TPV Podcast, Episode 266: Getting Back on Track

Ep. 266: Getting Back on Track


In this episode, discuss reasons what to do if you know you should be following a specific diet but can’t seem to get back on board with it.

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The Paleo View (TPV), Episode 266: Getting Back on Track

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  • Stephanie asks: “Hi ladies. Long-ish time listener, and I absolutely  love you both, especially your real-life-ness and authenticity. My question is along those lines. A few years ago, I was convinced of the health benefits and followed a paleo template diet with ease; I felt wonderful and was at my best.  But now – I’ve fallen off track. I still know in my head that I should eat a paleo/real food only diet with earnest commitment… but I’m struggling with consistency, and a bit of “what-is-the-bleeping-point” because I’m already 30-40ish pounds overweight and none of my clothes fit anymore anyway. I guess my question is – how do you start and re-start yourselves when life gets in the way?  How do I not get down on myself for re-gaining weight, and just move forward?
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