Real Food (VIRTUAL) Conference – Free Online Event Featuring Leading Health Experts

We have had the amazing opportunity to attend a handful of health conferences to hear from leaders within the ancestral movement, present on our journey, and connect with like-minded individuals to share best practices. Each of our experiences have given us a chance to not only reconnect with our passion for this movement, but to also gain inspiration on where we want our future to go.

If you were unable to attend some of the previous conferences, now’s your chance to attend one! Wherever you are, no matter your budget… this is a FREE VIRTUAL conference we’re happy is available for you! Thanks to the brilliant talents of Sean Croxton of Underground Wellness, all of us who are passionate about this field can now connect in a virtual capacity at The Real Food Conference.

Kicking off on Sunday, October 20 and ending on Sunday, October 27, The Real Food Conference will feature 21 video slideshow presentations on all topics of real food, plus 7 incredibly high-quality video cooking demos and a cookbook!


Here are the main details you need to know!

1. It costs NOTHING to register!

2. The Real Food Conference will provide you with an action plan to JUST EAT REAL FOOD (jerf), which will allow you to effortlessly reach your health goals. Whether you are trying to lose weight, increase energy, move away from constant diet mode, or minimize run-ins with illness, injuries and disease, this conference will give you the tools you need!

3. Every day 3 presentations and 1 cooking class will be available for FREE on the site for 24 hours (the 24 hour period starts at 8:00 a.m. PST, 11:00 a.m. EST) 

4. Once you register for the The Real Food Conference, you will get updates leading up to the week of the event, along with secret links you will use to access the presentations (you can also sign up for the “All Access Pass” to the conference and receive a Real Food Cookbook as a special VIP!) 


If you register for now The Real Food Conference you will get a set of FREE Real Food Sessions videos covering 5 Things Every Read Foodie Must Have in the Cupboard with Amy Densmore of Paleo Cupboard, The 5 Ways to Save Time (And Have Fun) in the Kitchen with George Bryant of Civilized Caveman Cooking Creations, How to Layer Flavors Like a Five-Star Chef with Camille Macres of RecipeRx, and Fight Disease and Boost Brain Health with Lemonade featuring Christa Orecchio of The Whole Journey.


Here is a look at some of the presenters and the topics they will be covering:


Why Your Grandma Ate Tons of Fat (and Why You Should, Too)
  • The secret connection between fats and your emotions…
  • The most dangerous, most toxic vegetable oil—in almost every store-bought food—that literally attacks the cells of your brain (it’s especially damaging to children, and yet children are most likely to be consuming it each day!)
  • 5 sneaky fat myths perpetuated by “fat haters” could be making you fat—and how to confidently choose the right fats for your body and lifestyle…


Shed Weight WITHOUT Dieting: Using Real Food to Heal the Thyroid
  • Thyroid 101: How your thyroid works, and why focusing on healing it can make huge changes in many areas of your health…
  • How symptoms of depression, exhaustion, puffy eyes and even memory loss — can all be connected to underactive thyroid…
  • Why thyroid affects your digestion, and why digestion is everything…


Dangerous Yet Hidden Sources of Sugar and Weight Gain
  • Good carbs and bad carbs, and why many experts don’t know the difference…
  • Why low-carb is NOT always the answer or cure all — and how to modulate your carbs in a way that works for your body and lifestyle, NOT someone else’s…
  • A simple formula anyone can use to know how much (and which types!) of carbs to eat…
  • 8 types of people who need to be extra careful when trying anything remotely low-carb…


Secrets for Optimal Digestion and Hormones
  • The dangerous relationship between excess acid (triggered by many foods and environmental
  • factors) and inflammation; why this plays a huge role in your ultimate health…
  • The #1 cause of excess acid in your body now…
  • PLUS, 7 proven ways to treat, reduce and even completely reverse your “acid burden” — and transform nearly every part of your health in the process…


Know Your Supplements: Exposing Popular Health Products and the Tricks that Get You to Buy Them
  • Why many popular supplements actually do the OPPOSITE of what they promise (it lies in how they “hide” the quality of the raw materials these use)…
  • The scary ways that “fat burning” supplements work (some impair your digestion, making you less hungry — but also less healthy!)
  • 5 much better nutritional alternatives to protein powders (and cheaper too!)


Dietary Influences on the Development of Autoimmune Conditions – Why Good Foods Can Make You Sick
  • Why the #3 cause of death could actually be the #1 cause of death — and how we’re all at risk without knowing it…
  • The secret lives of “sleeper antibodies” and how they can elevate to disastrous levels before we experience ANY symptoms…
  • Why “gut permeability” can make or break not only your health but how you FEEL each day — and the #1 food to avoid to prevent it from raging within you…


The Virgin Diet: Drop 7 Foods. Lose 7 Pounds. Just 7 Days.
  • The underlying “FS” reason why THESE 7 FOODS are so damaging…
  • Why most eggs (even free range or organic) aren’t all they’re cracked up to be!
  • 4 “simple swaps” that help you substitute unhealthy foods for items that are actually much more delicious…
  • One simple (and FREE) secret that guarantees you’ll lose twice the weight as normal…


What You Need to Know About Saturated Fat, Cholesterol and Vegetable Oils
  • Everything a doctor will NEVER tell you about cholesterol (including how to put an end to the high/low cholesterol farce forever!)
  • Why THIS little-known measurement, NOT cholesterol, is a much better marker of health…
  • The 4 best oils to eat once you discover that “cholesterol is your friend”…


The Calorie Myth: The New Science of Eating More and Exercising Less to Burn Fat and Boost Health
  • Why almost all standard fat loss advice comes from the 50’s, is outdated and often downright dangerous…
  • The hidden “flaw” in the calorie theory of nutrition — which helps explain why, “eating less and
  • exercising more” fails 94.5% of the time…
  • The revolutionary S-A-N-E approach that empowers you to forget calorie counting forever!


