Eat Like a Dinosaur GET KIDS EXCITED Giveaway!

Last week’s giveaway is now over! Congratulations to the winner, AdronsCatherine! We will be contacting you soon for details on receiving your prize!

It’s almost time! Eat Like a Dinosaur is officially on its way from the printer to a bookseller near you!

As the books get in the hands of some pre-release reviewers, we are astounded by the kind words being said about it. We poured our heart into this book and really tried to think of a lot of little things to make it accessible and enjoyable for a broad spectrum of real-food families. Hearing that our message is ringing clear in the book and kids are excited about it is all we could ever ask for.

In case you’re wondering what book, here’s a link to the Amazon “peek” inside – where you can read chapters, see the layout and even test one of our absolute favorite recipes, Frozen Waffles!

When people visit our site or read the book, the number one question they have is not about getting kids on a real food diet or how to combat peer pressure. It always seems to be, Where do you get you plates and lunchboxes? Seriously! And that shouldn’t be too surprising, because people eat with their eyes first. Especially kids!

You put a so-so meal on a fantastic serving plate, and you might just tip the edge on having your child be more willing to try it. So today, we’re giving away our most buzzworthy kid-friendly food accessories! In this giveaway, you will win:

1. THREE Jo!e Monster Bowls
Our most asked about dish! People see these on our blog (from our granola and hot cereal recipes) and ask where they can find them.
In this prize pack, you will receive the 3 colors we have: Red, Purple and Orange.
New… obviously, we can’t give you ours – then what would we do?!

2. The Fred Food Face plate
For all your food-playing needs! Sometimes, you just need to turn your food into hair for a smiling plate.
Featured in our recent “Linguine” with Clam Sauce, this plate even makes Brussels sprouts look fun in Eat Like a Dinosaur.

3. SugarBooger Recycled Melamine Children’s Tray Set
Any kid I’ve ever met loves compartment type trays.
And we love that this one is made from recycled materials and includes a cup and silverware too!
This cute speckled tray is perfect for serving dinners to your little ones! We used it in our review of Well Fed.

4. SugarBooger Good Lunch Sack Set
The adorable bags are made for much more than cheerios and sandwiches! When you need a Graham Cookie sandwich, jerky or hard boiled eggs on the go, these bags (with choices from Butterflies to Robots) are sure to be your child’s favorite! Plus, they’re MUCH better for the earth and your health, since they’re made of lead-free nylon, cotton and EVA. The winner’s set will be the monster one shown above, like we used here and here.

5. Munchkin Dip Dish

As humble as this little dish is, it’s Wesley’s absolute favorite. Kids LOVE to dip! We devoted a whole chapter of our book to dips and sauces because it excites kids and gets them to eat foods they normally wouldn’t.
So use this fun little tray to serve up Pineapple Dip with Golden Nuggets or Texas BBQ Sauce from Eat Like a Dinosaur!

6. LunchBots Primary Set
I wish we’d known about LunchBots sooner! We got this set for the boys for Christmas and they work perfectly for on-the-go snacks. These clean and sanitary stainless steel containers are perfect for containing dry snacks, like dried fruit and salami! And the bright colors appeal to a child’s eye. I also love that they hold a chill well – they’re perfect for hard boiled eggs on the go!
This prize pack includes the Blue Uno, Orange Duo (with a handy divider) and Green Pico (also with a divider).

7. The Goodbyn Original and Goodbyn Bynto and Sticker Set
Completely leak proof with handles for easy carrying, your kids will love to decorate these and bring them to school!  The smaller version, the Bynto, is PERFECT for a preschool snack. You can read our review of Goodbyn and the differences between the Original and Bynto here!
This prize set includes 1 Original, 1 Bynto (choose from raspberry or pineapple) and 1 extra sticker set (like in our post)

8. The Laptop Lunch Bento Box Set
We love to pack our (often juicy) lunches in compartment lunch boxes, and the Bento Box set is one of our favorite. It easily separates different foods, wet and dry without the use of extra bags or containers. Cole loves the little “dip” container and silverware (since the lunch lady is often too busy to respond to him in time for plastic-ware) – very convenient! See it in action here and here!

