Stacy's 10 pound, 11 day Low Carb Paleo Detox Plan

Happy 30th Birthday Stacy!

The best present I could have given to myself this year was continued improvement in health and weight loss – and I did just that.  As much as weight is just a number on a scale (I’ve had several people tell me just this past week, “you don’t weigh under 200lbs yet? I just don’t believe it!”), weight does represent an improvement in overall health when you’re coming from morbid obesity.

When I ended my “Eat for You” challenge a couple of months ago, I hit a low of 202lbs.  Now, I did a serious WOD on a long fast to pull out that number, so when I went back to normal life my resting weight was about 204.  Throw in some celebratory wine, Paleo(ish) treats, and too many carbs and I found myself staring at a 208lb person. Holy cow! What the heck was I doing?

Now with complete awareness of what my body needs and how to nourish it properly, on Monday August 29th (the day after Cole’s birthday party) I started a plan to get back on the straight and narrow.  I “invented” my own Paleo detox.  I did a low-carb version of Whole9Life Whole30 meets BalancedBites 21 Day Sugar Detox for the days leading up to Friday (I started celebrating yesterday), that’s 11 days. What did I actually eat?  Well, it’s meats, vegetables, oils and nuts.  No fruit, sweeteners, or tubers. No grain oils, soy of any kind or legumes. Nothing from a factory. If you’re saying, “What about?” or “Can I?” the answer is probably no.

The good news is, I ate like a queen.  Matt really encouraged me to succeed and helped me by planning our meals accordingly.  I mean, it’s 11 days – anyone can adjust their diet for 11 days! The result? By day 7 it felt like habit, rather than misery and like something I was missing out on.  I remembered why I choose to eat this way, I was EXUBERANT, joyous, happy and able to cope with stress so much more easily. Plus, yada yada weight loss… I LOST TEN POUNDS (that’s real weight, no fasting or trickery involved).  Not to mention, I lost a ton of inches from carb bloating, my face saw improvement in blotching and overall inflammation was reduced.

Paleo is great, I love it and will advocate it for all until I’m blue in the face.  But, for my metabolically-deranged-hasn’t-quite-recovered-from-the-metric-ton-of-weight-I-used-to-carry body, there is nothing that makes me feel as good as “low carb, high fat” Paleo does.  If you’re struggling with weight-loss or a plateau, I implore you to give it a shot.

What else did I do?  First off, I ate when I was hungry.  I didn’t eat when I wasn’t.  I noticed at about day 4 that my hunger dissipated and I was hungry less often. I’m sure that’s when my body hit ketosis heavily and started nourishing itself from fat stores (keytone bodies) more so than consumption. My organs function best with high-fat low-carb foods, so it seems that whatever combination I provide of the right foods produces good results – as long as I follow my body’s hunger cues for volume, and not my brains “I want sugar cues.”

Then, I simply focused on getting some sleep and got my body moving. When you’re exhausted from the sugar detox hitting your system, refuel with fat – not caffeine: give your adrenals a break!  My craving busting foods were macadamia nuts or bacon because the fat satiates my appetite and calms my bran.  Plus, they taste delicious!

And the rest of the weight loss was just eating food, here’s what it looks like…

Monday Day 1:
9 AM: Espresso and a small palm-sized portion of macadamia nuts
11:40 AM: Homemade curried carrot soup with coconut cream and smoked pork
3:30 PM: Green decaf Kombucha tea
6:30 PM: Beef & broccoli (homemade with coconut aminos) over pureed cauliflower “rice”

Tuesday Day 2:
9:15 AM: Chicken sausage, 1.5 C spinach (cooked in bacon fat), 2 over medium eggs (cooked in bacon fat)
12:00 PM: A fist full of kale chips (roasted in olive oil, lemon zest and salt)
1:45 PM: Smoked pork over green salad with carrots and homemade dijon vinaigrette
3:20 PM: Decaf coffee
7:00 PM: Meatball salad with canned tomatoes, black olives and fresh basil
8:45 PM: Raw hazelnuts, broiled for a few minutes with a tablespoon each of coconut oil and cocoa powder (palm sized portion)

Wednesday Day 3:
10:45 AM: 1/4 lb Ground sausage, 1.5c fresh spinach (cooked in sausage fat), 2 over medium eggs (cooked in sausage fat)
2:00 PM: Leftover beef & broccoli (small 1 C portion)
2:45 PM: Mayan Cocoa Spice decaf herbal tea with palm sized portion of macadamias
6:45 PM: Organ Meat Pie (cauliflower puree, broccoli, carrots, grass fed beef liver and ground beef)

