Meal Plans and Shopping Lists from Real Life Paleo

While in the process of writing Real Life Paleo, we realized that after going through our three phase plan for transition, people would probably want an example of what eating from each of the phases would look like. Stacy, to accommodate those desires, wrote meal plans for each of the three phases with recipes from the book. We also compiled shopping lists for each plan to make implementing those plans easier. We hope that they will make it easier for people to make paleo happen in their lives.

Unfortunately, we jammed Real Life Paleo so full, that we couldn’t fit all the pages we wanted in the book! The shopping lists ended up cut out of the final book because the pages literally couldn’t be bound. But, since it was a late cut, we do have what those pages would have looked like for you.

We thought that people might like to download and print out both these plans and shopping lists. So to aid you in this endeavor, here are PDFs of all three plans with their shopping lists!

Phase One Meal Plan
Phase One Shopping List

Phase Two Meal Plan
Phase Two Shopping List

Phase Three Meal Plan
Phase Three Shopping List


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