9. A signed (by the whole family) copy of Eat Like a Dinosaur
We cannot guarantee that the boys won’t just scribble, but it adds a personal touch – right?

STEP 1: How to enter (leave ONE COMMENT when you have completed ALL of the following):

If you’re not on one of the social media below, that’s ok – just do the rest of the items listed, please!

  1. “Like”and “Follow” Paleo Parents on the social media you follow (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Klout, etc.)
  2. “Like” and “Follow” Laptop Lunches on social media (Facebook and Twitter)
  3. “Like” and “Follow” Goodbyn on social media (Facebook and Twitter)
  4. “Like” and “Follow” Lunchbots on social media (Facebook and Twitter)
  5. “Like” Eat Like a Dinosaur on Amazon
  6. Lastly – spread the word! Don’t hog entry for yourself… Share this giveaway on the social media forum of your choice!

STEP 2: Leave another “bonus” comment if you’ve pre-ordered Eat Like a Dinosaur (THANK YOU!)

Giveaway Closes March 12th at 10AM EST – when we will then be posting our 3rd in the Eat Like a Dinosaur Giveaway Extravaganza series, EAT YOUR WAY THROUGH THE BOOK! Please note, I’m sorry but this giveaway is for US entrants only (we must be able to ship from Amazon.com in order for you to enter this giveaway).

Can I win? I’m totally jealous of the lucky winner – 20 of our favorite items!

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  • Jim Papa

    We are waiting and very excited for our “Pre-Ordered” book from Amazon.  Kids ask everyday if it is here. 🙂

  • I’ve pre-ordered Eat Like a Dinosaur and I can’t wait to get it!!!

  • Tina_tracy

    “Like”and “Follow” Paleo Parents on the social media you follow (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest ) – done“Like” and “Follow” Laptop Lunches on social media (Facebook and Twitter) – done“Like” and “Follow” Goodbyn on social media (Facebook and Twitter) – done“Like” and “Follow” Lunchbots on social media (Facebook and Twitter) – done“Like” Eat Like a Dinosaur on Amazon -done
    i cannot wait to find out if i won all these awesome products. i love paleo parenting

  • “Liked” all the above products and pages!  🙂

  • Jim Papa

    Oh… and “liked” it all on Facebook/amazon.. 🙂

  • I liked them all (most of them already). I’m me@sour-times.com on Amazon. Thanks!

  • Jenelle

    “liked” them, and already pre-ordered the book!  I love how my boys are asking me what dinosaurs eat as they are thinking about their food choices.  

  • Melissa Keith

    I just followed all the social-media steps, and I am so excited!  My husband and I don’t have kids yet, but we already plan for our kids to eat like dinosaurs (since have been for almost a year now!)  LOVE you guys, and LOVE your book/site!!

  • Done! We love Laptop Lunches and I am going to check out the Goodbyn Bynto as soon as I leave this comment! Pre-ordered Eat Like a Dinosaur too… we are a Paleo family currently on our second 90-Day Whole30 Challenge but our three year old is definitely more of the industrial revolution diet follower 😉 Excited to have found your page and read more about your journeys!

  • Deborah Colston

    Right, now I am officially a serial ‘liker’ (even if I am no longer a ‘cereal’ liker!). 
    Excited, thank you. 🙂

  • checklist <3
    “Like”and “Follow” Paleo Parents on the social media you follow (Facebook)“Like” and “Follow” Laptop Lunches on social media (Facebook )“Like” and “Follow” Goodbyn on social media (Facebook )“Like” and “Follow” Lunchbots on social media (Facebook )“Like” Eat Like a Dinosaur on Amazon
    Done all of the above <3
    LOVE your stuff!

  • Deborah Colston

    Aaaaand… ‘Eat Like A Dinosaur’ is pre-ordered from Amazon; there is even a space cleared on my bookshelf – although I doubt it will even make it past the kitchen. Can’t wait!

  • Trista

    Ordering your book this week!! Cant wait. Already have our two kids on it and our third..expected in August…will start off life as a paleo. 🙂 Did the requirements, please enter us in the contest.

  • Bsielicki

    I did all the steps! Thanks for this great giveaway!

  • JEN R.W.

