Gelatin: Why we love it and 60+ delicious family-friendly recipes using it!

Stacy recently found out she’s called “the broth lady” in the paleo-sphere. There’s even the #bonebrothheals and #soupwithstacy hashtags on Instagram. That’s because she LOVES bone broth! Of the nutrients in broth, the one that is the most powerful for Stacy’s healing journey has been gelatin, which is concentrated with the powerful protein, collagen. Interestingly enough, when Stacy started training and was looking for a post-workout recovery protein she searched high and low for a dairy-free, egg white-free protein powder. Turns out, the perfect food was right under her nose the whole time!

She started adding gelatin to smoothies made at home of almond and coconut milk, almond or sunflower seed butter, a frozen banana, cacoa powder and collagen, which was the only “protein shake” to ever give her a sense of energy and power without messing with her digestion. No need to buy some packaged collagen protein powder, you can get the pure stuff and make delicious foods yourself with it!

Given Stacy’s love of all things gelatin, it shouldn’t be a surprise that one day I got an e-mail saying “Hey, can you do an epic gelatin post so people eat more of it?!”  If you haven’t noticed already, gelatin is all the rage, and for good reason! In this round-up, we will talk a little about why gelatin is so good for you, the differences between the types of gelatin and how they work, and provide you with 60+ recipes that utilize this awesome super-food. I got to learn a lot while writing this post, so hopefully you do too just reading it! ~Katy


Gelatin sourced from grass fed animals is an extremely nutrient dense food.

Gelatin has numerous benefits (grass-fed being our specific recommendation):

  • helps tighten loose skin
  • helps improve cellulite
  • helps joint recovery
  • supports skin, hair and nail growth
  • improves digestion
  • pure protein
  • promotes relaxation and a good night’s sleep
  • can help heal your gut
  • helps tighten loose skin

Yup! I’ll take all of that please! Shiny hair, better digestion, better sleep, AND it’s going to improve cellulite? Heck yeah!

By now, most of our readers are familiar with our favorite savory way to receive the benefits of gelatin: homemade broth made from pastured animal bones used in soups (like the now-famous Stacy’s Soup), stews and braised dishes (even I eat them).

But if you don’t have time to make your own stock, or if you would just like a different way to supplement your diet with gelatin, a great thing to do is ADD it into foods. Now, just like we think that grass fed and pastured meats are best to consume, we therefore think that they type of gelatin you use is very important. You want to eat healthy gelatin from healthy animals. After all, you are what you eat eats. mmkay?

Vital Proteins is our preferred – read all about why HERE!

10 percent + free shipping off Vital Proteins at Paleo Parents

Ok – Now that you know why its good for you, and what kinds there are, here are 60+ recipes to help you get your gelatin in!

24 Gummy Snacks Recipes

Gelatin gummie Roundup

Images are owned from the original content creator. Click on the links below for the full recipes on their site. 


16 Recipes for Puddings

pudding collage

Images are owned from the original content creator. Click on the links below for the full recipes on their site. 

Want one more luscious custard recipe that uses gelatin? This Almond Panna Cotta is from the soon-to-be released The Ancestral Table: Traditional Recipes for a Paleo Lifestyle, by our good friend Russ of The Domestic Man. We already have our copy, and trust us – IT’S INCREDIBLE. Meet us back here next week for our full review!

Russ Collage

10 Recipes for Marshmallows

marshmallow roundup

Images are owned from the original content creator. Click on the links below for the full recipes on their site. 


8 Recipes for Smoothies with Gelatin

(remember, these recipes are meant for the GREEN kind of Vital Proteins gelatin!)

smoothie collage

Images are owned from the original content creator. Click on the links below for the full recipes on their site. 


Even 3 Bread Recipes with Gelatin!

bread collage


Images are owned from the original content creator. Click on the links below for the full recipes on their site. 


As you can see, there is NO excuse not to find delicious ways to enjoy the health benefits of the healing superfood gelatin, other than that boxed brightly colored stuff at the store. If your only option is store bought and not our recommended brand, plain Knox from the grocery store will be just fine – no guilt, no dogma, no drama… just do the best you can and that is certainly better than none at all!