Thursday Day 4:
9:15 AM: 2 egg omelet with caramelized onions (tasted like candy!) and mushrooms
11:45 PM: Homemade curried carrot soup with coconut cream and leftover organ meat pie
2:30 PM: Buffalo jerky stick
4:15 PM: 1/3 C roasted, salted almonds

Friday Day 5:
9:15 AM: 2 fried eggs with spinach and bacon
1:00 PM: Tuna salad with homemade mayo and a green salad and homemade dijon vinaigrette
6:30 PM: Grilled zucchini and yellow squash with a bun-less “hangler with mockamole”

Saturday Day 6 (Polyface day):
9:15 AM: 2 hard boiled eggs and coffee
2:00 PM: not pictured: green salad with 1/3 chicken breast without dressing (bad restaurant choice)
4:00 PM: (desperate for food time) 5 guys bun-less burger (now certified gluten-free!) with lettuce, tomato and mustard
6:15 PM: buffalo summer sausage
8:45 PM: Guilty Pleasures Bacon fried Duck

Sunday Day 7:
10:30 AM: coffee, carrot sticks, 1/2 avocado and egg salad
4:30 PM: palm full of macadamia nuts
7:00 PM: sliced flank steak over a green salad and drizzled balsamic vinegar

Monday Day 8:
10:00 AM: 2 Polyface sausages and the boys leftover scrambled eggs (about  1 1/2)
2:30 PM: 1 1/2 pork backbones, 1 1/2 chicken thighs, 1/2 cup cauliflower Everyday Paleo “no potato” salad and 2 endives filled with Primal Palate made it themselves guacamole

Tuesday Day 9:
9:30 AM: 3 Polyface sausages and 2 scrambled eggs
3:15 PM: 1 1/2 pork backbones, Matt’s Texas BBQ Sauce and a green salad with homemade dijon vinaigrette
10:00 PM: palm full of macadamias (late night blogging is tough, people)

Wednesday Day 10:
9:00 AM: 2 fried eggs, 1/2 avocado, 2 strips of bacon
10:00 AM: coffee
2:00 PM: 2 Polyface uncured hot dogs, sauerkraut and brown mustard
6:30 PM: venison meatloaf with diced tomatoes and roasted zucchini and yellow squash

Thursday Day 11:
9:00 AM: 2 fried eggs, 2 cup spinach, 2 strips of bacon (diced)
12:30 PM: 3 stalks of celery, 3 carrots and 1 can of salmon with homemade mayo and dill
6:30PM: mixed green salad with mushrooms carrots and homemade balsamic dressing and 2 ground venison curry kabobs

I’d like to take a moment here to formally announce that I am no longer over 2oolbs. I weigh 198lbs. Barely 16 months ago I weighed 336lbs after giving birth to my youngest child.  Not that I give ANY credit to weight as a number, but there are plenty of people who do. It’s nice to know those people can now see me as an “average” size 14 woman.  That magical “1” has been my goal for so long, that I can’t quite believe it’s here.

Ah well, I’m sure I’ve ruined it with dark chocolate and a gluten-free high-brow french dinner with my father yesterday then Aarti Paarti’s Pomegranate Sriracha Chicken Wings and Primal Palate’s Carrot Cake today.  The great thing?  I’m able to celebrate within the confines which I am comfortable and then move right back on plan to becoming the healthy mother I’ve always wanted to be, but  never thought possible. What a gift!

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  • Kendra

    Your story is truly inspiring! Your “detox” with the low carb/high fat inspires me to try that myself for my own now-stalled weight loss. I was wondering if you were doing any kind of crossfit/primal workouts during this time period as well?

    • Kendra, over the course of the 11 days I did have a busy and active weekend which involved a lot of walking while holding a 22lb baby.  I also did 1 workout at the gym which involved rowing 3,000meters, some yoga/strength work and then a really good lifting session.  For the most part I just sneak in handstands, planks, push-ups, sit-ups, etc. as much as I can at home because we haven’t been getting to the gym as often as I’d like lately.

      If I were doing more heavy-duty workouts I would add in a small meal post-workout and make sure I was really hydrated before hand.  Good luck!

  • Beth

    I’m a new reader, and new to paleo, but I’ve been really impressed with your blog and your progress, and how you and your husband are working together on it. So, Congratulations!

    • Beth, thanks so much.  I totally agree, being committed partners to the process has made is a much better experience and something we can really bond over.  Best of luck to you and Welcome!

  • Paula

    You go girl!

