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Fashion and Fitness at Giveaway!

Today is day 7 of our Launch Celebration, which means it is the FINAL day of giveaways! Starting tomorrow, we’re going to start awarding prizes, so get your entries in! Today’s giveaway is all about Fashion and Fitness. We’ve heard that you love to hear about what Stacy is wearing and using (especially on Instagram), so we’re definitely going to embrace that here on the new site!


Fashion and Fitness at Giveaway!

What can you win in this giveaway?

With this package, you’ll be looking great and handstanding in no time! Frankly, I’ve done handstands IN LuLaRoe leggings WHILE wearing Joy D jewelry. So seriously. This prize pack could also be called “The Rockstar Starter Kit” ♥

While I wear a LOT of different brands I’ll happily share about – I love the mission & comfort of LuLaRoe and LLR Liz Kuhar has always been a fantastic resource for me. I love following her on social media and she is fantastic at “looking out” for things you may be interested in, based on your prior buying choices. Um, a personal shopper. Affordable, flattering, comfortable clothes made in the US? Supporting a woman-owned small business? Yes, please.

Likewise for Joy Dravecky. I have and love endless brands of jewelry that I love. But I especially love supporting small businesses that hand make quality products. Joy’s jewelry is just that. Plus, she’s local to Danielle of Against all Grain – who happens to have stunning earrings named after her (after wearing them on the cover of her 2nd book). I chose 3 of my favorite pieces Joy sells for you to choose from!

How do you win this fabulous prize?

The entry criteria is very simple. All you have to do is sign up for our newsletter! That’s it. We’ll be picking one of you lucky folks to win this prize!

We only ask that you comment on this post indicating that you have signed up for the list, but be sure that the email address matches (comment e-mail same as newsletter e-mail) so we can verify! We’ll be picking from the people who comment on this post!

This giveaway will end in exactly ONE WEEK! So get those entries in. Next Friday, we will pick a winner!

Don’t forget!

If you missed our previous giveaways, click here to learn more about Real Everything and how we’re celebrating (and enter the 6 previous days worth of giveaways)! It’s been a blast to share these all with you – hope you’re as excited as we are about the new site going forward!





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