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Spaghetti Squash with Meat and Offal Sauce

The other day we acquired some beef liver and lamb kidneys from ye olde pasture farm and didn’t know how to use them. After some discussions and research we decided that the best use would be to grind it…


Garden Update and Goose-Egg Scramble

We've been watching our garden grow. We aren't diligent garden pruners, we have not mastered the art of botany, and we do not have the time or patience to worry about (gasp) weeds! But by golly our garden grows anyway.…


Quick Dinner: Meatball Salad

Stacy needed to go to the mall to buy (more) new clothes the other night, so we all trekked over to Ye Olde Nordstrom around 5 PM. When we were done we were shocked to discover that it was…


Organ Meat Pie

Like Shepard's Pie, this slow roasted ground lamb and beef pie adds a dash of organ meat to the ground-meat-mix, then is layered with shredded carrots and broccoli, topped with mashed cauliflower. Super nutrient-rich dinner with a natural sweetness…


Lemon Dill Salmon Filets

On a recent hot day I was trying to keep my kitchen cool and thought about some lemons and salmon filets I had on hand and decided they'd match pretty well on the grill. Stacy has recently become obsessed…


Polyface Pork Backbone and Homemade Texas BBQ Sauce

Joel and Sherri advertise the Pork Backbone on their site (Polyface) as better than spareribs, so we thought as a reasonably priced cut of meat it was worth trying. And oh boy, was it! Matt uses a BBQ book…


Matt's 50/50 Bacon Burgers or Birds Nest Burgers

The inspiration for this takes a little explanation. Back in the day I used to read Aaron Cameron's music reviews and recently was really happy to find his blog. Now I like Aaron because he's funny and he's a…


Coconut Cream Curry Sauce and Thai Meat Sticks

Matt made these for dinner. I think it should be weekly. I think you should make it too. Yum! Holy cow I love the results coming out of our kitchen now that he's had cooking lessons at Thai Basil with…


Spunky Holiday: Nona's Chocolate Easter Eggs

My grandmother was known for her food. Before it was cool, she was a foodie. Having lavish parties and making all the food by scratch was something she remembered fondly and would always tell stories about to…


The Coconut Cream Pie Disaster

Ever have something so profoundly tragic happen that you cannot help but scream and cry and bang your steering wheel? Well, apparently, what happened yesterday qualifies for me: I spilled a not-yet-set coconut cream pie in my car.…


How I always have applesauce around

I've been a fan of applesauce for as long as I can remember and my kids inherited this love from me. Unfortunately, it's often difficult to find natural applesauce without added sugar or worse. Did you know that Mott's…


German Chocolate Cake Balls

Someone at work was eating a Starbuck's Cake Pop. I didn't want to eat that glutenous and insulin spiking disaster of a treat, but boy oh boy did I want to make my own version at home. …