Release Month Is Over!

Well, we made it through what was perhaps the most busy month of our lives and have reached the end of the insane marketing blitz for Eat Like a Dinosaur! We hope that everyone who wanted a copy got one and that you have been rewarded for your support with a genuinely halfway decent book!

It’s been quite a journey for us, from wild and crazy ideas tossed back and forth in bed to insane cooking days ending in late night bleary-eyed editing to finally having a book of our own on bookshelves. You have no idea how grateful we are to have a book for our children, and how grateful we are for all the support you’ve given us along the way. Everyday we are more and more hopeful for humankind based on the wonderful community we’ve found with this blog and book.

A couple of statistics for you:

  • At it’s highest point, our book was ranked #235 on all of Amazon.com (wow, THANK YOU!)
  • It was in the top 10 Fastest Movers and the top 50 New Releases (We got to say I was more popular than Moby Dick and Forks Over Knives for a while)
  • It was also ranked in the top 10 Parenting Books, ahead of The Baby Book by William Sears. Take that, you hippy! (Not really, we own that book)
  • We’ve had 89 reviews posted to Amazon, 85 ***** and 4 ****. Have you posted your review to Amazon or B&N.com yet? (Given Stacy’s perfectionism, we’re all grateful for the numerous kids works!)
  • During that time, we zoomed past all of our site traffic records and past giant follower markers for Facebook and Twitter. (Welcome, new guys!)

So, I think in the end, we’re Sally Field and you guys like us. Or you like the book. Either way, thank you for making this as fun as it is! We have a few reviews we’re still expecting from friends in the blogging world who got a bit back-logged and busy, but this will be the last round up of reviews. We’ll post them on Facebook (so be sure to follow us there) but we’re ready to return to our regular blog posting schedule.

p.s. quite a few of you seem to have lost the ability to use an Index or need us to Google stuff for you. Given the volume of e-mail, comments and Facebook messages we get, we’re going to have to stop answering ones that simply require a little work on your part, so that we can focus our attention on people who genuinely need our help. You might get an auto-response e-mail from us or not hear back from a message. Please note, we have received it, reviewed it and are ultimately POSITIVE you can figure it out on your own with a little searching. Before you get mad and blast us to smithereens… type the same question into our site’s search bar, Google or look in the book and you’ll be able to pat yourself on the back for a job well done!


Paleo Life 365

This is a beautiful full color book replete with mouth watering photographs, helpful “sticky notes”, instructions on how kids can help, and very tasty recipes.

Paleo Life 365 gives us five stars and lists a half dozen recipes they love!

So Simply Good

This is more than a cookbook. There’s a lot of solid information about going paleo. There’s a great storybook section for younger kids to help them understand why they eat differently than their friends (my 3 year old nephew was enthalled with the illustrations). And there are the recipes.

I love a good recipe.

So Simply Good loves our recipes and has made quite a few on her own. She says she likes to adapt recipes, but loves our chocolate chip cookies so much she won’t change a thing!

Fork and Beans

Here is why I love this cookbook: 1). Despite it being mainly based off of meat products, most of these recipes are easily adaptable to convenience my mainly vegan diet;

This one made us quite happy! As you know, we each have a vegan brother so attempting to find ways to accommodate our diet with theirs is always tricky. But we’re not judgmental, or at least we try not to be! We even have a vegan blogger friend, Fork and Beans! So we were delighted to see that she actually liked our book and intends to use and adapt the recipes!

Nom Nom Paleo

Now this is the best! You know Nom Nom, right? Well, you need to watch her boys make Frozen Waffles! So adorable!


Cook IT Allergy Free

After my son skipped over the “Boring Chapter for Parents” (the book calls it this, not me), he read the actual Eat Like A Dinosaur story out loud to his little brother. And then he read it again.

Perhaps the greatest thing about this book for us is seeing all these kids getting excited about cooking from it! Cook IT Allergy Free‘s little boy apparently couldn’t wait to get started with it! Go to her review now because she’s giving away two copies and you won’t want to miss that!

Northwest Cave Girls

I’ve been spending a lot of time with Eat Like a Dinosaur: Recipe and Guidebook for Gluten-free Kids (ELaD) by the Paleo Parents lately. It’s filled with kid-friendly paleo/primal recipes that are easy to make.

Having just bought the most awesome book Eat Like a Dinosaur, my youngest cavekid and I browsed and noted all the recipes that took our fancy.

Not one, but two of the Northwest Cave Girls now own and love our book! I love the stories of kids selecting their favorite recipes to make! Check it out here and here

Upcoming Sightings!