    I’ve like EVERYTHING (some I already had)! Thanks so much for the giveaway. My kiddos would love these things!

  • Mel Cherney

    I followed everything on the social media I use! This is a fun giveaway, thanks!!!

  • Mel Cherney

    This is my bonus “I already pre-ordered the book” entry! Thanks!!! 🙂

  • Esther Delgado

    I followed all the steps and I am so excited! even if I don’t win the book, I am gonna buy it. I’m on a journey of change for my family and this would be the perfect introduction for them! Love all the prizes!!!!

  • Art Teaching Mama

    What an AWESOME and generous giveaway.  Thanks Paleo Parents!

  • I’ve completed all of the steps!

  • Casey Rodgers

    Did it all :). Fingers crossed!

  • All the “likes” are in place!  Great giveaway!!

  • Sagepixie

    Wow! That was a lot of clicking but I really really want to win 🙂 

  • I pre-ordered your book a while ago 🙂

  • First contest in a while that’s made me go “SQUEEE!!!” Seriously awesome, guys 😀

  • Oh, and I did preorder the book! I can’t wait to get it and start cooking for my 4yo who is having a hard time transitioning to paleo 😀

  • Bonus comment for my pre-order!  Can’t wait to get the book and go through it with my 4-year-old.

  • Jonnelle Rein

    What a great giveaway! I hope to win them for my niece 🙂  Thanks!  And if I don’t win, I will get the book for her. She already chows down on eggs (or smears them across her face whichever is more fun at the moment… heh. What else is good for a 9 month old).  All steps completed 🙂

  • Jennifer Logan

    Liked it all!  Thanks for such a great giveaway!!

  • jenb7588

    I preordered the book a while ago.:)

  • KathyK

    Trying again — it’s working! Liked everything and shared the giveaway! I have two sons ghat I’m attempting to nudge into a primal/paleolithic way of eating. But it is challenging when they are in love with piazza, toast with apple butter and Mac n cheese! So I really admire what you guys have done! Keep on doing it!!

  • Suzann

    All done! I’m almost as excited about this as I was about the books! Great giveaways!

  • I followed and liked and posted!  If I win, the kids are going to have to share these with me!

  • Lisah

    what a cool giveaway!  I can’t wait to get your book!  I have “liked” all the pages I hadn’t already liked and shared your giveaway on facebook.

  • Suzann

    And preordered book. Can’t WAIT!

  • jenb7588

    Finished the steps!

  • Candy


  • Stephanie MCDonald

    It’s my birthday , I should totally win! I also have picky kids that would really benefit from these awesome dishes, so true, we eat with our eyes first!

  • I have “liked” all of the pages! And the book. 🙂 And shared the giveaway on FB!

  • Candy

    I have also preordered the book. Ages ago!

  • mari

    Just followed all of the fantastic companies- excited, have heard of all of them and not had a chance to purchase them! Totally excited! 

  • And, I have pre-ordered the book. Can’t wait!

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  • SUPER awesome giveaway!

    completed all steps and shared 🙂

    mojoandzen  at gmail dot com

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    I like and follow you on Facebook

  • My pre-order is also in place–cannot wait to receive my copy!!! I so love the monster bowls! I feel like a kid waiting for Christmas in my anticipation of your book!

  • Mrsrich420

    Love the website and can’t wait for the book!  My best friend just had her first baby and I would love to give her this prize!! 🙂

  • I have completed all the steps! Can’t wait for the book to come out!

  • Jaclyn B

    Such awesome giveaways….can’t wait to check out the cookbook too!

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    Done! Thanks!

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    I completed everything in Step 1! Thank you for the wonderful giveaway 🙂

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    I liked everything on Facebook. We have a laptop lunchbox that we LOVE so I’m sure the rest of the products too 🙂 oh, and I shared the giveaway too.

  • Amy

    Per-ordered, too!

  • I’ve done all of that!  We love the laptop lunches at our house – my girls fight over the one we have!

  • Janna

    I pre-ordered Eat Like A Dinosaur, and we can not wait to get our hands on it! Thank you!!

  • Franchescavasquez

    Okay! I really want to WIN this one, this will really help me out with lunches for 4 in the morning 🙂

  • Oh, and I’ve also preordered the book.  Yay!

