TPV Podcast, Episode 164, Joshua Weissman

Ep. 164, Joshua Weissman 

On this episode of The Paleo View, Stacy and Sarah are joined by Joshua Weissman to discuss a post that inspired Sarah and Stacy to revisit a topic that is near and dear to their hearts – loving your body and overcoming body dysmorphia and orthorexia.

The Paleo View TPV 164 Josh Weissman

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The Paleo View (TPV), Episode 164, Joshua Weissman

  • Intro (0:00)
  • News and Views (0:56)
    • Sarah listened to the show for a first time in a long time
    • Why Stacy and Sarah don’t routinely listen to their show
    • Matt, feel free to interject bits and pieces into the show as you would like
    • Welcome Josh from Slim Palate
    • How and when Matt and Stacy first met Josh, and discovering his cookbook
    • Josh was a part of the Take Back Your Health Conference this year, and is actually in a movie that was screened at the event over the weekend, Revolution: Food movie
    • Made for perfect timing for him to make an appearance on The Paleo View while he is in town
    • Inspired by a recent post that Josh shared, Stacy thought it would be great to have him on the show to share more
    • What happens when Stacy records with show guests in person
    • Cole and Josh’s love for the ‘oh burn’ moments
    • Cole interacting with people at the event and the feedback he shared with some of these movement leaders
    • The people who are in the movie and why the information they shared was so inspiring and why the concepts were so unique and new
    • The cinematography in the film is stunning, and the video will be available online in November —> don’t miss it here
  • More on the Post (16:30)
    • Losing so much weight so young and how that impacted Josh going through that process in a public setting
    • How weight-loss impacted Stacy over the years
    • Josh’s original story
      • Lost over 100 pounds at age 16 and that was also when he started his blog
      • Stacy helped promote Josh’s story because she was so moved by it
      • He published his book at 16 as well
      • Josh has OCD and got easily obsessed with body image the further he got into his journey
      • Body dysmorphia amongst teens, and especially with guys and how they deal with it
      • The anxiety it gave Josh to compare himself to the men’s health magazines
      • Losing too much weight and when Josh first saw himself on film
      • How body dysmorphia messes with your head
      • Reaching out to lifting coaches for guidance on food intake
      • The fear of gaining weight and the mental challenge of needing to shift his dysmorphic mentality towards changing his habits
      • Refusing sugar for so long, despite not having a condition the required that sort of restriction
      • The trouble with the all or nothing mentality
      • The program Josh did during his weight-gaining process
      • How Josh now feels about his body and how he physically feels after putting on 70 pounds
      • Truly comfortable in his own skin now
      • His various emotions though the gain, and now he feels like he is just as he is supposed to be
      • Feeling mentally sharper and having better, consistent energy
      • Should vs. want
      • Loving our body and where it is at today
      • Josh’s inspiration from Elliott Hulse
      • Building up off of something that is already good and making it stronger
      • The common issue with people transitioning one eating disorder to the next
      • The issue with orthorexia in the paleo community
      • The promise Josh made to himself to stay grounded in real food when working on his weight-gain
      • What Josh’s suggestions are for those who are dealing with body dysmorphia and/or orthorexia
      • Stacy’s post on disordered eating
      • Stacy’s mindset around the “good foods” and the “bad foods” and how this thinking can backfire on her overall habits and goals
      • Being too harsh on yourself leads to anxiety
      • Knowing what choices you want to make for yourself on a daily basis
  • Strategies & Resources (54:43)
    • Josh reminds himself that he is nourishing his body to grow to avoid the anxiety that use to come with eating carbs and/or sugars
    • Mentally acknowledging yourself and giving yourself props when you are making progress
    • The power of positive self talk
    • Stacy’s way of finding rechargers for her system that have nothing to do with food
    • Stacy also has always identified an accountably partner when she is working through a specific health challenge
    • Identifying the snowball foods
    • Sarah’s top strategy is sleep
    • Sarah also thinks about how she looks through her husband’s eyes
    • Making time for quality grown up time with your significant other is also important
    • How the lifestyle stuff impacts Sarah’s relationship with food
  • Thank you to Josh for coming on this weeks show!
  • Be sure to visit Josh on his site Slim Palate and to checkout his cookbook as well
  • Also look into Revolution: Food movie
  • Thanks again – we will be back next week!
  • Outro (1:11:33)

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