Our World is Upside Down (Another ELaD Recap)

The T-Rex has landed!

We did it! We made it to the release date of the best book we’ve ever written, Eat Like a Dinosaur! We went to our local bookstore on Tuesday and got to find it on the shelf and everything! Most of you who pre-ordered from Barnes and Noble and Amazon probably received yours already.Those of you who ordered Tuesday may get them tomorrow.

If you are enthusiastic about our book and would like to support our efforts, a positive review on either or both of those sites will definitely help. Sharing with others and spreading the word is also awesome.

By the way, those of you who were waiting for the Kindle, iPad, iPhone, Android, Blackberry version, it launched Monday night. And the Nook version launched as well!  In case you missed our last post, we honestly recommend both. Your kids need a paper copy to hold in their hands and get excited about, while you need a practical e-book to have with you while you shop and cook!

Next Week’s Giveaway!

For next week’s final giveaway, we’ll be giving away copies of ELaD to people who need it and want it but, for whatever reason, can’t. We’re calling it the “Pay It Forward” giveaway.

We’re donating a few copies to the cause out of our own pocket, but thought maybe some of you who were interested might want join in? Did you get an extra copy? Do you feel strongly enough about getting a copy of ELaD into the hands of families who would like to feed their families real food, but can’t afford the book – want to buy an extra for a good cause?

Email us and let us know! We feel strongly that eating real foods could be the real cure for the plague of the 21st century. And, unlike Sean Connery in Medicine Man, we wrote it down and didn’t lose it. Spoiler alert for 15 year old movie: Also, was not the ants.

This Weeks Reviews!

Adventures of a Gluten-Free Mom

Perhaps one of the themes this week will be us being a little nervous about an impending review, and being blown away by how positive it was. Adventures of a Gluten-Free Mom is a blogger we’ve admired for a while. She, as the title suggests, focuses on the gluten-free community, though, and that community can be a little tricky to navigate for us cave-type. But the awesome, cute review she posted was full of great details!

My kiddos absolutely flipped over the chicken nuggets, gobbling up the entire plate in mere minutes.  They aren’t crunchy like most commercial chicken nuggets, the coating reminding me more of Shake ‘N Bake, which is a good thing because I used to LOVE that stuff in my former gluten-eating life!  As for the Batman toothpicks, I was a little worried my boys would rebuff the non-crunchy nuggets so I devised a plan for turning them into “Kryptonite nuggets!”

Apparently, I need to brush up on my superhero knowledge because this is what I was met with:

“Um, mom?  That would be SUPERMAN.  Duh.”

Not only that, Heidi, but Superman doesn’t want to EAT Kryptonite!

6 Degrees of Love

If you want a awesome review fully of personality from a blended family of eight, here’s the place to go. The excitement that comes through in 6 Degrees of Love’s fabulous review is palpable.

It was adorable–full of great recipes and beautiful images. That I expected though. One look at their website and you can guess how easy to use and family friendly Eat Like a Dinosaur would be. What I didn’t expect, and the real clincher was this: in the back of Eat Like a Dinosaur is a guide…a guide like none I’ve ever seen.


Unrefined Kitchen

Jennifer at Unrefined Kitchen made our Anytime Cookies! I’ve never before wanted to eat them so much as when I look at this picture she took for her review!

I tried the “Anytime Cookies” last week…YUM! (pictured above) They are sweetened by FRUIT instead of any added sweetener! (But, you will have to buy the book to get the recipe) :)

Cleans Eats in the Zoo

Clean Eats in the Zoo truly overly flatters us. Always active on Facebook, we love seeing her around and loved seeing her pictures of happy kids around our book! She read our picture story to her children and then, in her review, goes WAY over the top!

One thing I love about this cookbook is the short story in the beginning explaining why this family has chosen to “eat like a dinosaur” (meat, veggies and fruits). It’s a great explanation in a kid-friendly format! From my 3-year-old to my {almost} 9-year-old, all five of our kids were riveted as I read it to them. Matthew and Stacy’s candid openness and sharing has inspired thousands of people, and this book is just the next rung in a very tall ladder of success in their life!

