Picnic Perfect Easter Recipes

Easter seems really early to me this year doesn’t it? And with nicer weather it means we can start to do a little more together with family, safely. Let’s hope it’s the last non-traditional holiday! We’re thinking an Easter picnic would be a great way to get together with those family members you’ve longed to see for so long, afterall the CDC says it’s OK!

What better way to embrace the Spring days ahead and have some Easter fun than at a picnic after a little hike?! Here’s a few of our favorite recipes that will travel well in a cooler and really embrace the sweetness of Easter without all the junk! And if you’re looking for some fun basket fillers, check out our favorites here.

Picnic Perfect Easter Recipes from Real Everything

Ambrosia Salad

A recreation of what seems to be a family favorite for many! I made it a little cleaner, and it’s not an everyday “salad” but it sure is delicious and bursting with fruity spring flavors!

Eastern Market Shrimp Salad

Matt took a restaurant favorite of mine and made it even more delightful! It’s perfect cold and does travel well in a little cooler. You could even pack the dressing separately and toss together before servings.

Creamy Ranch Coleslaw

Perfect crunchy side to the Shrimp Salad. Light and packed full of veggies providing a great flavorful balance to the Shrimp Salad. The longer it sits, the better the flavor gets, so it’s perfect to make-ahead!

Dirt Pudding Cups

Our kiddos still love these cups! You can easily make and put them into reusable containers with lids. Then have the kids use the empties to make some real dirt cups with what they can find in your picnic spot!

Make Your Own Peeps

Time consuming? Yes. Loads of fun and perfect YES DAY activity? Yes. Let your little ones have fun in making their own shapes!

Picnic Perfect Easter Recipes with Real Everything

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