Get Prepared with the Boys’ Boxes from One Stop Paleo Shop!

When we first discovered One Stop Paleo Shop we knew that it would be a resource we would be using, A LOT. See, online shopping is kind of our saving grace for many reasons (hello Amazon addiction), and we strongly believe in supporting the smaller operations every chance we get, especially the shops who take a strong interest in both customer service and product quality. We instantly fell in love with the owners of One Stop Paleo Shop and were impressed with how ahead of the game they were, always knowing what the next must-have item would be.

Since readers are always asking us for product recommendations, we thought it would be fun to collaborate with OSPS to create two boxes featuring our most frequently recommended items. When our first two boxes launched in March, one was a snack box and the other our household must haves. People loved the convenience these boxes provided, and the opportunity to try some new items at a discounted cost!

However, as summer arrived in full force our routine and schedule is shifted. We have found that our habits and food choices have shifted during these busy months, and wanted to update our boxes accordingly. Sine the boys are the biggest fans of OSPS and you all loved their “Favorites” series earlier this year, we thought it would be a good idea to retire our first two boxes and create new ones aimed at keeping up with busy lives and  hand-selected favorite items from each boy!

Life Just Got Easier with One Stop Paleo Shop! by Paleo ParentsThe first box is our Paleo to Go kit! It takes enough effort and coordination to eat Paleo at home, let alone on the road, at a party, at work, at school – well, pretty much anywhere other than your own house!

In our five years since first adopting a Paleo lifestyle we have learned to always stock ‘the plan B foods’ – i.e. the snacks you keep in your purse, backpack, car, gym bag, and desk for the hangry moments when you need something Paleo approved and quick before succumbing to the desperation of a vending machine.
Life Just Got Easier with One Stop Paleo Shop! by Paleo ParentsThese are our favorite ‘Paleo to Go’ items, and we know you will love them too! The box includes:
  • 1 Bacon’s Heir – Pork Clouds – Rosemary Sea Salt (Stacy’s favorite low carb snack)
  • 2 RxBar – Protein Bars (Wes, Finn, Cole & Stacy’s pick)
  • 1 Bubba’s Fine Foods – Snack Mix – Original (Finian’s pick – nightshade free!)
  • 1 Eating Evolved – Primal Chocolate Bar – Crunchy Caramel (Cole & Matt’s sweet treat pick)
  • 1 Sustainapak – Grass Fed Beef Sticks – Original (Wes’ and the boys love these)
  • 1 Epic – Epic Bites – Bison Bacon Chia (Stacy’s multi-serving protein pick in a resealable bag)

And you can get all of that conveniently delivered for only $32.50!! We think this will be a fantastic BACK-TO-SCHOOL kit, too – perfect for college students who need some healthy options!

Life Just Got Easier with One Stop Paleo Shop! by Paleo Parents

The second box is our Pantry Must Haves – i.e. the items we always keep in supply! We have learned a number of things on how to make this lifestyle sustainable, and Paleo approved products have definitely played a big part in that process!

These are our absolute favorites that we always have in our panty to help fill a number of needs – Simple Mills Muffin Mix for that baked good craving, Jackson’s Honest Sweet Potato Chips for those times you need some crunch, Paleonola to satisfy that crunchy sweet tooth, mayo for a quick tuna salad lunch, Pure Wraps to wrap the tuna up, and coconut aminos for a easy stir fries! These items literally cover all your bases!
Life Just Got Easier with One Stop Paleo Shop! by Paleo Parents
The box includes:
  • 1 Pure Wraps – Coconut Wraps (all the boys picked these, a lunch & picnic favorite!)
  • 1 Simple Mills – Banana Muffin Mix (the boys all LOVE making these themselves)
  • 1 Coconut Secret – Coconut Aminos (our savior for eating out and making quick dinners)
  • 1 Jackson’s Honest – Sweet Potato Chips (Cole’s pick for a “normal” lunch food like his friends)
  • 1 Paleonola – Grain Free Granola (Finn’s favorite for a non-egg breakfast)
  •  1 Primal Kitchen – Mayo (Matt loves getting to skip always making mayo by hand with this)

And you can get all of this for only $42 – we think it’s a great way to sample some new items and see if these foods are a new favorite for your family – or if you already love them, a great way to get all your favorites in one place (instead of running to multiple stores, like we used to)!

Life Just Got Easier with One Stop Paleo Shop! by Paleo Parents
Our kids are srsly excited about these boxes and all the deliciousness they hold!!

We are always looking for ways to make Paleo more accessible and convenient for people with REAL lives (our big reason for writing Real Life Paleo)! These packages that we create with One Stop Paleo Shop are just another tool to help busy individuals and families stay true to their health goals no matter what life throws their way. They are genuinely our family’s favorites and we hope they offer you convenience at an afforable price (since OSPS is discounting each basket)!

Learn More About the Paleo Parents Boxes and Grab Them Today –> HERE

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