TPV Podcast, Episode 232: When Do I Start When Life Won’t Stop?!

Ep. 232: When Do I Start When Life Won’t Stop?!

The Paleo View TPV 232 When do I start

In this episode, Stacy and Sarah talk about how to handle starting a new way of eating when all you see are reasons it will be hard for you.

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The Paleo View (TPV), Episode 232: When Do I Start When Life Won’t Stop?!

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  • News and Views (0:40)
    • Stacy is back from her California vacation! Thank you to everyone for their suggestions!
    • If you want to follow our trips and events, Instagram is still the best place!
    • We especially recommend:
    • Our children did not believe that Southern California has droughts because it POURED while we were there.
    • Now, we’re totally exhausted, but recovering!
    • Sarah recommends just jumping into the routine for jet lag
    • We’ve been doing vitamin C, broth, and Vital Proteins Liver Pills
    • And of course, the first time we check a bag, they lost it. But don’t worry, we got it now.
    • And Sarah is finishing off her book. Still! Soon Paleo Principles will be done!
    • Sarah is very excited about her CrossFit Grace time recently. She’s just been not pushing herself because of the other stresses in her life.
    • When do most people start their diets? Tomorrow.
    • People get overwhelmed by the task of change and don’t jump in. But if they realized that there’s just a learning curve, they’d be more willing.
    • It takes time to readapt your strategies for situations like quick dinners, ready snacks, breakfasts, etc.
    • Once you get over the hurdle and start to see results, it will begin to feel easier!
  • Question from Suzie: “I am wanting to begin the AIP diet and do the 90 day elimination and take the diet seriously. The dilemma is that we are going to FIJI in March and also have a wedding celebration to attend in April. To add to this, we are thinking of trying to conceive again in June, July so that there will be around a 2.5 year gap between our children (also, we know that it can take a while to conceive/ carry the baby to full term). I am wanting your advice on when I should start the 90 day elimination with all of this in mind? Should I just do the more mellow diet approach that my naturopath has suggested if I am finding the other diet she suggested too hard until after the wedding in April? Will this give me enough time to do the AIP properly before trying to conceive. Can you do the elimination and reintroduction components of AIP while pregnant? I love listening to your podcast all the way from Australia! I would love to get an answer.  Thank you!!!” (28:20)
    • We do have a question on AIP when pregnant for episode 31
    • Have you gone Paleo yet? It’s much more daunting to go from McD’s to AIP than McD’s to paleo!
    • Just jump into the diet your health professional recommends. Work on setting it up from now until April so you can deal with the situations that arrive.
    • It’s better to not have that stress over your head.
    • #SelfRespectisthenewSelfLove
    • Work on all the techniques that will set you up for success.
    • Only you can do it. Work hard for yourself!
    • Pregnancy often causes autoimmune to either flare or go dormant because of immune system changes when a fetus is present.
    • After pregnancy, the opposite usually happens.
    • If you flare during pregnancy, use the AIP to stay healthy, but if you go into remission, take advantage of it!
    • We absolutely love that you want to go strict for 90 days! But don’t worry about your upcoming events. They will help you learn!
    • Delaying is all in your head. There’s no hard and fast rule of 90 days for AIP. We recommend waiting until you see improvements in your health before reintroductions so you will know what causes issues for you!
    • Use the wedding as a challenge for yourself. There are many ways to take it. It could be a holiday from AIP, or an attempt to reintroduce, or as a way to learn to meet a challenge.
    • This is similar to “I can’t give up X so I won’t go paleo”. If that’s the hang up, then don’t give up that thing. And if you want to start but can’t because of X, then don’t do it for X!
    • This is why Mark Sisson, who drinks mochas, has the 80/20 rule.
    • Find the positive, find the hope. You’ll be amazing on the other side!
    • And don’t beat yourself up if you make a choice you’re not happy with or a mistake. It will not benefit you to get too upset. Just move forward and try again!
    • Food doesn’t judge you, so don’t feel guilty!
    • Thanks for listening!
  • Outro (53:27)


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