Saturday April 21st, 7AM at Capital CrossFit 2 @ Capital MMA & Elite Fitness, 23520 Overland Drive, #164, Dulles, VA 20166 – Stacy will sign books and be available to answer questions as the competitors WOD to benefit the Wounded Warrior Project.

June 10th at 2PM at the King George Gluten Intolerance and Celiac Support Group The entire family will join Shirley from GFE at her support group – this is an annual celebration at a farm where children can run wild among nature and food at it’s most pure.

We’ll also be attending the Low Carb Cruise in May. Are you going? Want to see us in our bathing suits acting goofy? Want to try to catch Matt and Stacy making out (probably not hard to do)? Hope to see you there.

Keep up with us on our Meat-Up Group or our Press & Events page.

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  • Noël

    This is so cool. 
    I am amused that the one thing I was hoping for (other than truly fantastic recipes) was a decent index. I live for the index. Well that is a slight exaggeration, but I truly do want a good index. I am making my own for another paleo cookbook (with good recipes!) that doesn’t have any index at all. I currently have post-it notes marking a few recipes. Thank you so much for a good index! And Thank you Very Much for the Truly Fantastic Recipes! 
    (so nice to have granola again)

    • Glad we could provide for you! We actually did work hard on making it work. I was crossing off items at 3AM one night!

      Hope you continue to enjoy the book!

  • Catherine Morrow

    I happen to like you and the book.

  • I received the book from German Amazon a week ago. I was very smitten by the texts and layout – I could not stop reading it, which has never happened to me before with a cookbook 😉
    I don’t want to criticize the competition, just saying that I bought another Paleo family-cookbook last year, and was very disappointed, more or less all around. I thought it was occupational hazard from being an ex-nonfiction editor (for a how-to publishing house), that I was expecting too much from a cookbook.

    But your book is so lovely in all regards – a pleasure to read the how-to infos in the beginning, great tips in the intros to each recipes and very funny writing in the chapter-intros. And I could find all sorts of stuff I could make with/for my children.
    I don’t really need recipes to make “normal” Paleo food like I cook it for myself, just tossing together tasty veggies and meat. But when we cook together on the weekend, I was looking for something special – your book has given me a lot of options. Plus my son keeps asking for pancakes and waffles and stuff – and now we can make them and still eat Paleo. Great!

    Was waiting to see how my son would react to the book. He is 5 and lactose-intolerant, just like his dad.
    On his wishes, I translated the story in the beginning for him and then let him pick “any recipe you want to make next week; the yellow ones we’ll keep for the weekend”.
    We have cooked together 4 of the dishes so far and my son is thrilled. (I am too 😉
    It’s the first time he can just blindly pick any recipe from a cookbook, knowing it will not contain dairy nor gluten — which means that his daddy can also eat everything he cooks.
    Everything tasted great (just a tad salty for us, but that just depends on what someone is used to) and it was great to see at one glance what steps he can do on his own or with help!!
    Seeing the little symbol even makes him do stuff in the kitchen he has not dared to before (he is an anxious child, wanting to do everything right). Now he whisks the utensils away from me and says “It says here that their children can do it, so I can do it too”. Great :)))))))
    Another occupational hazard: One of my first looks was to the index. And I was sooo glad to see it is usable! I was despairing of late about US books which had no index or an unusable one, where a dish was entered under the first letter of its name (for example), or when you look up an ingredient, you get 15 page numbers, without any clue, which one could be interesting. %-)

    Something I also love is the color-code for the pages – since my son cannot read, I could teach him about the “special treats”, main dishes etc. just by explaining the colors. And a great, great addition are the tables with allergens. I am to tell you a big thank you from my son about those. His godmother is allergic to shellfish and one of his best kindergarten friends is allergic to eggs (she cannot even hold them in her hand) and he now looks up daily what he could cook or bake for his godmother or Lisa when they next visit 🙂
    I have sent praises of your book to the German assoc. of Women in Publishing, because the icing on the cake would be a GERMAN TRANSLATION of your book so my son can read the recipes on his own once he starts school this summer. So far I only got back questions about Paleo — it’s not that widely known here yet.

    Wishing you lots of success with the book and thank you so much for all your hard work that must have gone into it!

    •  Thanks, Nina! Happy to hear it made it to Germany and that you’re enjoying it so much! We’ve been overwhelmed by the success we’ve had, truly. Keep up your fight to spread Paleo in Germany. It would be really great to have it translated into German. Stacy actually studied German for many years and although her proficiency has drastically fallen, we’ve always had affection for it.