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A few weeks ago I stumbled across Amazon’s Subscribe and Save program; I had been looking into a post Joyful Abode made about Mom items through the program and realized there was a wealth of opportunity for more than diapers and wipes.

I will admit it took me a few days to get my order together, price compare and commit to buying bulk up-front on a program I’d never heard any of my friends use.  But once I got it all together and did some store price comparisons, I was gung-ho on the Subscribe & Save bandwagon!

I found that a few items weren’t actually cheaper through the program (Quinoa, for example).  When doing your own comparisons, make sure to use the extra 15% off price – it makes a huge difference.

I ordered a bunch of items [post edited – see my new Amazon post for updated links].

I also ordered Almond flour and a few other items in their Grocery section.  Not all items are eligible for the S&S program, but they were at a deep discount without the extra 15% so I ordered them as well (free shipping, too).

For us, most of these items are at least 50% off.  Gluten-free, diary-free and other Paleo items are marked up and hard to find (read: Whole Foods).  Some items available at Costco or Trader Joe’s are a lower discount, but even if it’s only an extra 10% off, Matt avoiding grocery shopping every week with 3 boys is an accomplishment.  They simply arrive to your home, it’s like magic!

With free shipping and most items arriving in 2 days, it was FABULOUS.  Some items I ordered quantity 2 for one month and some I ordered only once every 6 months, you can really custom order everything to suit your family’s needs.

The best part for me is, there’s NO COMMITMENT.  You can order through S&S, and then go to “Manage S&S” on your “Account” and then “Cancel.”  Or you can delay a shipment.  Or you can request it early.  No complications.  That’s it.  You just saved 15% without any further commitment.  So if you’re unsure if you really want something regularly, or how regularly, you need not worry!  Not to mention, there’s no looking up sales, clipping coupons or stressing about dragging your family to the store.

If you figure out a way to group items into one shipment, let me know.  Ordering each subscription separately was definitely the most cumbersome part of the process – but well worth the effort!

If you find any great deals I should check-out, tell me! I hope you enjoy, I know we are…

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