  • Jennifer Knick

    I pre-ordered Eat Like A Dinosaur ages ago 🙂

  • Nlpmiles

    Sounds like the perfect giveaway!! Instructions have been followed.

  • Holly M

    I completed all of the steps above, please enter me in the giveaway!

  • Alison P

    Awesome giveaways! Thanks so much for the opportunity. I made Bacon Chicken (our favorite) last night for dinner tonight. I can hardly wait to get home….

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    Liked them all. Following on twitter as @winterpoet13:twitter and on facebook as Shanna Proctor. Also on Pinterest as Shanna! I also liked the book on Amazon (Shanna). 😀 I shared the giveaway on facebook as well. This is an amazing giveaway! I have a 5 and almost 3 year old, they would LOVE this stuff!!! thanks for the chance! 

  • Anthroeats

    Oh, and we pre-ordered the book ages ago. Can’t wait for our copy!

  • Jaimepatnode

    I completed all of the steps!

  • Jaimepatnode

    I have also already preordered my book and can not wait to get it!!!

  • jessica kenney

    I have done all of the above. And I “liked” your book the minute it came onto Amazon. Still waiting for grandma to buy it for us for birthdays, but we hope to have it soon. Congrats on publishing it. It is good to know that there are parents around here like me and it is great having you as a resource. A fantastic reliable resource!

  • Awesome giveaway! I completed all the steps and I hope I win! 🙂

  • Jay and Julie Cruz

    Entered!  Would love to win this.. i have a lot of Paleo eating kids!

  • Friended, followed and liked! 

    • Krista Ellyn

       My daughter is stubbornly refusing to come to the paleo side with us – she’s 6 years old and has mental illnesses. I hope that she make the leap to Paleo and that it can help her.

  • Done!  Excited!! 

  • Meredith

    Done!  This is a dream giveaway for me… thanks!

  • Meredith

    Oh, and I’ve pre-ordered Eat Like A Dinosaur 🙂  Bonus!

  • Teresa Stein

    Done all of the above!!

  • Jenn

    Great giveaway! I completed all the steps.

  • Done!! I need all the help I can get for these picky kids! Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Teresa Stein

    I also pre-ordered “Eat Like a Dinosaur” back in January!

  • I have your book preordered, and I can’t wait!! I get so jealous when you post the reviews and pics from the bloggers that got early copies. 

  • Jess Haentjens

    Done! Awesome giveaway :]

  • What an awesome giveaway!! My 2 sons, ages 6 & 8 would love it all.  Thank you!!!

  • Sufisherfit

    All done.  Thanks for the great sites to like.  I always learn so much this way.

  • I just pre-ordered “Eat Like a Dinosaur”…can’t wait for my boys to try out your recipes!!

  • I follow you on Pinterest & Facebook & Twitter!

  • Rafaela P

    All the steps completed and I can’t wait to get the book Eat Like a Dinosaur, I know my step daugther and I wil have so much fun at the kitchen!! We both love cook together. I would love to win this giveway, will the bestgift for her!!!

  • SarahWacker

    What an amazing giveaway!  I have done all that you asked!  =)

  • SarahWacker

    Oh…and I pre-ordered your book!  SO EXCITED to get it!  

  • Gpalmern

    done! what an amazing giveaway!!!

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    Completed! Great giveaway!

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    Done! Liked, shared, tweeted and pinned from both my personal profiles and my “professional” social media accounts, too- does that mean I get 2 entries? Happy Monday!!

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    I would love love love to win this. My kids would too!

  • Lura Miller

    I did it! I did it! Thank you! Thank you! I also pre-ordered the book 2 weeks ago! I have 3 boys as well and they all need new lunch boxes! 🙂 We transitioned into Paleo 3 weeks ago and your site has been SOOOO valuable to me! Thank you!

  • Beth

    Done! What a great giveaway!

  • Sdnlscimino

    Followed all instructions and book is about to be pre ordered now!

  • RenaeMH

    I did all 6 things on Facebook.  Fingers crossed my number gets picked!

  • Liked them all!

  • done!! liked them all! Fun giveway!

  • Ohanachu

    Awesom giveaway, mahalo!