  • Patti Simmons

    This is pretty much exactly what I have done for the last 5 days. I was down 1.5 pounds this morning, which is encouraging but not as exciting as a pound a day! 🙂  So excited for you.  I’ve got one more pound to hit 30 lost, and a pound after that to hit the 150’s.  THAT I will celebrate!!

    • Well m’lady… you’ve got MUCH less to lose than me.  1.5 for where you are seems like a good loss, maybe now that you’re back in ketosis it’ll keep on at a good rate.  So excited for 150’s – WOW, you go girl!

  • Jennifer

    it’s looks like we started paleo about the same time… but your weightloss has far surpassed mine!  i started at 282.5 and weigh 236.5 today.  major congrats to you!  i just wish i knew what i was doing wrong.  seeing that “1” has been a LONG time goal of mine.  you must feel so good 🙂

    • Jennifer I think everyone’s bodies are tailored to their own ideal food choices.  Perhaps the thing to do is block off 2 weeks at a time where you eat low fat, high fat, moderate carbs, low carbs, no sugar, etc. and see where the numbers show you it works out.  For me, I’ve found my body drops weight like crazy if I go very low carb (which means no sugars of any kind) and then a moderate fat content.  Too high of fat and I don’t feel my best and don’t lose as much, but that’s mostly just because it’s hard to keep calories low enough to lose if you’re doing HIGH fat.

      Good luck, and nearly 50lbs is nothing to sneeze at!

      • emily

        Any idea what your percents are or it is more of just the fat that is naturally in the food and used for cooking versus lots of ADDED fats. I have heard of people adding coconut oil and cream to everything. I would say I feel more sluggish when I do that versus just eating the eggs, fattier meats, avocado, etc. 

        • Emily, I cannot eat fat like that.  I don’t have a gallbladder so it makes me sick, plus I don’t need any added calories.  I simply eat food with a good amount of fat, protein and veggies as often as I can.  That way I know that if I’m not hungry again for 12-16 hours, I’ve had a balanced meal that can sustain me.  Sometimes it’s more veg and less fat or more protein and fat and less veg; but overall I just work on getting the trifecta with each meal and then no supplements are necessary 🙂

          • emily

            Thank you!! That makes  a lot of sense and makes it seem easier to work out my meals. I have my gallbladder but do have to be careful as I have/had minor flare ups since having my daughter.

  • Maria

    Wow!!  Absolutely fabulous!  Congratulations on meeting your goals, and for enjoying your meals while you do it!

    • Thanks!  Hard not to be pleased when you lose weight eating duck cooked in bacon fat!

  • Amanda Barkey

    I loved this post! Thank you so much for posting ALL of your food… so inspiring! Really helpful to see. Keep up the good work!!!

    • No problem, I know I personally wondered how much people ate and of what in the beginning – glad it’s helpful!

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  • DamarisReads

    Congratulations. This is a marvelous achievement. I’m rooting for your family’s health!

    • Thanks so much, it truly is about all of our health – so wonderful what real food can do!

  • emily

    11 pounds!! You have given me the just the push in the rump I needed. I need a detox to get myself back moving in the right direction. Thank you!!

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  • LeAnn Purdy

    Way to go!!!

  • Kelly :}

    Congrats! You’ve done a great job! You’re one of my inspiration people for my goal of getting a flat stomach. If you can lose so much weight, who’s to say I can’t lose 15 pounds?

    Oh, and, I would absolutely love some of these recipes :}

    • Thanks – and good luck!  I know the last 5-10% is the hardest to lose, so don’t beat yourself up and enjoy the journey.

      Which recipes? The carrot soup, organ meat pie, pork backbones, duck and meatball salad are all on the site.  We’re still perfecting Beef & Broccoli before we post it – I think that’s all that’s missing? Let me know 🙂

    • Thanks – and good luck!  I know the last 5-10% is the hardest to lose, so don’t beat yourself up and enjoy the journey.

      Which recipes? The carrot soup, organ meat pie, pork backbones, duck and meatball salad are all on the site.  We’re still perfecting Beef & Broccoli before we post it – I think that’s all that’s missing? Let me know 🙂

  • Way to go! you continue to inspire me as I head into week four of Paleo!

    • Bessie, welcome to the club!  Hopefully you’re passed the carb-flu and sugar detox and onto feeling much better by now.  Glad to help 🙂

  • Shirley @ gfe

    Awesome, Stacy! Such beautiful wonderful food, too. 🙂 And you have to love that number on the scale for all you’ve achieved and most importantly as you shared, how your body feels now!


