Our Garden: Week 6

I have a confession: we seriously neglected some of our seedlings.  Like, left-them-on-the-edge-of-the-deck- and-let-the-birds-eat-all-the-seeds-out-of-the-dry-pots-forgot. So… what’s a family to do?  Buy some cheap seedlings!

These biodegradeable pots are so easy!

No, they’re not organic (organic seedlings are incredibly expensive).  But, they’ll grow in our organic compost and it’s better than buying the franken-foods in the store shipped from who knows where.  So, we’re super excited about the cantaloupe, watermelon, zucchini, yellow squash, tomatoes and peppers that joined our brussel sprouts, cauliflower, beets, carrots, onions and kale already growing!  Just need to try to find butternut squash and fennel now…

Our kale is so cute!

If you had 3 boys, I would not need to explain to you why at least one of them is inevitably partially naked in the yard once warm weather hits.

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  • Fitdaffy

    STILL jealous of all the goodies you guys are growing in your yard! As for partially naked boys running around the house… my son’s first complete sentence to me was this morning (as I was chasing him around the house trying to put a shirt and pants on him): “NO WAY!!!”. I’m glad it’s not just my son hitting the Terrible Two’s! 😀

    •  When are we going to multiple the chubster?

      • Fitdaffy

         Dude!  Have you been talking to my parents???  LOL!

  • Your yard looks like so much fun! There’s so much room to get dirty out there!

    •  Thank you!  We bought our home 2 years ago as a foreclosure and it was the singular best decision of our lives (well, top 5 maybe… kids and all).  It’s an L shape, so it’s almost like having 2 yards – the boys play out there for hours everyday once the weather is warm.  Kids should always have dirt under their fingernails 🙂