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  • Tessa@ Tessa the Domestic Diva

    Awesome! I LOVE gelatin and rely on it heavily to get a great source of allergy-friendly protein into my son. We both have improved digestion and skin when we consume it regularly!

  • Ancestral Chef

    Thanks!! Love gelatin too 🙂 I add extra gelatin to my bone broth!

  • Katy, other function (whether it causes liquids to gel), is there a nutritional difference between the different kinds?

    • Not sure on that Eileen – but the porcine tastes better and is less “smelly” than the grassfed beef can be. You can check out this post for more science-y explanations. http://butterbeliever.com/choosing-gelatin-powder/ I’m a chef, so I am naturally more interested in the functions and recipes. 😉 -Katy

  • Ruth

    How much/how regularly do you recommend gelatin to see the benefits? A serving a day?

    • Katy

      I’m not a doctor, just a chef, but I try to consume either broth or gelatin once a day for continued gut healing, just like Stacy does.

  • Naturally Mindful

    Me oh my! What a great round-up! Thank you for including my elderberry gummies! I just pinned this post and I’ll share it on my facebook page this weekend!

  • Mary Ann Atkins Smallidge

    Which is the best to tighten the skin?

    • Katy

      They will all work well to tighten the skin.

  • Alissa

    What changes did you notice right away when starting on gelatin?

    • alissa

      I would love to hear what Katy has to say about this, but if anyone else can answer too, I would be grateful!

    • Katy

      When you start incorporating gelatin (either in this form or in the form of homemade bone broth) you won’t notice immediate changes, but with consistent use, you will see improvement in all of the benefits mentioned above. I drink more bone broth and add in more gelatin in other dishes when I am sick, and I notice that it helps me get better faster. Gelatin and bone broth add to overall healing in the gut, and unfortunately it doesn’t happen overnight.

  • Kelly

    I need to try a lot of these recipes for my sagging skin!.

  • Deb

    I know you say to use the green can for smoothies, but is it possible to use the porcine gelatin?

    • You can use the porcine gelatin for any recipe that calls for the red or orange can. Those recipes require the gelatin to first be dissolved. The green gelatin does not need to be dissolved first and can be mixed straight into drinks and food, but it does not have a gelling effect and is only added as a dietary supplement.

  • Just ordered my first container of gelatin, thanks to this post. Can’t wait to try it out!

  • Pina

    My kids love Jello- which we all know isn’t good. I bought orange kind, and I made my own jello. However, my kids wouldn’t eat it. I have to say that it does have distinctive taste- especially if I add a lot of it. Anybody ever noticed this gelatin isn’t completely without flavor? Also, what is the best way to make the green one dissolved without making clumps? I tried in hot and cold water, and it never really dissolves completely. Is there a secret?

  • Johnny Whitaker

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    Recipes + 10 Week Meal Plan + Desserts”. Health benefits include, healthy energetic
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  • Su-Sun

    cool post. really great!

  • Lol

    Can I use doctor oetker gelatin powder ? Or will that not have all the health benefits ?

    • We’re not familiar with that brand, let us know how it turns out!

  • shuy_00

    Reading about the vital proteins brand – I saw choline listed and I wanted to add this supplement for my kids. I figure this is possibly a good way to do so as I have no idea how to tell if a certain brand if supplements is better than the next. Are the vital protein capsules the kind that can be opened and mixed into something? If so, is there an odor or taste? Two kiddos with ASD – impossible to change diets and they detect everything new or different. Thanks!

  • Lee

    Does non gmo equate to organic (no chemicals) on this product? I.e. could there be a chemical in the gelatin that was administered to the cattle and yet is non gmo? Such as Ammonium hydroxide,or Ractopamine (banned everywhere but U.S.)?

    • I’m sure if you asked VP their standards they could clarify, but my experience is that anything i’ve asked has always been of the utmost & highest quality.

  • varsha daksh

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