  • Ohanachu

    I pre-ordered you book awhile ago too…I don’t know who is more excited, me or the kiblets!

  • Jeni S

    Liked and shared all of them!

  • Jeni S

    I preordered the book and CAN’T wait for it to get here! So excited!!!

  • I’ve completed all of the steps.  Great resources to follow and the best giveaway I have seen on the web; fun and healthy! 

  • Amber

    I’ve completed the steps! 

  • Angelfunk

    Oh, I would love to win this! I “liked” you on FB and was already linked up to quite a few of the others listed. I am intrigued by the cookbook, and want to check it out!

  • MTaylor902

    I’ve completed all the steps–what greatproducts!! Congrats on your book release!

  • Angelahrad

    Liked everything on Facebook and pre-ordered “Eat like a Dinosaur”
    I am so happy to have found your site… it rocks.
    Awesome giveaway, BTW!

  • I had already liked half the pages..and liked the other ones..about to go back and order some nifty food containers.Pre-ordering book this Thursday..I can’t wait!!! LOVE this site 🙂

  • Hope

    Awesome! Glad I found your blog and upcoming book (thanks to Kelly at the Spunky Coconut). I have 4 kids, three of them are boys, we would dig winning! Liked ya on Amazon.

  • Katrina

    I completed all the steps for this kid friendly giveaway! 🙂

  • Jessicanewhall

    love your site!!! we have the laptop lunch box and they are great! would love to win another! did all the likes on facebook, could not figure out how to like your book on Amazon, but have already pre-ordered….looking forward to it!!!!

  • Jessicanewhall

    Guess this is my second post for pre-ordering!
    Whoohoo! fingers crossed!!!

  • chris

    Completed everything, we’ve preordered, and have seven paleo kids hoping they win!

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    This is an amazing giveaway! Completed all the steps and shared on Twitter 

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  • I like and followed 🙂 I am trying to convince the hubby to let me pre-order the book, I want it so bad and my 4yr old thinks the pictures he has seen look wonderful 🙂

  • Cate

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  • JKWalking

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    For a bonus entry, I pre-ordered your book at the end of January. My entire family, which includes a 4 1/2 year old boy and a 20 month girl, has loved the recipes you’ve posted to your blog so I am very excited to try the ones in your cookbook. 
    I can’t wait to get my copy and start cooking. I wish you guys lots of success with your book! Thanks!

  • Bttrflysnfaries

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  • Bttrflysnfaries

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    LOVE that you guys get how important presentation is to kids’ enjoyment of mealtime (and for us adults too, more than we probably think)! We stocked up on this weekend’s 30% off Goodbyn Lunchbox sale, but love your other giveaway items, too! Happy to like, share and spread the word!

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  • Regina P.

    Hello again! 🙂 I’ve also completed Step 2 (a long time ago … and I can’t wait!)

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    I have 3 little girls that would absolutely love this stuff! They get so excited over the littlest things. I personally can’t wait for the book to come out. Thanks for this totally awesome give away!! oh…I completed all the steps. 🙂

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  • I’ve done all of the above! 😉  And can I say what an AMAZING giveaway!  All these are items on my long term wish list!  I REALLY want but there are other things that a necessities first… so winning this would be AWESOME!

  • Bethany Willis

    What a cool giveaway! It’s my first time trying for a ‘give away’ and as my ‘bonus’ comment I’ll say that I love what you’ve done for your family and mine.  Can’t wait to get my copy!!!

  • Elizabeth Garland

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    The kids and I are really looking forward to the day our book arrives. Thank you for your hard work!

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  • Hi, I did as requested above, following the other companies, I already have followed you guys for awhile, I think you’re wonderful.  I do have the book, but I didn’t order it, I requested it as a birthday present. I love this giveaway, awesome.  We are a 1 income house, I stay home to raise my 2 boys, after having a very lucrative career, my passion is my children.  I am just starting this year to get a new venture off the ground in my community, I’m cooking & delivering home cooked meals to busy families, I offer gluten-free, Paleo & Vegan options 🙂  

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    • I’ve attached the image below. It’s right beneath the title and on yours it will be gray with blue writing instead of orange. Hope that helps!

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