Real Food With A Family: Customizing a Real Food Lifestyle for Pregnancy, Children and Families without Breaking the Budget
  • How to prepare delicious, amazingly healthy real food meals for the entire family — on any budget…
  • 5 foods essential to avoid during pregnancy…
  • The best things to feed your baby — and children — so they grow up with amazing brain development, bone structure and overall health…


Real Food: Why Quality and Sourcing Makes the Difference
  • Why “cage free” chicken means little, and what to look for instead!
  • Beyond organic: how to find foods that have much more nutrition and purity than those with the organic food stamp on them…
  • 6 simple cooking techniques anyone can use to make pro-level dishes — even if you have little cooking experience…


Eat Your Organ Meats: You Can’t Be Healthy Without Them
  • How to eat like a lion (beginning with the part of the kill the lions go for first)…
  • The #1 organ meat — filled with nutrients and renown in almost every ancient culture…
  • How organ meats can help provide up to 8 times more endurance through the “anti-fatigue factor” nutrients…


Transitioning to Real Food Three Days at a Time
  • How Terry used real food to heal himself from respiratory infections, asthma, allergies, hives and skin irritation, chronic fatigue, rheumatoid issues, and pneumonia…
  • The #1 common trait of people who succeed at transforming their health (hint: it starts with “W” and you need a big one!)
  • The 3 biggest barriers to thriving on a real food diet, and how to overcome each one with the right plan of action…


Food for Thought: Eating for Better Brain Function
  • The 4 “brain factors” you MUST know about to truly improve your brain health and mental performance…
  • The ONE NUTRIENT that — when missing — is most likely to result in brain shrinkage…
  • The three simplest ways to keep your blood sugar stable, so you never crash after meals or in the afternoon…

If you want to see any of these free presentations or any of the daily food demonstrations, reserve your seat at this amazing FREE conference now!


Want to make sure you don’t miss a thing? Here’s the presenter schedule:

Sunday, October 20th

  • Katie the Wellness Mama – Real Food With A Family: Customizing a Real Food Lifestyle for Pregnancy, Children and Families without Breaking the Budget
  • Abel James – Why Your Grandma Ate Tons of Fat (and Why You Should, Too)
  • Christa Orecchio – Using Real Food to Heal the Thyroid
  • Mary Shenouda of The Paleo Chef – Demo


Monday, October 21st

  • Diane Sanfilippo – Who Might Need Low-Carb Paleo…and Who Doesn’t?!
  • Ben Greenfield – The Real Truth About Workout Fuel – How To Say Goodbye to Engineered Frankenfoods and Eat For Exercise With Real Nutrition
  • Dr. Josh Axe – Real Food for Rapid Fat Loss
  • George Bryant of Civilized Caveman Cooking Creations – Demo


Tuesday, October 22nd

  • JJ Virgin – The Virgin Diet: Drop 7 Foods. Lose 7 Pounds. Just 7 Days
  • Sarah Pope – Eat Your Organ Meats
  • Jimmy Moore – Real Food Won’t Kill Ya! What You NEED to Know about Saturated Fat, Cholesterol, and Vegetable Oils
  • Bob & June of Not So Fast Food  – Demo


Wednesday, October 23rd

  • Leanne Ely – Take Back Your Dinner Table!
  • Dr. Tom O’Bryan – Dietary Influences on the Development of Autoimmune Conditions…Why Good Foods Can Make You Sick
  • Steve Wright – Clearing Up Constipation With Real Food
  • Amy Densmore of Paleo Cupboard – Demo


Thursday, October 24th

  • Paul Chek – Your ECHO Pattern: How Man and Nature Influence Each Other
  • Dr. Cate Shanahan – Know Your Supplements: Exposing Popular Health Products and the Tricks that Get You to Buy Them
  • Jonathan Bailor – The Calorie Myth: The New Science of Eating More and Exercising Less to Burn Fat and Boost Health
  • Chef Lance Roll of The Flavor Chef – Demo


Friday, October 25th

  • Jordan Reasoner – The $12 Billion Dollar Gluten-Free Fad: Why It Could Be Making You Sicker
  • Pete Servold – Where Does My Food Come From?
  • Terry Shanahan – Transitioning to Real Food Three Days at a Time
  • Camille Macres of Recipe Rx – Demo


Saturday, October 26th

  • Cynthia Pasquella – Real Food for a Real You!
  • Dr. Andrea Maxim – How to Stop Inflammation Once and For All!
  • Ameer Rosic – Secrets to Living to 100
  • Evelyne Lambrecht of Elevate Your Energy – Demo


Sunday, October 27th

  • Encore Day of your favorites!


Cliffnotes: What’s this all about?

Free Online Conference that has presentations and demos daily, in total there are:

  • 21 video slideshow presentations
  • 21 audio presentations
  • transcripts for each presentation
  • 7 high quality video cooking demos
  • The Real Food Con Recipe Guide with cooking demo recipes
  • Bonus materials provided by presenters

The package will be available in digital format with each file housed on Customer Hub, an online membership site/portal. Customers will receive a password and lifetime access to their Hub, where they can easily download the files.

Alright, we won’t remind you again… so, set your calendar reminders and register now!


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