Do You Ever Have Moments Where You Look Around And Feel OVERWHELMING GRATITUDE?

Hi friends, here’s a look at our week!

These boys sure know how to make a mama FEEL SPECIAL. Homemade gifts, homemade breakfast- including a mug of broth, in a new mug that says, “good broth will resurrect the dead.” Plus my favorite (not at all paleo) perfume, and these stunning flowers that have lasted all week, reminding me of their love every time I look at them!

Flowers from the boys

Mother's day

Do you ever have moments in life where you look around and just feel OVERWHELMING GRATITUDE? Like when Finn says, “Wesley, I’ll read you your bedtime story! You wanna sit on my lap?” Heart melted.

Finn reading to Wes

Speaking of sappy-gushy-goodness…  I am so incredibly in love with this man, and immensely thankful for his love, respect and partnership. The way he listens to me and supports me is more than I could ask for. Being with someone for over thirteen years doesn’t always come easy, but it is simply wonderful! Okay, gushing over – you may safely read on…

The best hubby

You know we’re not Paleo-perfectionists, right? While celebrating Mother’s Day and Wesley’s birthday lately we have been enjoying eating out, and definitely don’t ignore OUR paleo template when we do! We make the best choices we can, seek out places that serve local food, have dedicated gluten-free fryers, lots of veggies, and ENJOY our time spent together as a family, even if it isn’t at home. Feta and Spinach omelets from Silver Diner (one of our local favorites), and a burger with butter lettuce, caramelized onions, and brie + sweet potato waffle fries from Del Ray.

Silver Diner Gluten Free

Del Ray Burger Sweet Potato Fries

Inspired by nature for this WOD (check out our beautiful flowering bush in the background!) I went with pink for the WODgear sox and From Thick to Thin Apparell tank and pants. I’m working the log, and Cole is warming up for bench. Love working out with this kid!

Lifting log outside

Speaking of pink… medium rare steak on salad for the win! And summertime grilling and smoking season for the mega-win. By the way, our Asian Vinaigrette is so simple to make and goes good on EVERYTHING.

Steak salad

Congrats to Our Friends

Congrats to our friends for making some AMAZING Paleo-friendly products we’ve been loving and totally devouring lately!
Newest paleo products

We’ve loved The Granilla Bar for a while now, but their new products (and our old favorite Dark Chocolate Honey) are amazing (we get them at One Stop Paleo Shop!).

Beaver Bites (not made with Beaver, people, it’s the creator’s last name) are egg white protein-based bars with super clean ingredients. They go great with a beef-protein chocolate shake from MH Naturals (the only meat-based protein drink I’ve thought tasted good!) for breakfast!

And the boys crazy-devoured Wild Zora Bars (especially the Cheesy flavor!). This lamb flavor is nightshade-free but all are meat and veggie jerky-style bites (a great softer texture). Perfect for Paleo-kids and adults! (get a coupon below)

Our other newest find is Paleo Meals to Go – freeze dried food meal in a bag. It’s non-perishable so it travels well, ships well and will be no problem for TSA. The boys each called dibs on the “not oatmeal” breakfast pouches, and we are STOKED about the Beef Stew! Seriously, you just add water, and the ingredients are as good as it gets! (get a coupon below!)

Events & Announcements

Whiffletree Farm Tour with the Paleo Parents
Bring clothes and shoes for tromping around, a picnic lunch if you’d like, and a cooler in case you want to take home any goods from the farm (and trust us, you’ll want to).
—-> RSVP to Whiffletree Farm Tour here!

Paleoful Kickstarter
Let’s all show this great company some love! Help them reach their goal and fund their production run of Paleo baking mixes, like brownies and cookies!

And if you have never funded a Kickstarter before, take a look at how it works. You pledge a dollar amount to support the company and get some goodies in return!

Almond Milk Latte Talk with Stacy
worth reading 

As the mom of three boys, I’m not much of a softie… but this video GOT ME. People always ask how I “do it all,” and the truth is that I have a supportive partner and a great team. But I’ve learned to love the chaos of life with three boys, and get through it JUST LIKE THIS —-> Moms Empower Us. 

I LOVE THIS SO MUCH: “Take a glimpse at the cover of most magazines and you’ll see several headlines promoting tips and tricks that will help you eat less and weigh less. What is this obsession with encouraging woman to be less?” —> 13 Ways Women Can be More, Not Less.

If you know a parent who gives SODA to their child, please (politely) share this with them —> 10 Reasons to Keep Kids Off Soda.

worth eating
With warmer weather, picnics and car trips, we’ve got fruit on the brain!  And even though we love the fresh stuff (especially picking our own) we like to keep some “fun” fruits around too.
Our favorite fruity products
-We’ve always got Bare Freeze Dried Apple Chips – they are crunchy and sweet with no added sugar, and great for just about anytime. If you’re missing “crunch” in your life, this is where it’s at!
Go Go Squeezers are apple sauce in adorable pouches, which are a special treat that the boys go crazy for.
-For sweetening baked goods, making granola bars, or even for eating right out of the box we love having these Fresh Medjool Dates around. Super-satisfy your sweet tooth in a healthier way!
Banana chips cooked in coconut oil are another great way to get fruit (and healthy fats) on the go. The boys don’t care for purse-smushed, brown bananas. You know the ones…
-And the King of Handy, we always have at least one bag of frozen wild berries from Costco for baking or making summertime smoothies (see our whole Costco shopping list —> HERE!)

Your Favorite FRUITY Recipes

Nut-Free, Grain-Free Fruit Cobbler
Nutfree Grainfree Cobbler from PaleoParents
Brussels Sprout, Kale & Peach Salad
elevated brussels sprouts long
Fruit Pizza
Fruit Pizza on Paleo Parents

Mango Snack Balls

Coles Mango Snack Balls on PaleoParents
Sweet Potato Apple Hash
Sweet Potato Apple Hash by PaleoParents
Blueberry Breakfast Cookies
Blueberry Breakfast Cookies at PaleoParents

Weekly Discounts & Coupons

We’re fortunate to partner with some incredible companies that, like us, work towards promoting health, wellness, and fun! Your support of these companies helps support us, and we greatly appreciate that.
Paleo Parents Discounts 5.2 Blog Left
Discounts coupons nl bottom 5.16
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WILD ZORA: additional 10% off (even on sale prices!) with code: paleoparents
PALEO MEALS TO GO: 5% off with code: PaleoParents5
BUBBA’S FINE FOODS: 10% off with code: paleoparents10
THE DIRT: 15% off all orders —> follow link to get the code
DELICIOUS OBSESSIONS: Mention Stacy from Paleo Parents to get a free copy of Delicious Obsession’s coffee ebook with your order!
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