No-Bake Paleo Treats for Warm Summer Days

Wait, don’t turn that oven on! This week’s newsletter is full of summer fun and delicious NO-BAKE PALEO treats that won’t heat the house up!

Paleo zucchini lasagna

This. This is how we make Paleo sustainable- by creating the foods we love in a more healthful way. This week we made our Less-Lasagna recipe with fresh zucchini as the noodles! Did you know that the first time Matt made this for me, it was so good and brought back so many memories that I almost cried?!

Elevation burger date

While the big boys went to a baseball game, I took my very handsome date to Elevation Burger for lettuce-wrapped burgers and a shared order of fries. Love getting to spend this one-on-one time with our youngest, Wesley! We wrote all about Elevation Burger and what each one of us likes to order —> Here!

Girls day concert with mom

Speaking of mommy-dates, I had one with my mom too! We started with organic mani-pedis, followed by brunch, and then a Dixie Chicks concert- we had a blast! Having my mom as a best friend is something I’m so thankful for, and I can only hope someday that our boys will feel the same way about Matt and me.

Snap chat super hero fights
The boys recently discovered this ultra-cool cartoon-y Snap Chat filter, and proceeded to set-up short super hero fights and have us record them. They pretty much giggled in delight watching themselves back in animated form! Snap Chat is an app for your smart phone that lets you watch and send short video clips… it is so fun- very goofy and light-hearted! We share more snippets of our lives there and would love for you to join us. Find us under the name “paleoparents” to watch our shenanigans!

Our Favorite N0-Bake Paleo Treats!

Summer means ice cream season! And whether you make it yourself or bring home a pint from the store, Date Lady Caramel Sauce is the perfect topping! Made only from dates, this caramel sauce is also great for drizzling on fresh berries with whipped cream, apples, or even on pancakes!

No bake paleo treats

When we want cookies but don’t want to bake, Tate’s Gluten-Free Chocolate Chip Cookies are the brand we always choose. No, they aren’t Paleo, but they are crispy, buttery, perfectly sweet, and a wonderful special occasion treat that doesn’t heat the house up.

Nikki’s Coconut Butter comes in a bunch of fun flavors like Vanilla Cake Batter and Dark Chocolate Fudge. We love it by the spoonful! It’s the perfect amount of sweetness, and totally satisfy… no oven required!

No bake paleo treats

Medjool Dates are a dried fruit that is sticky, sweet, and caramel-y. Because it is the fruit in its whole form and contains fiber and nutrients, it is our sweetener of choice these days. For the summertime we use these for making Larabar-style fruit and coconut balls- either Apple Pie Balls or Banana Bread Balls– the boys love them!

Vital Proteins Gelatin may seem like an odd choice for no-bake desserts, but this stuff is versatile! It’s what we use for gelatin jigglers, gummy worms, and pudding. Not only does it make fun treats for the boys, but it improves their health at the same time! Use code: VPA-0626-97BR1-LYIQ for 10% and free shipping at Vital Proteins!

Our Favorite NO-BAKE Treat Recipes!

Cranberry Orange No-Bake Coconut Bars
Cranberry Clementine (no bake) Coconut Bars from Real Life Paleo on PaleoParents

Monster Cookie Dough Dip
Monster Cookie Dough Dip Featured Image

Matcha Latte Collagen Bites
Matcha Latte Collagen Bites on Paleo Parents

Superfood Pudding
Superfood Pudding on PaleoParents

Blueberry Cobbler Ice Cream

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