Eat Like a Dinosaur: Video and More!

I’m too excited to make this a long post. In case you hadn’t heard me on repeat for the last few months, we’ve got a book coming out soon. We’ve got a section of our site dedicated to more info on it, but here’s the gist: it’s about eating real food, as a family; getting kids excited about cooking; spending time together and bringing joy to things that sometimes can make you feel different. But I’ve written enough about that. How about a video that explains it better?

p.s. can we give a big round of applause to Matt for doing that himself?
p.s.s. can we give a huge round of applause to Aimee Buxton Photography for the fantastic family photos?

How come when I photograph the kids they don’t look that cute? I think she has a magic “all kids be adorable and helpful at the same time” button on her camera!

And then, as if having that done and up wasn’t enough to be excited about – Amazon posted the “See Inside the Book” feature on their site! So if you go now, you can READ sections of our book, to include the foreword by the grain-free goddess herself, Ms. Elana Amsterdam!

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