    • Absolutely.  It’s amazing how beautiful whole, natural, real food is! Ok, well, I’ll give Matt a LITTLE credit 😉

  • Stacy, that is amazing! Congratulations!! I keep saying I want to try a low-carb detox but I never follow through. What got you through the sweet cravings? 

  • Sara R

    You are inspiring me!

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  • I’m new to your blog and am at a similar place (took me a long time to get south of that 200 mark but the last 30lbs have literally melted away).  I also have 3 boys 🙂  I’m looking forward to trying out some of the kid friendly recipes as I pull the rest of my family into the paleo-esq journey. 

    • That’s fantastic! Ninety-two pounds is a great accomplishment. I wish you all the success we have had. If you’re anything like us, you’ll likely find it easier than you expect.

  • Tpot1974

    Congratulations!  I am so happy for you.  Keep up the good work.  You’re doing great and inspiring others-like me!

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  • Amber

    Stacey, your story had totally inspired me! I have started and stopped paleo a few times and I have gotten pretty good at swapping things out, but I find my biggest challenge to overcome is the price/availability of grass fed meats. We live about an hour from the Bay Area in Ca so I would need to go and drive to pick up our food (seems as tho it’s way more expensive to have it shipped) and even at that, it’s still pricey. We have a new ‘farmers market’ nearby but I was disappointed to only find grass fed ground beef there; everything else was grain fed except the lamb, which I don’t care for. Can you share some of your buying tips with me? I don’t know that we are able to drop $300 at a time for meat, but I also want to stay prepared. Thanks for any advice and congrats in reshaping yours and your family’s lifestyle!

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  • mommyof3CAB

    So, any suggestions on following Paleo for people who hate eggs?  Are there other non-grain breakfast ideas (besides bacon every day!) that you can share?

    • We do have a creamed cereal recipe and a grain-free granola recipe on the site. You can also try smoothies with coconut milk or coconut or almond milk yogurt. Really, though, the best thing to do is stop categorizing certain foods as “breakfast foods” in your mind. Sometimes, I’ll make chicken thighs and Brussels sprouts for breakfast because it’s something we all like. Finian occasionally asks for hamburgers for breakfast and that’s just fine with us!

  • Jmc2163

    So… I do a low carbish diet where I count calories and I really need to blast of ten pounds fast, do you think this would work for me? Did you ever calculate how many calories you eat? Did you ever limit portions? BTW, you are kick ass. There are very few people who could do what you have done anyone who doesnt give you the gold star you diserve is unable to wrap their small mind around all you have done. You look amazing.

    •  I don’t count calories, I actually don’t even think of them as a unit of measure anymore. It’s all about eating for your body to be nourished and stopping when it says full. There’s a bunch more nuance than that – but that’ll get you 90% of the way there 🙂

      • Trisha

        But that being said. You really cannot have giant portions … Which is still tempting when things taste good.

  • Hi Stacy, Your story has really got me on FIRE to keep living my new Paleo lifestyle!! Thank you! I just have two questions, One is I am still nursing my son… How can I eat enough for both of us but still lose weight..???And what can I do about my husband and his sweet tooth… he is having a hard time going full Paleo…. and it sucks cause I need his support and he is not strong when I am weak….. So I have to really fight hard for myself when I get tempted to eat my old ways….
    Thank you SO much!!! 

    • I breastfed for all of my weightloss, just search paleo parents breast feeding and lots of info will come up. Our post “non-cooperative spouse” will help with the other 🙂

  • Mylesjacobsmom

    You totally rock…I can even tell you how much I dig you!!!  I am 40 days in to my Paleo world and I cant tell you how happy I am.  I am a Jamaican girl from the Bronx and needless to say people think I am smoking something 🙂 but I don’t care.  With results like yours and looking at your family (I have a 5 year old with asthma, allergies, dry skin) I know I’m doing whats right for us.  Don’t ever go…
    PS Bought the Dinosaur book for my wee one…Love it.  We are nut free so we may have to try some substitutions but the stories are awesome.  He’s going to school in Sept where we will be sending lunch…between you and NomNomPaleo we are SET!!!  He is excited to eat like a dinosaur.

  • Andrea

    I am so impressed at how you dove into this.  You express it all so clearly.  It seems that you were born to do this, experience the life and share it!!

  • Everything looks great!  I actually think I could do this!  I have a coffee habit every morning that consists of about 1/4 cup of international delight creamer – will that mess this up?

    • Susan

      I know this was a while back now….but, try coconut milk (full fat) with your favorite pure extract (vanilla, peppermint, etc.) Really good and still paleo!

