No really, what do your kids eat?

Hi there!
Well I am starting Paleo for myself and my husband (whose a type 1 diabetic) but I am also going to try and transition the boys too. I think a lot of behavioral issues have to do with foods (and he’s got Crohn’s too).  So out with the white flour, sugar, dairy and gluten. My question is, what do your kids like? I read on your blog that they like the KND bars and jerky but what else do they eat like for lunch or whatever? I need ideas!!
Alas, a forum to answer such awesome questions!  I know it’s a cop-out for me to say, “my kids are good eaters” so I’ll try to be specific.  This is what some of their typical daily choices look like (and please, focus on choices – the world is VERY wide to a 2 year old):


  • Omelet Made to Order (would you like Mushrooms and Black Olives or Ham and Broccoli)
  • A hard boiled egg, fruit with almond butter for dipping
  • 2 Fried Eggs with fruit and bacon
  • Easy Peasy Pancakes and Frozen Waffles (we keep some frozen for the toaster) with an egg and apple butter (juice sweetened)
  • Egg Drop Soup, Breakfast Butternut Squash with sausage or leftovers are popular requests too


  • Salami slices (they like the rolls from Trader Joe’s cut thick), carrots, guacamole, clementine
  • Ham slices, mustard, grapes, broccoli with a ranch-type dip
  • Tuna salad on a bed of lettuce
  • Beef Jerky, applesauce, freeze dried fruit (doesn’t have to be cold)
  • Bunless hamburgers and hot dogs
  • Leftovers from dinner


  • Roast Chicken, roasted root vegetables and roast kale
  • Pot Roast (we use onion, carrot, butternut squash, sweet potato) and sauteed spinach
  • Grilled scallops, wrapped in bacon, on skewers with peppers, onion and tomatoes and a side salad
  • Broiled salmon, steamed broccoli and home made applesauce


  • Fruit, especially dipped in sunflower seed or almond butter
  • Veggies (carrots with guacamole is always a big hit, any dip really)
  • Salami, Hot Dog, Ham with mustard
  • Tuna salad in a bowl
  • Tuna or guacamole wrapped up in deli meat (get nitrate free)
  • Homemade or sugar-free applesauce
  • Hard boiled eggs
  • Almond and coconut flour baked goods
  • Coconut milk smoothies and healthy ice creams are a great nutrient dense and filling treat for the ever-hungry cave-kids in your life, too!

Think about what you all like to eat and how you can make it in smaller or larger portions.  You’ve got to think less about what “breakfast” looks like and more about what will both taste good to you and provide you with the nutrition you need for the day you have ahead.  Good luck!

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  • I’m curious here- since you were who I was referred to for ideas on feeding kids grain free- why no peanut butter?  A personal preference or a paleo practice?  And if it is for a health reason- any where you can point me?

    My kids eat a ton of PB.  😉

    • So in the paleo framework, peanuts are frowned upon because they are a legume. Legumes, including peanuts, contain lectins, which tend to be inflammatory and do a number on the bowels. Lectins bind to the intestinal wall and increase the permeability of the organ, essentially causing bowel contents to leak into the bloodstream. The presence of lectins causes immune response as well as gut irritation (the gas and discomfort you experience after eating beans also happens with peanuts). When we want peanut butter we use either almond butter or sunflower seed butter, which don’t have the same gut irritant effects.

      The more specific science behind this, which I don’t have off the top of my head, is found in both The Paleo Diet (Loren Cordain) and The Paleo Solution (Robb Wolf).

      One of the first papers by Cordain on peanuts: http://thepaleodiet.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/02/Atherogenic-Potential-of-peanut-oil-based-monounsaturated-fatty-acids-diet.pdf
      A good overview at livestrong: http://www.livestrong.com/article/362888-the-paleo-diet-and-peanuts/

      Believe me, not having peanut butter sandwich as a fall back was hard at first, but in the end, I prefer the alternatives anyway.

      • We all prefer almond butter too, but I’ve been buying peanut butter because it is half the price.  We finished the jar and bought almond butter today.  For my oldest, he has pretty much ate a peanut butter sandwich most days since he was over 1.  Doh!  I really appreciate you wading through for me and the links.  We start tomorrow paleo-esq- even my parents who we are visiting are on board.  Hoping I can report less belly aches, weird head feelings from my son and we’re hoping my Dad will be able to get off his cholesterol meds too!  Fun to be taking a multi generational approach.

        • Good luck! It helped all of us and I’m sure it will do wonders for you too.

  • Roimata

    Do your kids eat eggs every day for breakfast? 

  • Rachael

    My daughter (age 5) is severely allergic to eggs. Do you think that I could still try to move towards a paleo lifestyle with her, even though she can’t have eggs? It looks like your kids have eggs for breakfast most days. Do you have other ideas for options? (I am new to Paleo, and still learning. Sorry if you have already addressed this.)

    • Absolutely, we’ve got a tag on our site for egg-free recipes. I myself don’t do eggs often because they’re irritating for me and I have found plenty of go-to things I like for breakfast instead (leftovers & soup usually) but also our grain-free cereal or cinnamon apple hot cereal are good places to start.

  • Robin

    Thanks for the inspiration!!

  • I am curious what your boys drink instead of cow’s milk. I’ve seen posts where they are drinking milk, but no details on what kind it is. Do they drink this milk with meals or as a treat? Since doing my 1st whole30 last month and seeing the huge improvements I have had, I am starting to work on his diet and replacing his staples with paleo versions, as best I can. Mac and cheese will be tough….