Meal Plan Monday June 7th

This week we’ve got a grill perfect meal plan for you! Whether you have an outdoor grill or not, these fresh and flavorful summer dinners will be sure to please your whole house. I’ve also found that as the kids ease into summer routines, they love helping more with dinner as well. Don’t be afraid to get your family more involved this summer! Even if they aren’t thrilled at first, consistent responsibility is a good thing and they’ll be more inclined to enjoy what’s being served if they had a hand in helping to prepare making it.

Meal Plan for the Week of June 7th, 2021

Total unique veggie count for this week’s meal plan, just for dinners: 43! Add a green smoothie, salad for lunch, or snack on some fruit to get you even more! We build our plans to have a variety of proteins and diversity of fruits & veggies. You’ll get even more variety in your breakfast and lunches, exceeding the goal for optimum gut health diversity of 30 servings per week.


There’s something so elegant and delicious, yet simple about fish and grilled veggies. And while it doesn’t seem like you may need a recipe for grilled zucchini, I promise the tips outlined make ALL THE DIFFERENCE! Unique fruit & veggie varieties – 7: garlic, dill, lemon, asparagus, zucchini, parsley, basil Protein type: seafood


I hear you, “It’s too hot for soup!” But what better meal to have on hand for all meals of the day. And you can eat it cold if you want to – soup makes fantastic leftovers! Unique fruit & veggie varieties – 8: white onion, bay leaf, lime, carrot, avocado, cilantro, green onion, red onion Protein type: beef


      Minimal clean up and so simple; the kids love helping to make these! You can even take the kebabs and dump them atop your salad! You do you! Unique fruit & veggie varieties – 8: yellow onion, green bell pepper*, red bell pepper*, yellow bell pepper*, pineapple, cranberries, kale, shredded broccoli Protein type: pork

      *if you avoid nightshades, sub summer squash and zucchini instead, I love this because each person can build exactly what they want


      This meal just screams a rainbow to me and I LOVE it! Not only do the flavors all blend together so well, the colors are so visually appetizing. Another dinner perfect meal for your outdoor plans. Unique fruit & veggie varieties – 2: jalapeño, watermelon Protein type: beef


      Are you sensing a summer theme here? Grilled protein and TONS of veggies on the side. This is truly one of my favorite seasons to eat and the formula is so simple. Unique fruit & veggie varieties – 9: romaine, cabbage, arugula, broccoli sprouts, beets, radish, tomato, shredded brussel sprouts. Protein type: seafood


        I don’t know how Michele makes such magical creations without dairy or grains, but I love that we have all the ingredients in our pantry for this dip and that it will go so perfectly with carrots, simple mills crackers, and meld well with shrimp salad over greens! Plus, you already have all the fresh herbs from earlier in the week! Unique fruit & veggie varieties – 5: spring mix, spinach, artichoke, cashew, almond Protein type: seafood


        Sunday’s are for the smoker! Matt wakes up early and sets it up before leaving for USPS delivery, and Cole and I keep it going until he’s home – perfect timing! We get to drool all day patiently waiting for the meat to be done. And by the time it’s done, we (and all the neighbors who can smell it all day) are ready to dive in! Served with a twist on classic coleslaw it’s a great Sunday meal, especially on warm days at the pool. Unique fruit & veggie varieties – 4: rosemary, thyme, broccoli slaw, dill Protein: poultry

        About our weekly menu

        You are not alone in your struggle to put healthy meals on the table without spending all day in the kitchen. Trying to get in a variety of fruits, veggies, and protein while using local, seasonal ingredients, not to mention a variety of proteins and healthy fats, while not spending all day in the kitchen. Work, virtual school, parenting, maintaining social relationship in a time of quarantine… life is hard enough without the additional stress of what to meal plan and cook. But that’s why we’re here!

        You can read about how we meal plan to do your own, or you can use each weekly post as your own menu or just for inspiration. Not every meal, every week will work for you and your family. But, I hope at least I can recommend some new, fun things and provide inspiration for your family to plan ahead in a way that works for you. We hope your whole family enjoys!

        Read the original post about how we make it work for us and factors we consider here

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