Clean Swap Your Mascara for Your Best Lashes

I apologize in advance for how many selfies of my lashes you’re about to see… just trying to prove a point about clean cosmetics making a difference ♥

You already know I am a mascara junkie, but it took me years to find a mascara I loved fully. The most common topic I get asked about is mascara & lashes. They weren’t always as nice! Using Beautycounter’s Volumizing Mascara this year, in combination with a safe lash primer, has made my lashes longer, fuller and healthier.

The Product & Ingredients

Mascaras often contain ingredients contaminated with known carcinogens (PEG’s, heavy metals and Parabens). Beautycounter’s Volume Mascara uses PLANT DERIVED conditioners to soften the lashes and natural fibers, instead of synthetic fibers often irritating to the eye. These toxic ingredients are the foundation for most products. Creating a safer alternative took Beautycounter years of testing to replace the building blocks in most brands which BC has banned. It took 3 years to launch the first Lengthening Mascara (later became Allure Magazine’s Best Of) and they’ve continued research and development, now including my favorite Volumizing formula.

Remember that tree I hugged? The Chilean Wine Palm produces fibers that helped the Volumizing Mascara. Not only is the product safer, but Beautycounter worked with farmers and provided them with a tool to help them scale this MASSIVE tree, in order to ensure sustainable harvesting!

The tree that make my voluminous lashes and repaired and nourished hair possible!

For just the development of the mascara, 80% of the building blocks (what makes it a mascara) CANNOT be used, but BC creates the product to perform the same with non-toxic, safer ingredients for cleaner cosmetics. For example, here are some of the conventional ingredients you’ll find in most brands, and what BC’s clean swap replaces them with:

Black pigments: Carbon Black –> Iron Oxides
Oils & Emollients: PEGs –> Bataua, Fatty Esters
Texturizers: –> Paraffin Wax –> Acacia gum, Bee/Floral Waxes
Preservatives: Nylon, Rayon –> Cellulose
Fibers: –> Parabens –> Phenoxyethanol

Then BC tests ingredients, products, and batches for safety. BUT, none of this matters if the clean and safer product doesn’t perform – which is why I love Beautycounter’s mascaras – they do both.


The mascaras I use from Beautycounter have made the biggest impact to improve the health of my lashes over time. Not only is the Beautycounter mascara making my lashes look great, but they’re also nourishing my lashes the more I use them! I want to share the 3rd party results from testing on these plant derived mascaras. First of all – they’re shown to INCREASE LASHES BY 385%!


100% said it lasted all day.
96% reported no flaking or smudging.
96% agreed it was easy to remove.


100% agreed mascara lasted all day and was easy to remove.
97% reported seeing instant length and definition.
96% said mascara did not clump.

Tips for the BEST lashes:

No matter the product you use, these lashes take effort. I’ve done several tutorial videos demonstrating my technique live, which you’re welcome to watch HERE.

When you’re ready, here are my tips for your best lashes:

–> 1: Start with clean lashes.
Adding mascara to lashes that are already stiff increases the likelihood for breakage. Just like the hair on your head, you can damage your eyelashes – so treat them gently. Use Soothing Baby Oil and a dry rag to gently remove your make-up quickly and easily without damage.

–> 2: Make sure your skin is clean, dry and lashes powdered when applying mascara.
If you wear Dew Skin, Tint Skin or use any oil-based products on your skin then the mascara will rub off below or above your eyes because of it. After using Baby Soothing Oil to remove old makeup, i personally use Rejuvenating Toner Pads, Rejuvenating Radiance Serum and then apply Dew Skin and Mattify Powder before moving on to my lashes. I use a big powder brush ALL over my face, including my closed lid – which adds a bit of powder to my lashes, helping even more with volume.

–> 3: Use good products, including a lash primer.
I’ve been wearing Tarte Multipleye Lash Enhancing Primer for years. I ONLY recommend Beautycounter’s Lengthening or Volumizing (what I use) mascaras – I switched from Tarte mascara originally because BC has cleaner ingredients but my results over time have been an incredible difference in the health of my lashes long-term!

–> 4: LAYER.
The primer must SET before you apply mascara. After I put on my face powder I apply the primer. Then blush and lips. Then eye shadow and liner, if applicable. When I am all done I apply mascara last. That way it builds on top of the primer, not mixes with it. I apply 2 coats of mascara almost always, allowing them to dry in between while I work the other eye. It takes me a full 5 minutes to finish my lashes – take your time if you want them to be big and bold!

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