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Look Ma, We’re On TV!

In the midst of everything else we had going on the last few weeks, we got a request from a local news team for an interview about our family’s experience with Paleo. Of course, we were thrilled to help…


In Our Gluten-Free Kitchen

Today we’re guest blogging at Celiacs In The House for the Gluten-Free Kitchen Series. I love that her blog focuses on eating for what works for personal health, and that she eats without a label – a diet most…


Eat Like a Dinosaur: Video and More!

I'm too excited to make this a long post. In case you hadn't heard me on repeat for the last few months, we've got a book coming out soon. We've got a section of our site dedicated to more…


PaleoParents Video Blog ep 1

An introduction to our latest endeavor, a vlog series covering some paleo parenting topics! Upcoming Topics: Answers to your questions from our Call to Help on 7/27 post Cole talk about veggies and what he likes to eat Join…

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