Well, as I’ve said before, this blog reaches a small fraction of a small fraction of mostly a single country. We only hope to inspire many, many people and live up to your praise!

Celiacs in the House

I really like that Celiacs in the House points out something that is very important to us: don’t think of things as “breakfast foods” or “dinner foods”, foods are foods! Eat Like a Dinosaur supports the idea that you should expand your definitions and just eat the food that appeals to you! In her review, she makes our Halupki Casserole and then eats in for breakfast! Plus, you’ve GOT to check out her adorable photos with Lego dinosaurs!

That is another thing I like about the recipes in this book. They break those meal rules that call things breakfast food and dinner food. It’s all dinosaur food that can be eaten anytime and a bowl of Halupki is more satisfying to me and keeps me calm, energetic and stable until lunch time unlike pancakes, toast or grain-based breakfasts.

Ginger Lemon Girl

Over at GingerLemonGirl, there’s a whole lot of love. From frequent Facebook posts to full on cooking session with spouses, I don’t know what we did to deserve this review, but we appreciate every word!

The heart of these two parents is beautifully woven throughout this cookbook. I love the overall tone, which is loving, happy, and full of giggles! You can tell through the pictures and gentle words that Stacy and Matthew’s children are healthy, joyful, and thriving.

They are! Or at least they tell us so! She also did a giveaway that is, sadly, over. But we were really touched by how she introduced the giveaway.

I’m so excited to giveaway a copy of this book. It’s truly one of the best cookbooks I’ve read in years and it makes me excited to cook. I hope it will encourage a spark of creativity in your own kitchen as well!

Following My Nose/Chowstalker

We’ve known Patty since the early days of our blog. She can tell you first hand how our site, cooking and photos have progressed. So, having her in our corner is such an honor. We were thrilled and flattered with her review.

Just reading the two sentence dedication they wrote to their boys had my eyes watering up.  I hope this book becomes a best seller and makes Stacy and Matt a boatload of money that they can leave to their sons, but even without a single sale, the book is an incredible legacy and I can only imagine how much it will mean to Cole and his younger brothers in the years to come.

SDSU Children’s Literature Reviews

We had a request from the SDSU Children’s Literature blog and thought… hmm, of course! Let’s hope this reaches parents looking for children’s literature. And given that they say they rarely review cookbooks – looks like it was unique for them too. But how lucky and flattering that the decision was well received on their end!

Stacy Toth and Matthew McCarry (“The Paleo Parents”) aim their work at “neither a culinary savant nor a mega-athlete,” but rather at ordinary families trying to eat unprocessed, real food. The subtitle “Recipe & guidebook for gluten-free kids” broadens their audience beyond the Paleosphere to the growing gluten-free world. But make no bones about it, the book follows a strict Paleo regimen: none of the recipes contains any grains, dairy, hydrogenated oils, or legumes – only meat, vegetables, fruit, nuts, seeds, healthy fats, and tubers.

Healthy Living How To

Stacy hearts Vanessa. Honestly. She cleared something up on Facebook in the most awesome of ways that now we consider her a friend. Also, I say that because I hope to have her cook for me one day. Her Enchilada recipe is one of our favorites (see)! So, obviously, I’m glad to see she’s not disowning us after reading the book!

ELaD is about how ordinary families everywhere can revolutionize their health, by eliminating poor quality food with no nutritional value to eating whole nutrient dense foods every meal of the day. With the guidance of the Paleo Parents your kids will be in the kitchen with you helping you stir the pot, picking out fresh produce at the farmer’s market and even eating broccoli and loving it.

Your Green Baby

A vegetarian reviewed our book. And the world didn’t collapse! I jest… but really, it’s what we hoped the book could do – bridge real food families of all kinds! There’s plenty of non-meat based dishes in the book that families of all types can enjoy. And we’re so happy that this review helps solidify the same thought we had!

The book is created with both love and passion from parents who are interested in helping themselves and their children reach health and well being.

There is a giveaway with this review, but it ends tomorrow! Act now!

My Paleo Life

Brock’s a former chef turned paleo svlet-y guy. Full of his own awesome recipes. His approval of our book and the recipes is another relief for the things we’ve been holding our breath on!

