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It’s almost Easter… and we’ve done NOTHING to prepare! Thank goodness for the internet, other bloggers being on the ball and Amazon Prime!  I’ve heard from a few of you that you wonder what our plans are. Since I very well couldn’t blog about being completely unprepared (did you know it was Finian’s birthday last week, the same week our book was released?) I appreciate the motivation you gave me to to figure it out and share!

Our family’s tradition is that we host Easter (and Christmas) brunch as well as Thanksgiving dinner. I love that people come here and the boys get to see their family and we get to spend quality time together.  Plus, we control the menu!

But really, there’s something magical about seeing their growth year after year, with the same traditions, the same yards, the same people surrounding them. So, to answer the biggest question people ask, What is your family is doing on Easter? is Spending time together.

Beyond that… here are our plans (remember, we’ve got vegan family members – so I’ve noted what items are egg & honey free below with an *):

[EDITED on 4/4 – we’re now hosting a dinner as well… so, we’re making a few changes!]

Our Brunch Menu

Caramelized Coconut Chips from The Clothes Make the Girl*

Date Walnut Bars from Elana’s Pantry*
we’ll replace the agave with maple syrup and the grapeseed oil with coconut oil – Stacy won’t partake because she’s doing the 21 Day Sugar Detox

Unsweetened Silver Dollar Pancakes
we’ll be making an almond butter version without fruits or sweeteners so that Stacy and her mom (also on the detox) can have some

Deviled Bacony Eggs from Eat Like a Dinosaur
this will be the first year we’re not dying eggs – yes, we could do natural colors… but we eat SO many eggs it seems weird to make a scene out of coloring a few, instead the kids LOVE deviled eggs so our “new tradition” will be them helping us make the homemade Baconnaise and then scooping yolks from hard boiled eggs for this delicious version of a classic

Grated Carrot and Mint Salad with Lemon Vinaigrette by Serious Eats*
Since Stacy’s on the 21DSD, we’ll skip the honey and currants – upgrading the oil to coconut

Mint Lamb Burger Rolls inspired by these Thai Beef Rolls
we’ll blog the recipe if they turn out!

Our Dinner Menu

Black Olive Tapenade from ELaD with English cucumber and baby carrots*

Slow Cooker Kalua Pig by NomNomPaleo from the amazing pastured pig we just got from Mount Vernon Farms
We’re going to put cabbage & onions on the bottom (instead of bacon) and leave the skin on

Our guests have been asked to bring a green salad, deviled eggs and coleslaw. Then we’ll serve dessert…

Coconut Cream Pie (also in ELaD)
Stacy and her mom won’t be participating… but her family loves pie!

I had a HARD time coming up with this menu, so many awesome recipes on my Pinterest boards! Follow me there for more ideas & inspirations!

Special thanks to 52KitchenAdventures for the ideaphoto credit: totally her!

For the Boys’ Baskets

Homemade Marshmallow Peeps!
We’re using Urban Poser’s recipe in these bunny silicone and egg silicone molds (thanks Amazon Prime!) to make our own version

Annie’s Summer Strawberry Organic Fruit Snacks*
We’ll be opening these bags up and putting the bunnies into eggs we hide in the yard – I of course signed up for Subscribe & Save and then immediately cancelled – gaining me extra % off!

Matt’s making Coconut Date Rolls shaped like eggs*

A LOT of coins
We traded in the boys’ piggy bank for dollars this week… we’ll be putting the coins and a few dollar bills (in special colored eggs each boy gets one of) into eggs

I got Cole Marvel, Finian Wild Cats and Wesley Spiderman

Silly Putty
These already come in eggs! And I found a cool variety pack!

I got Peter Rabbit for Wes, Velveteen Rabbit for Finian and Cole’s loving the Bone series so I got him #2

Summer Sandals
This is just a way to package something I already had to buy! I sprung for the clouds and got Wes Batman Crocs. That kid happily shouts Batman, Spiderman and Green Lantern but refuses to even try to say “water”… saying he’s going to FREAK OUT with joy about these shoes is an understatement. Then I got Cole plain black and Finian green Crocs. Matt’s going to the local store this week to buy Jibbitz that will go inside hidden eggs. Plus, Amazon had $10 off $70, so it worked out pretty well to do it online.

