TPV Podcast, Episode 388: When You Get Sick

Stacy and Sarah take a moment to check-in and say hello, while Stacy is in full-blown flu recovery mode. Hear the hosts thoughts on the realities of what it means when you get sick, and enjoy a brief teaser for next week’s episode!

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The Paleo View (TPV), Episode 388: When You Get Sick

Welcome back to The Paleo View listeners! (0:40)

Stacy is using all the energy she has to welcome you to this week’s podcast.

Over the last few days, Stacy has been working hard to take care of herself as she recovers from being sick.

She has turned off her phone, taking lots of time to rest and she honestly does feel so much better.

This is now day 3 of what Stacy thinks is the flu.

Stacy thinks a recent trip for work is what exposed her to get sick.

The day this episode was recorded was Matt and Stacy’s 18 year anniversary.

Sarah has also been fighting off a head and chest cold.

While Sarah knows it is very early on in the cold and flu season, she feels that her family has been very fortunate so far.


The Realities of Getting Sick

When you get sick it doesn’t mean you have failed as a human, it just happens.

Eating a really healthy diet and having a really dialed in lifestyle does not actually make you impervious to infectious organisms.

There is this myth that if you do all the things you won’t ever get sick.

Sarah thinks that this really ignores the fundamental nature of modern life.

There is no way to have an immune system that is functioning so spectacularly that nothing ever gets through its defenses.

Some are absolutely more resilient than others with regards to infectious organisms, and there is definitely a genetic component here.

When we get sick it is partly related to the mutations in the virus that is going around and where you are in the cycle of the virus spreading.

It also depends on your stress levels and how in sync you are living with the sun and how much sleep you are getting.

Yes, nutrient density matters, but it is like a helmet.

It won’t necessarily stop you from falling off your bike, but it will protect you from damage.

Doing all these diet and lifestyle things will definitely add a protective layer when it comes to infectious organisms.

However, it is not wearing full body armor on a bike.


Last Week’s Episode

Stacy did want to take a moment to apologize for last week’s delayed episode.

We had a snafu with our ability to load the podcast audio file to our host.

There was a delay.

The people who reached out and were concerned about Stacy and Sarah, thank you for being so kind and thoughtful.



And thank you for your patience with Stacy this week while she continues to take the time to heal.

Sarah has already done the research in preparation for next week’s show and it is going to be a very interesting one.

We all wish Stacy a speedy recovery!

Apparently it is bad luck to cross both fingers for good luck. You can only cross your fingers on one hand.

Thanks so much listeners!

Stacy and Sarah will be back next week with good info! (12:00)

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