2012 21 Day Detox Week 3

I like the visual of saying, my 2012 21 day detox is over on 1-21-12!

It was a good experience; I lost weight, I feel great and most importantly I’m not craving sugar anymore. My palate successfully changed; butternut squash and 99% chocolate tastes sweet! All in all, I’m unequivocally glad I did it. I needed to remember what willpower felt like. I never ever eat HFCS or gluten, but I’d gotten pretty lax in how often I was “treating” and “cheating” myself over the holidays. Seriously, I wish I could unlearn that ZPizza has gluten-free pizza – because nothing about that is even remotely healthy!

But in all sincerity, right now, none of that matters. Because today I will eat quality catered primal food (shh don’t tell the paleo police) and paleo(ish) treats to celebrate my 10 year anniversary with my fantastically handsome, talented, witty, kind, funny and adoring husband who I haven’t been able to shake off my leg for the last decade. Not that I’d want him to go anywhere for even one day… because then who would make all this insanely delicious food?

Tonight, I’m going to party in a dress I never thought would fit my body, feeling and looking better than I have since high school. I’m going to dance with the three cutest, blondest, most adorable mama’s boys I know. And I’m going to celebrate the last few spectacular years of our life as partners, best friends and lovers with a man who I am more attracted to than the day I met him. As I draft this post, I can’t remember a time I’ve been more excited.

Happy anniversary, honey. I think we’ve proven how serious our commitment has been over these 10 years filled with memories that make us laugh and cry. If this is what our lives look like 10 years later, I can’t wait to see what 20, 30, 40 and 50 years of loving you will bring.

Yada, yada, sappy, schmoopey, blah, blah. I tell you this because you need to appreciate the people you love, too. A spouse or not, the family and close friends that surround you make life worth living. There’s a reason people go insane when they spend too much time in solitary confinement. And since we’ve mentioned before that social interaction and community is important, I’ll tell you more about this giant celebration of just such a thing next week in a series on the par-tay itself so that I can get on with the focus of what this post is supposed to be about…

Here’s what I ate this final week of the 21 day detox!

Day 15

Day 16

Day 17

Day 18

Day 19

Day 20

Day 21: Leftovers from the Meat-Up, coffee and a smorgasbord of catered food for our party in the late afternoon. I ended a few hours early… but I kept my commitment to myself – I stayed clean and it’s made the anticipation of the celebration that much more enticing!

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  • Great, now I’m craving carrots and lamb.

    • Do it! It was really a great stew and it’s not too hard to make, really.

  • Anonymous

    What a beautiful post, Stacy! I’m so thrilled for you and all your success, for the 21 days, this year, etc. Happy Anniversary to you both! Enjoy all to the fullest! 🙂


  • Happy anniversary, I am sure you guys will have a beautiful day and a wonderful happy marriage going into the next 10 years 🙂

  • Good job.  I am so glad I found your blog recently.  I am on day 17 of the 21 Day Sugar Detox and am doing so well.  I am fortunate enough to have read it on your blog.  It really got me back on track to being primal/paleo in a real way!  I just did level one but am thinking next month I may try level two.  I really want to continue feeling better and have the extra motivation of my daughters wedding.  I hope your party is the best. Congratulations.

    • Thanks for your well wishes! Congrats on your excellent progress on your sugar detox! We wish you great success!

  • Congratulations on 10 years! So exciting that 10 years later, you are even more in love than you were at the beginning!  Happy Anniversary!