become a staple in our house (we recommend blending it with 1/2 a frozen banana). I can see it becoming even more useful this summer as we do more traveling and fun activities outside the house. It is a phenomenal way to get your veggies and collagen in! (You can get it at a discount if you buy the Stacy’s favorites pack at Vital Proteins).

Our Favorite Refreshing Drink Recipes

Probiotic Ginger Ale

Butter Beer

Collagen Smoothies – 4 Ways

Cherry Lime Spritzer

Iced Lavender Earl Grey Latte

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