Eat Like a Dinosaur has arrived!

We were SO excited when Matt arrived home Friday afternoon to this at our front door!

I rushed home from work, so that we could open the box and touch our first book for the first time ever!

The boys were SO excited to see their names, pictures and recipes in the book!
The concept was just too big for them to understand until they saw it in front of them.

We had to share our day with friends and family, who came over to celebrate with us!

There may have been a lot of wine enjoyed during the celebrating…

If you’re excited too, stay tuned!
Because we’re kicking off a month-long celebration of the release of our book with HUGE giveaways starting on Monday 2/27/2012!

Want more info? Here’s a link to our press release, a link to the book on Amazon (available for pre-order now, releases 3/20/2012) and a link to our promo video on YouTube.

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  • Diane

    What age child is this geared to?  My soon to be 11 year old daughter has really resisted our families move to Primal eating.  She has a voracious sweet/carb tooth (she also suffers from ADHD, seasonal allergies and eczema), and I’m looking for ways to convince her that eating this way is the best thing she can do for health and her body.  But if this is geared to very young children, I don’t want to insult her budding “young lady” status, kwim?  I’m sure the recipes ROCK (I love the recipes you post on your blog!), but am wondering if this could be a teaching tool for her.

    • We intended it to be for school aged children, K-6. An eleven year old may find the illustrated story juvenile (I know I wasn’t reading picture books in 5th grade!) but the recipes were intended to be all ages. I’d recommend checking out the previews we’ve posted and perhaps flipping through at the book store when it comes out to March 20 to determine what her mileage would be. I’d hate to disappoint you and your daughter buy recommending something she won’t like!

      • Diane

         Thanks, I may wait and check it out when it hits the book stores!

      • Lu

        I am definitely interested in your book for my 6 and 9 year old boys, but I need help with my 13 year old daughter.  I would love to find a book that will engage her and enlighten her with information about the paleo lifestyle.  Unfortunately books like “The Paleo Solution” are a bit much for her – do you have any suggestions?  She is of the age where mom doesn’t know best – she just thinks I’m nuts – I know it would be beneficial for her if she could read about it on her own.  I would appreciate any suggestions you might have – thank you!

        • Well, Everyday Paleo is a much more simplified, less sciencey breakdown of the protocol. That might be better for her. But, really, perhaps the best would be to find shorter blog articles and the like that will be impactful enough to make your point but too short to get bored by. Perhaps our next book ought to be Eat Like a Dinosaur for Teens!

          • Lu

            Thank you – I love the Everyday Paleo blog – although I haven’t looked at the book – I think I will try your idea – thanks so much – and I am very excited to get my hands on your book – I am right in the middle of “The Paleo Solution” and can’t wait to get started – I’m not so worried about myself as I am getting our children on the bandwagon – hopefully your book will help!

  • Amanda McClary

    So happy for you all!!!

  • Congratulations!  I can’t wait to get my copy!

  • Munnelly53

    Can I have mine now pppppllllleeeeaaaaasssssseeeee?

    • Only a couple more weeks! The bookstores have to have time to receive and stock them 🙂

  • Minichick

    Congratulations!!!  Very exciting!

  • Congratulations! That’s so exciting! 

  • Congratulations! – You should be super proud! I can’t wait to get my copy. I bet my boys will eat it up. (It helps that you also have a crew of the cutest little blonde helpers.)

    • They are kind of insanely adorable, aren’t they 😉

  • Kristin W.

    The “we have she’s book” made me laugh.  My 4 year old says she instead of her all the time.

    • It’s one of our favorite phrases he says these days!