Other People Actually Did Stuff

Have you seen The Paleo Mom’s Paleo Cream Eggs (Cadburry replications)?

How about NeoHomesteading’s Nutty-Butter Balls?

And The Urban Poser’s The Best Almond Flour (Biscuit Style) Cinnamon Rolls made the front page of FoodGawker – there’s a dish to impress for brunch!

Last year’s Spunky Holiday Round-Up for Easter by The Spunky Coconut has lots of paleo or easily adaptable goodies!

We also still love our Nona’s Nut Butter Eggs and Coconut Candies, we just won’t be making them this year because Stacy’s on a sugar detox and they’d be too tempting.

Because no blog post is complete without photos, here’s one of our adorbs boys last year!

I hope however you choose to celebrate (or not) this holiday, that you’re enjoying your day and hopefully spending it with family and friends. I know we will!

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  • Angie Hancock

    those Peeps sound great! I’m definitely going to give those a try this year. We’ve got our menu planned at Northwest Cavegirls, too. http://northwestcavegirls.com/2012/03/991/ 

    I just got my copy of Eat like a Dinosaur last week, and have a list of recipes to try. the kids and I read through Cole’s story and really liked it. Review to come on Northwest Cavegirls!

    •  we made marshmallows at Christmas – SOOOOO good!

  • Janell

    I just wanted to let you know that your link for Paleo Mom’s Paleo Cream Eggs goes too the Neo-homesteading Nutty butter balls. 
    But your Easter menu looks fantastic and I hope you all have a wonderful holiday 🙂

    •  Yikes! Matt totally fails at his edit job 😉 Thanks for the heads-up, fixed now!

  • Jennifer

    Thank you so much for this post.  I had one of those moments last night.. “holy toledo, Easter is this weekend, I have to prepare!”  This helped a lot!

  • Cat @ NeoHomesteading.com

    The peeps look intriguing. I’m not patient enough to do something like that! They look super adorable. We are doing Easter at pop pop’s, I’m scared. We have been doing so well and I think we are making a lot of progress. I know my oldest is a little rude and opinionated he told grammy that “Mcdonalds is poison and that …” we’ll just leave it at that. Ten minutes later he’s scarfing candy and turning green so who knows? Wish me luck! ;p

    I hope y’all have a good Easter! I love the summer sandal idea, I buy crocs and sandals every year they always seem to get more expensive. One of these days I’ll have to check the crocs outlet.

    PS thanks for the shout out <3

  • Kristin

    I am eating your Black Olive Tapenade right now as I type this!  Holy moly the possibilities this dip opens up.  I plan on putting this in a grilled mushroom cap maybe topped with a dab of pizza sauce and a slice of pepperoni (both paleo of course:) Oh this is so good.  Love your book!  So far I have only made the Black Olive Tapenade, chocolate milk shake and the pumpkin pucks, but my entire menu plan for April is from your book and I know they will all be amazing.  The meals and snacks I make are all Paleo so the large majority of the food my family eats is Paleo without them even knowing it and guess what no one knows any different.  My entire house is GF because of me and my husband went fully GF 2 months ago, he is the type of guy that doesn’t care what he eats as long as it tastes good so he doesn’t realize I have cut the grains out also since I still make chocolate chip cookies, paleo bread etc.

    Thanks for a great book and great website full of information about all aspects of Paleo.

    •  Sounds awesome! So glad you’re enjoying the book!

  • Dawn

    Since you are on the 21 day sugar detox, Stacy, are you simply going to forgo the sweets despite making them for everyone else?  I’m curious, sorry if it seems like prying.

    •  We’ve become pretty good at making stuff and immediately giving it away!

  • For people who’ve done “nothing to prepare” you have a LOT of awesome plans! Thanks for all the links. Easter snuck up on me, too… And my husband’s birthday to boot. Lots of planning to do… 

    •  Everything seems to sneak up on us these days!

  • Ambere Hartman

    Did the marshmellow come out of silicone molds easily or did you have to coat it with something first? Thanks!

    • You always have to use a powder of some kind to get them to release, cocoa powder, powdered sugar, arrowroot, etc.