Our Vacation Team

As you might be aware, Stacy and I are leaving on a jet plane due south tomorrow morning for the Low Carb Cruise. We are super excited to finally have a vacation after working for 11 months straight on not only Stacy’s super demanding job and my domestic responsibilities, but the book and the blog which is  taking increasingly more time from everything else.

I, personally, plan on only doing things I want to do for the first time in a long while. I am super grateful for the industrial strength dynamo that I married for us getting to a position in life where we can do this. And, you know… to my mother who’s staying with the boys and allowing even the possibility to exist.

Another cool thing for us is that we will likely be able to meet a lot of new people, particularly bloggers we follow (like BalancedBites, Healthy Living How To, Smart Sexy Paleo and, of course, Jimmy Moore) and people who follow us. This is extremely nerve-wracking for me!

In the best of situations, meeting new people is hard for me. In an unfamiliar situation, all bets on my sanity are off. If you are going on the cruise and happen to stumble upon me at the pool or where ever else, approach slowly, walking backwards and, whatever you do, don’t smile! I may take it as a sign of aggression.

Oh, wait. That’s the instructions on meeting a gorilla.

Seriously, though, please do introduce yourself if you see me. While I may not be the friendliest person around, I’m by no means scary and I’m looking forward to making many new friends this week.

The rest of you, fear not! This humble site and its various social media arms will not go completely dark! We already have posts scheduled for next week and we’ve enlisted the help of several friends to watch our pages and comment boards for stuff that needs to be addressed. Feel free to post on our Facebook wall if you have a question. Do not, however, email unless you are okay to wait until next Monday; no one will be able to answer email while we’re gone.

So who is on this team of people who will be covering for us?

Aimee of Aimee Buxton Photography

Aimee was the photographer from our Eat Like a Dinosaur Photo Shoot, which we used to make the book promo video. After that, we kind of adopted her family and joined at the hip. It’s so nice to have a talented friend with similar interests and kids the same age. Despite living 45 minutes apart (without traffic) we see each other weekly. There’s no one more qualified to tell you how I’d answer something than Aimee!


Ann of Prana Physical Therapy

Ann is a member of our meetup group and owns a physical therapy practice that advocates paleo nutrition. You should check out her criminally under read blog on her site as well! Ann’s in communicado with us on an almost daily basis, as well as with some of the highest names in the community. She’ll post some links to relevant articles we’re sure you’ll all enjoy over on our Facebook Page!

Alexa of Holistic Moms’ Network of Fairfax

You may remember that Stacy spoke at a mom’s meeting a couple months or so back? Alexa, a leader of the group, was the reason why. Infinitely interested, engaged and supportive – before our book was even announced! She was so supportive in setting up that event that we’ve grown much closer over the intervening weeks. She’s a mom living the practical side of feeding her kids real food!

Sarah, the Paleo Mom

Sarah guest posted for us a little while back over the course of four weeks. The series was incredibly informative and interesting and was really well received by everyone. As a scientist turned stay-at-home-mom, Sarah is in much better position than even us to give you the nitty gritty on how the body works. Her support will probably be better than even our own – so make sure you follow her site and Facebook page.

So treat them as you would us (you’d treat us well, right?).
Welcome them, be nice and ask a bunch of questions easily available with a simple Google search.
Kidding… you don’t have to do one of those things.

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