TPV Podcast, Episode 102: Teenagers

Ep. 102: Teenagers

On this episode of The Paleo View, Stacy and Sarah are joined by Leslie Klenke to chat about establishing healthy habits with teenagers and to address teenage related questions from the listeners.

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The Paleo View (TPV), Episode 102: Teenagers

  • Intro (0:00)
  • News and Views (1:03)
    • Stacy shared more on competing in the Commonwealth Games
      • Lifting cars
      • New location and gear
      • The events
      • Hopes for her next competition in August
      • Annual farm tour
      • Crossfit games
      • For more details on Stacy’s weekend, check out Strongwoman Radio podcast (should be up in iTunes when this episode airs – check it out!) 
    • Sarah recently worked on one rep maxes again and saw amazing PRs
      • Being a loud lifter
      • Working on jump rope skills
  • Science with Sarah (25:26)
    • How diet can affect the challenges that puberty bring
      • Few studies have been done to study the link between diet factors and hormonal changes
      • Link between puberty and insulin resistance
      • Insulin sensitivity begins to rise again at sixteen
      • The dramatic increase in growth hormones may be the starting point for all these changes
      • If you are overweight or underweight you may experience the impact of insulin resistance to a greater extent; but regardless of weight all teenagers experience these insulin shifts to some extent
      • Sarah covered insulin resistance and the impact it has on health
      • The paleo diet helps with insulin regulation and it would be interesting to see if/how it impacts teenagers due to their hormonal shifts
  • Questions and Answers (33:41)
    • Welcome this week’s guest, Leslie Klenke, author of the recently released Paleo Girl
      • Be sure to check her out on Instagram
      • She has become the teenage expert in the community
      • Find Paleo Parents team member Sam’s review of Leslie’s book here
      • More on Leslie:
        • Was a yoyo dieter for most of her life
        • Used her teenage years as inspiration for the book
        • The book covers the pillars of the paleo diet, but also the importance of sun, sleep and play, puberty, motivation, eating disorders, peer pressure and success stories
    • Arlene (40:17) – how to help teenagers when eating out? 
      • Bring a snack to share with everyone
      • Implement the 80/20 rule
      • If they are worried about feeling crummy from their 20, encourage them to be careful about overeating indulgences or adjust the dish by limiting the exposure to the offender
      • Stacy talked about the importance of healing your gut
      • Stacy also talked about how the same tactics that work with younger kids, choice empowerment, can be used with older children
      • Sarah shared on her kid’s food sensitivities and the reality of intolerances
      • Leslie shared on the importance of developing healthy eating habits and educating your children
    • Beth (50:33) – how many eggs are too many eggs?
      • Yes it is important to get a variety of nutrients into your diet, but don’t worry about kids eating eggs every day
      • Keep trying different things and keep bad food choices out of the house
      • Stacy shared more on protein aversions
      • Talk with your children and figure out what they like, bring them into the kitchen to help with the cooking process so they can discover what they like while being involved with the process
    • Rena (56:30) – Need snack and meal ideas for picky eaters
      • Stacy finds that her children are most satiated from quality fat
      • Leslie suggests veggies with dip, vegetables mixed into a smoothie or hidden in recipes
      • Sarah shared on her lunch packing process
      • Sarah shared additional suggestions on products and recipes
        • Check out TPV episode 1, 8, 12
      • Stacy shared her and Matt’s tips on keeping food cold
      • Stacy also shared on the importance of thinking outside the box because your child’s preferences are unique – create a positive space where your children can discover what they like eating and feel empowered to make their own choices that support their health
      • Stacy recommended Inka Crops Plantain Chips and One Stop Paleo Shop
      • For afternoon snack Sarah has her girls finish what was packed for lunch and then have them pick something else to round it out if they are still hungry
      • Leslie encourages some research online to find paleo-ized products
      • Stacy also shared on how perfect smoothies can be
  • Leslie’s takeaways on how to get teenagers on board with a paleo lifestyle in a healthy and positive way:
    • Beyond nutrition and fitness, it is important to help your kids feel happy with who they are and to practice self-love
    • Establish open communication with your children
    • Help kids identify why they want to eat a certain way
  • Check out Leslie’s site with all of her social media links and don’t forget to check out Paleo Girl
  • Outro (1:19:06)

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