TPV Podcast, Episode 343: Nutritional Therapy Association Conference Check-In Show

the paleo view podcast episode 343 nta check in show

In this week’s episode, Sarah shares her experience at the 2019 NTA conference! You’ll learn about her keynote presentation on the gut microbiome, the amazing panel she participated in and their discussion on AIP clinical trials, and Sarah announces her special Autoimmune Procotol issue of the Paleo Magazine!

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The Paleo View (TPV), Episode 343: Nutritional Therapy Association Conference Check-In Show

    • (0:00) Intro

      • Stacy is wet (because she just did water aerobics) and Sarah can’t stop laughing. Stacy just lathered herself in Vitamin C cream (hopefully to combat the effects of pool water chlorine) and she’s wondering if that’s actually effective.
        • Sarah isn’t sure! And she’s more than happy to admit that she doesn’t know the answer!
        • Stacy is making a list of topics like this for future podcast episodes
    • (4:57) Sarah dishes on her keynote (and more!) at the NTA Conference

      • This is Sarah’s third presentation at an NTA (Nutritional Therapy Association) conference, but this was by far the biggest audience with 800 or so attendees
      • These conferences are for NTPs (Nutritional Therapy Practitioners) and NTCs (Nutritional Therapy Consultants) who have graduated from the NTA program and have a solid foundation in nutrition and health.
      • Sarah’s keynote was on the gut microbiome and she had a blast sharing it with practitioners because she totally got to nerd out!
      • When Sarah references a year, take it with a grain of salt because she’s not great with time
      • One thing that stood out this year was the number of exhibitors. Sarah loves seeing her favorite brands, but also discovering new brands and meeting their owners so she can bring you more awesome products that will benefit you!
      • Stacy often gets asked if she recommends attending wellness conferences like this. She says there are a couple of things to consider:
        • Is it the right conference for you? For example, if you’re not an NTP, NTC, or health practitioner, there might be a better fit for you than the NTA conference
        • What do you want to get out of the conference experience? Education? Business connections?
      • Unfortunately, Sarah’s NTA keynote will not be available online, however, she will do a similar presentation at this year’s PaleoFX!
    • (23:27) The NTA Panel on Sunday

      • This panel was moderated by Mickey Trescott (on the podcast two weeks ago) and featured Angie Alt, Dr. Rob Abbott, Dr. Gauree Konijeti, and Sarah.
        • These two clinicians have really led the research on using the Autoimmune Protocols to treat Autoimmune disease.
      • The panel discussed scientific evidence, how we approach therapies that are supported by science vs disproven by science.
      • Sarah enjoyed talking about the need to stay rooted in scientific evidence in order to effectively educate people. When we start to let pseudo-science creep in, we undermine the validity of the much more important messaging we’re doing.
      • However, it’s important to acknowledge that we don’t know everything and there are a lot of unanswered questions. When we’re faced with evidence that disproves theories, we need to be open to that evidence.
      • We need to be cautious of our tribalism and not dismissing things because they don’t agree with our beliefs.
      • 8 people told Sarah it was the best NTA panel they’d ever seen!
      • Sarah wants to give a shout out to Mickey and Angie for a very well thought out panel!
        • There were great discussions about how functional medicine and nutritional therapy interface.
    • (36:05) Check out Sarah’s special issue of Paleo Magazine, The Autoimmune Protocol Guide!

      • The only way to get this special issue is to buy it in stores like Whole Foods, Barnes & Nobles, or other local health food stores (this issue is not included as part of your Paleo Mag subscription).
      • Here the magazine-finder Sarah mentioned:
      • This issue includes everything you need to know to get started on the Autoimmune Protocol in one place!
      • Only available while supplies last so don’t wait to get your copy!
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the paleo view podcast episode 343 nta check in show

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