Meal Plan Monday January 18th, 2021

If there’s one thing we can control in what feels like an out of control world, it’s what we eat. By maximizing our nutrients and vegetable consumption we are better equipped to handle the stressors ahead. Be it work, virtual learning, virtual appointments, or even national and world events.  Take time for yourself and plan your meals. It will not only bring you a sense of organization and purpose, but it will help your heart and mind align knowing there is good food to come!

Meal Plan for the Week of January 18th, 2021

Meal Plan Monday January 18th Real Everything Stacy Toth

Total unique veggie count, just for dinners: 31! Add a green smoothie, salad for lunch, or snack on some fruit to get you even more! We build our plans to have a variety of proteins and diversity of fruits & veggies. You’ll get even more variety in your breakfast and lunches, exceeding the goal for optimum gut health diversity of 30 servings per week.


Growing up did you ever have a Sunday staple meal? Pot roast seems to be one of those meals for many. We really love this one as it packs a different flavor than the typical dry slow cooker pot roast we may have memories of. And it’s veggie loaded! We also have our beloved traditional potroast recipe in Real Life Paleo and on the blog here.

Unique fruit & veggie varieties – 10: carrots, onions, leeks, celery, cremini mushrooms, green olives, raisins, oregano, garlic, thyme, cauliflower Protein type: beef

Protein type: beef


Truly a decadent twist on a classic and comfort food at it’s finest. It’s safe to say this one may be in our current rotation for awhile!

Unique fruit & veggie varieties – 6 : red onion, scallions, brussel sprouts, lemon, kale, chives

Protein type: pork


Way better than anything you could ever order at the chain Italian restaurants. And still packs all the flavor and comfort!

Unique fruit & veggie varieties – 2 : capers, artichokes

Protein type: poultry


We’ve been making this so much we have come to have our own twist. We’ve been fine tuning it in the last few weeks. We’ll post it very soon, but I think you’re going to like how we change it up!

Unique fruit & veggie varieties – 5: lime, green cabbage, red cabbage, carrots, ginger

Protein type: poultry


We have loved seeing you all make this, please tag us on social! It’s a staple in our home. My tip? Move the fish toppings (nuts and dates) into your rice, add a squeeze of lemon and it will have middle-eastern-esque flavors while still having infused the fish!

Unique fruit & veggie varieties – 4 : dates, butternut squash, zucchini, sweet potatoes,

Protein type: seafood




    Can’t ever go wrong with fake out take out on a Saturday night!

    Unique fruit & veggie varieties – 4: leek, shallots, yukon gold potatoes, parsley

    Protein type: seafood

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    Meal Plan Monday January 18th Real Everything Stacy Toth

    About our weekly menu

    You are not alone in your struggle to put healthy meals on the table without spending all day in the kitchen. Trying to get in a variety of fruits, veggies, and protein while using local, seasonal ingredients, not to mention a variety of proteins and healthy fats, while not spending all day in the kitchen. Work, virtual school, parenting, maintaining social relationship in a time of quarantine… life is hard enough without the address stress of what to cook. But that’s why we’re here!

    You can read about how we meal plan to do your own, or you can use each weekly post as your own menu or just for inspiration. Not every meal, every week will work for you and your family. But, I hope at least I can recommend some new, fun things and provide inspiration for your family to plan ahead in a way that works for you. We hope your whole family enjoys!

    Read the original post about how we make it work for us and factors we consider here

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