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Our Garden: Week 6

I have a confession: we seriously neglected some of our seedlings. Like, left-them-on-the-edge-of-the-deck- and-let-the-birds-eat-all-the-seeds-out-of-the-dry-pots-forgot. So... what's a family to do? Buy some cheap seedlings!…


Our Garden: Week 5

This week I finally planted my modest herb garden. But first a short discussion of whether it matters if I buy organic seedlings...…


Our Garden: Week 3

On Week 2 Matt tilled the ground (of both garden areas), laid down the organic manure and then tilled again so that the soil was nice and ready for our sprouting seeds on Week 3. I found lots…


Our Garden, Week 1

We went and got our seeds and starters this weekend! We had snow last week, so we've still got a few weeks before the last frost. But, our approach is "phased" over a few weeks... …


Review: Cholesterol Clarity and Primal Cravings

Since we began Paleo Parents, we’ve been increasingly and routinely asked to review books and products by people in and adjacent to the paleo community. At this point, we get so many we are unable to actually do the…


Spring Giveaway

Here in Virginia, we are in the midst of Spring indecisive weather. Yesterday, it was raining. The day before, it was 80 degrees and sunny. The day before that, it was fifty degrees, but also raining. And the day…