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  • Amy from TX

    I just found your blog and can’t stop reading it!! Love your story and love your honesty. I am new to paleo, just started 3 weeks ago. The whole fam (hubs, 3 boys, and one princess) are all taking the journey. I’ll be reading your blog for inspiration everyday!!

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  • Alyssa Curry

    So, I just found your blog tonight…amazing story! From one who’s been on the fence about Paleo (my sister preaches it ALL the time), how much exercise was factored into your 11 day start? I know that most Paleo followers are also Crossfitters (thanks, sis, for that info). How about you…Crossfit or anything at the beginning? I teach, so the whole idea of planning every single thing that goes into my mouth is a bit daunting when prepping for school. Tricks?

    • In the beginning, we did no exercise, practically. In fact, no exercise for the first 2 and a half years and only started with CrossFit this year.

  • Dawn Drew

    I am researching and thinking of doing a Paleo or almost Paleo lifestyle and your Journey really inspires me:) I have lost over 30 lbs but its a struggle ..Doc has me on that drug merry go round already and I just turned 40! I decided that in 2014 I will be prescription free..and Healthy! I am a single low income mom of 4 and weigh in today at 233 lbs. I am going to make zucchini fritters and sausage for dinner:) I think the kids may not throw a fit about that!:) Congrats! and thanks! I will be back here often!

  • Josie

    Is this safe while breastfeeding or when I detox will it go into my milk?

  • Sandi

    Congratulations!!! Feels so go doesn’t it. I don’t really know you but am so proud of you and so very happy for you. I hadn’t seen the “1” since high school. I lost down to 197 and then over the last few months have creeped back over the “2” line. I am stuck there so I find this very helpful in maybe being able to return to the ones. I think I am metabolically challenged as well. I have been over weight since puberty largely due to PCOS which was not discovered till my late 30’s. I have been med free and lost almost 50 lbs since going Paleo. my blood work is completely normal eating this way…..I still have stubborn belly fat though. I never thought I would ever be able to lose weight. No matter how hard I tried it just wouldn’t work until Paleo. After Christmas I plan to shoot for the “1” again. This post will be very helpful in doing that. I find the high fat makes such a. big difference for me too. my whole family is not Paleo though they are supportive so sometimes I get in a food rut with making two things often. Anyway, well done!! So inspiring.

  • Moriah Mahoney

    Why no soy in the diet?

    • Soy is a legume (a bean) and all legumes are not included in a Paleo diet because the proteins attack the gut, which causes inflammation. In general, all of the things excluded in a Paleo diet have proteins that do this, and so they are ALL avoided because chronic inflammation leads to chronic illnesses. Soy in particular is especially harmful because it mimics hormones in the body which can create hormonal imbalances in the body. There are a few other reasons why soy is not only not paleo, but quite harmful which you can read about here http://paleodietlifestyle.com/dangers-soy/ Hope this helps!

  • Kim Webber

    Is this all you ate in a day…that seem s like a lot of missed meals? A couple of these days you only ate twice? Or are these just some suggestions as to what to eat throughout the day. Good for you on hitting that huge bench mark!

    • when eating a high fat diet, my body doesn’t crave food as often so I would intermittent fast. I wouldn’t recommend doing this always or for a long time for women, as it can have some rebound affects – but for something like a “detox” it can be quite helpful to just follow the cues your body gives you 🙂

  • Carey Allen-Patrick

    I am very curious to know… why macadamia nuts rather than almonds, pecans, walnuts…. are they better for weight loss?

  • Sarah

    Jumping in 3 years later…do you have any information about significant weight loss while breastfeeding? I keep getting the mixed messages that I need to lose weight (plus I really want to!), but don’t diet, and don’t lose weight quickly because it will get toxins into my breast milk, which I am assuming is an especially bad thing??? Any info would be appreciated if you happen to get this message! 🙂

    • Sarah

      Also, about intermittent fasting while breastfeeding? I felt my best pre-baby eating Paleo and intermittent fasting, but totally fell off the wagon so to speak once pregnant, and now I am scared to get back into it while BF my 7 month old.

  • Cris Curp

    I’m going to do this! I’ve been so stuck since having my son. I did a whole30 recently and lost some weight, but just doing regular paleo & working out doesn’t cut it for me! I really relate to your story, thanks for sharing & bring so candid.

  • Alexcia

    Hi I’m a 11 year old Jamaican girl seeking how to loose about 80 pounds in 2 months and I can’t make my own food choices at home but at school I can any tips …
    Anybody !!!!!!!!.….…???
    I’d appreciate it

    Thank you