Clean Beauty Expirations: What to Use by When & Why

If you’ve switched to safer personal care, you’re probably aware that the brands intentionally use less preservatives. And, most of us have been using less makeup over the last 2 years – leading us to ask: what should we toss when? While I’m not a doctor and don’t want to nor can I give medical advice, I have done a ton of research I’m happy to share. So if you’re wondering what to use by when and why, here’s the details on your products’ clean beauty expirations.

It’s hard to know if an item has “gone bad” to look at. Some clues: change in smell or color.  Even then, you won’t be able to see bacteria. I personally use Beautycounter’s Subscribe & Stack Savings program to have replacement items replenished at the time I know I need for additional savings (that are able to be stacked with their perks program, too).

All clean beauty expirations noted are from when first opened:

3 MONTHS: liquid eyeliner & mascara
Risk: bacteria causing eye infections, such as a sty

6 MONTHS: liquids and creams without an air-tight seal, such as cream makeup, concealer, gloss, cream makeup, and skincare in open pots
Risk: bacteria causing breakouts, irritation, streaky, oxidized, uneven application

12 MONTHS: liquids and creams with an air lock and mineral-based spf
Risk: check for expiration date, bacteria risk, reduced efficacy

2 YEARS: powders and pencils
Risk: with less water content, bacteria is less of a risk

TOP TIP: make sure your hands and brushes are clean before use to reduce chances of bacteria growth.

Here’s how I clean mine quickly & easily:
Tutorial video here,
I wash with this, and
I use this silicone mat.

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