TVP Podcast, Episode 291: Sourcing Groceries: Buying Locally or Online?

Ep. 291: Sourcing Groceries: Buying Locally or Online?

In this episode, Stacy and Sarah are buying their groceries. But where do they go? What do they buy? Find out here!

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The Paleo View (TPV), Episode 291: Sourcing Groceries: Buying Locally or Online?

  • Intro (0:00)
  • News and Views (0:40)
    • Sarah gets to chaperone a sleep over field trip this week!
      • Stacy thinks it doesn’t sound like something she’d like, haha!
      • Sarah’s daughter has been looking forward to it and counting down the days.
      • Sarah has chaperoned before and enjoyed it, though she knows she’ll be exhausted.
    • Stacy and family are prepping for their cruise in a couple weeks.
      • It was the boys’ Christmas gift.
    • Stacy often gets asked about which food items she buys online and which she buys locally.
      • It’s an individualized thing depending on where you live and what you buy.
  • Produce and Pantry: Buy Locally or Online? (6:15)
    • There are a lot of international markets local to Stacy.
      • This is great for those more focused on budget than quality (organic).
      • They buy sweet potato noodles for Japchae here!
      • Produce is 1/3 of the price they normally see.
    • Trader Joe’s and Costco are Stacy’s other recommended places to shop.
      • They are more limited in what they have and when they have it.
      • Costco doesn’t always have the same products because they rotate them out.
      • Trader Joe’s sources some things locally, and usually has an organic option.
      • Stacy feels fortunate to have these stores available to her.
    • Sarah loves her local farmer’s market!
      • It is very inexpensive, fresh, organically grown, and local.
        • Sarah starts her shopping here and then rounds things out at other stores.
        • Sarah loves the relationships she has formed with her local farmers.
          • They do special things for her (and all their customers!) which she appreciates.
    • Sarah also shops at Trader Joes, Whole Foods, Sprouts, and Kroger.
      • She starts at the more inexpensive places and works up.
      • Sometimes it depends on what she needs or which store is closer to her at the time.
      • In the winter when her farmer’s market is closed, she shops more heavily at grocery stores.
      • Sarah visits Costco once every 6 weeks and stocks up because it is a farther drive.
    • Costco is great for nuts, dried fruit, frozen foods, and pantry items.
      • They are on a mission to make their store 50% or more natural or organic.
      • The protein options have improved a lot.
      • Sarah loves the toilet paper at Costco- it’s “perfect.”
    • Stacy doesn’t use any fresh food delivery system.
      • Stacy is a control freak and wants to pick out her own food!
      • If its a time or money-saver for you and you love it, that’s great.
    • Sarah’s kids are eating a lot as they grow, so they try to use foods that stretch a meal.
      • Cabbage and sweet potato are great for this!
      • Sarah tends towards more inexpensive meats like ground beef and pork shoulder.
      • Sarah’s family doesn’t eat all organic or pasture-raised meats all the time.
    • Sarah likes Thrive Market, Amazon Subscribe and Save, and One Stop Paleo Shop.
      • Stacy also uses Amazon and One Stop Paleo Shop, especially when they offer a coupon!
  • Protein: Buy Locally or Online? (6:15)
    • Stacy feels very strongly about buying meat locally.
      • They live in a “farm state” with lots of options locally.
      • It doesn’t make sense for her to order meat online because of the cost on the earth to ship it.
      • They save money on protein by buying 1/4 or 1/2 animals at a time.
        • It isn’t as convenient or quick, and takes more forethought.
        • Stacy and Matt talk a lot about this in Beyond Bacon.
      • She also subscribes to local farmer’s newsletters to learn about sales and discounts.
      • Stacy values eating “the whole animal,” even if it means learning to use uncommon cuts.
        • These are usually the more inexpensive cuts as well.
      • Stacy has a local butcher shop (Organic Butcher of McClean) she loves.
        • She can get things like broth bones and eggs year round.
        • They know who she is when she walks in the door and what things she likes to buy.
        • They have great recommendations for the best, freshest things they have that day.
        • Shopping small and local lets you have great relationships with your farmer.
      • Stacy doesn’t prefer to have things that need to be refrigerated or frozen delivered.
        • Capello’s is a great example: they used to order it online, but Stacy has talked a couple local shops into carrying them, which was Capello’s goal in the first place.
    • Sarah has a bit of a counter-perspective on sourcing protein.
      • Sarah gets a lot of their meat at the farmer’s market in the summer when it’s open.
        • In the winter she’s buys meat from both local stores and Butcher Box.
      • There is an ideal: everything local, organic, in season.
        • Then there is the compromise we have to make things actually work in our lives.
        • We don’t all have local farms close by where we can get quality food.
      • It is worthwhile to search for what is available locally, which might take a bit of research.
        • If it isn’t available, don’t feel guilty for ordering good quality meat online.
    • Where you live will have a lot of influence over what you can find locally.
      • There are so many factors that affect what we buy and what our food budget is.
      • Eating locally is worth the effort into figuring out how to fit it into your life.
        • If it isn’t possible, there are many other great options!
    • Stacy would love feedback from anyone testing the Amazon/Whole Foods delivery options.
    • Shout out to Matt for turning a conversation into a podcast!
    • If you’ve enjoyed the show, please recommend it to someone who might enjoy it.

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