One of my favorite sections in the book is on projects to help engage the kids in discovering that Paleo is not only a way of eating, but a way of living: Going to the farmers market, picking your our fruit and vegetables and yard sales. Stacy and Matt have really put it all in there.

Livin La Vida Low Carb/Jimmy Moore

Last, but far from least, is Jimmy Moore. Personally, I’ve yet to meet Jimmy Moore in person, but Stacy did at PaleoFX. The man she describes him to seem like the nicest, most genuine human being you’re ever likely to meet. His popular blog about how he lost 180 pounds on a low carb diet is full of great personality. Even better is his popular podcast, which we guested on! Take a listen if you want to hear us talk and joke with Jimmy.

When we did the interview, Jimmy kept saying that he was working on something special in his review. And, true to form (he is a top 500 reviewer on Amazon, after all!) he provided a thorough, entertaining, and informative review that sounds just like him.

While most parents work hard to instill good moral conduct and other social habits into those little ones they’ve been blessed to raise, when it comes to nutrition and health far too many of them simply drop the ball. Awww, come on, they’re just kids! We had candy, soda and ice cream as children and we turned out fine, right? I suppose if you ignore the exponential swell in obesity and diabetes rates that have reached unprecedented levels that would be right. But in the real world, so much could be done to help curb this changing tide if parents simply grabbed ahold of something effective that could quite possibly change the course of their lives and those munchkins they’ve been entrusted with. That’s precisely what Matt McCarry and Stacy Toth decided to do.

I think Jimmy just made it our mission to change the whole world. Wow, what a burden! Do you guys think you can help us out with that?


If you want to see pictures from reviewers and fans, make sure to checkout our Facebook Album! It’d be a bit overwhelming to include them all in posts – but they’re WORTH checking out. So click the reviewer links, enter their giveaways and then come chat on the Facebook wall!

Upcoming Media and Events

Maybe someday we’ll sleep. For now, we look forward to meeting you and drinking lots of coffee!

Book Signings

Sunday March 25, 2012 2 PM at Salt & Pepper Books in Occoquan, VA – The entire family will read Eat Like a Dinosaur, the illustrated children’s story, answer questions and sign books. We have over 35 other cavemen have said they will join us. How about you?

Saturday March 31, 2012 10:30 AM at Barnes & Noble in Fair Lakes, VA – The entire family will read Eat Like a Dinosaur, the illustrated children’s story, answer questions and sign books.

Saturday April 21, 2012 at Capital CrossFit 2 @ Capital MMA & Elite Fitness in Dulles, VA – At least Stacy (if not the whole family) will come to sign books and answer questions while the Capital Games goes down!

We’ll also be attending the Low Carb Cruise in May and the Ancestral Health Symposium in Boston, MA in August.

You Can Listen To Us

We’re featured on the Livin’ La Vida Low Carb Show and the Latest in Paleo Podcast this week! Download them at those sites or on iTunes.

Seminar Coming Soon!

We’ll also be launching the Eat Like a Dinosaur: Paleo Parenting for Healthy & Happy Kids seminar series in the DC Metro area starting in June! If you run a cross-fit kids program or want us to come talk to people you know, please send us an e-mail through the contact form. We’ll be keeping it local for a while with all the stuff we have going on, but eventually we’d love to help spread the word to whomever is interested in hearing it!

Back to Reality

As an aside, we miss our old life as much as you’re missing the old blogging. Our traveling and events as well as radio, print and online interviews should be dying down – and our sleep and family time should normalize soon. Matt and I have a commitment to each other to make this be a “normal” family and not let anything get out of control. We want to spread the good food word as best we can, but the most important thing is what we preach – spending time together.

Finian’s birthday is Saturday and we will have family time and a wonderful weekend. We’ll come back in April to return to the normal blogging you fell in love with. In the meantime, here are some oldies you might not have read but probably will enjoy:

p.s. Don’t forget to enter our COOK LIKE A DINOSAUR Giveaway this week. On Monday 3/26 we’ll be kicking off the last one!

Did we forget or miss your post? Please let us know and we’ll be sure to include it in next week’s round-up – apologies in advance… it’s been a bit of a hectic week!

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