A quickie from New England

We’re on vacation, enjoying Matt’s family lakehouse in relaxing western Massachusetts.  It rained most of today, but while it let-up for a little while I took a walk, with some sprints thrown in, to a nearby pony farm and then did some flexibility work on the dock. I have been super stressed lately, and exercise serotonin is a wonderful replacement for the emotional eating I used to resort to.

I asked Matt to take a few photos because I was having a moment of handling emotions in a way I always wanted to remember.  Sweating, stretching and feeling powerful on the lake was awesome.  Until Matt kicked my phone into the water (thanks for the new iPhone, honey).

Long story short, I started going through photos on his phone once we realized mine had been lost.

I found this photo, looks like it was 2009. It’s me, but I don’t even know who that was.  It’s not just the body; Paleo has put me in control and made me a better, different person.

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  • Anonymous

    I love doing physical meditating by the water too.  In particular, yoga or tai chi.  No matter how stressed out or nervewracked I am, there’s nothing that will get me grounded quicker than just breathing and focusing on my movements by the water.

    Of course, an iPhone 5 works wonders too!  😉

    • I’ve gotten REALLY into yoga. I do a full hour of yoga and weight lifting at the gym.  I’ll throw in a few hundred meters of rowing and I feel great.  I never want to run on a treadmill or use an eliptical again!

  • Shirley @ gfe

    Totally awesome, Stacey! You look so good and you’re so right it’s about the person you’ve become more than what you looked like then or now. Thanks for sharing and this will be a great post to go to when you’re feeling stressed to remind yourself what really works. BTW, Chery (Gluten-Free Goodness) and Valerie (City Life Eats) are co-hosting a self care event this month. This week’s focus was on movement. You should link up this post over at Valerie’s. I’ll be sharing a post later for the event on another topic. 😉


    • Thanks, Shirley!  I tweeted the ladies a link but didn’t do a full submission, when I read the post it seemed like I needed to do a write-up for it.  Good luck with your co-hosting – I’m still holding out for a meet-up!

  • Mijoy17

    I dont know what’s more awesome, the fact that you look GREAT or the fact that Matt kicked your phone in the river, forcing you to GET YOUR MIND OFF WORK!

    • It totally did make me not work the rest of the day on Friday 🙂  And I gave up on FB and Twitter too (for the day)!

  • I wish my husband would kick my phone into the lake… but then again every time I replace one phone I hate it gets replaced with something I hate more. 

    You look intensely powerful and peaceful. I think working out is part of the reason I’m not hungry as much. When I skip I feel the urge to eat for no reason. I really REALLY hate getting around to doing it, I avoid it like the plague. Once I get on my bike I say I will do 5 miles, but sure enough half way through I feel good enough to do twice as much. 

    • Both of us really feel best when we work out regularly. It’s hard, though, to find the time with all the stuff we have going on. Hopefully, this week will be the week we carve it out for ourselves!