TPV Podcast, Episode 177, Go to Bed

Ep. 177, Go to Bed

On this episode of The Paleo View, Stacy and Sarah talk about Sarah’s just released e-book, Go to Bed, and what this robust book and program has to offer to support you along your health journey.

The Paleo View TPV177 Go to Bed

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The Paleo View (TPV), Episode 177, Go to Bed

  • Intro (0:00)
  • News and Views (0:56)
    • How Sarah and family spent the start of the new year – with loads of relaxation and spending time together at home
    • Stacy and family’s goal to welcome 2016 with nothing but pajama days
    • Both Stacy and Sarah, and their families, are ready to get back into the routine
    • An update from Stacy on her back – still very much in the diagnostic phase, didn’t get an MRI, had x-rays done, which showed that there is a lot of inflammation in the joints, so Stacy is doing some treatment to help with that particular issue
      • At this point Stacy is focusing on rest and sleep to help with recovery
      • Stacy is also utilizing a low-inflamatory diet to help support her body’s healing
    • The road to Sarah’s first autoimmune disease diagnosis and the flag that joint pain raised
    • Stacy’s approach in taking her recovery day by day, and the confirmation she received on her healing that has happened from her transition to Paleo that was seen in her her x-rays
  • Sarah’s new program, Go to Bed (24:24)
    • Which is a sleep rehab program and an epic e-book
    • The book was inspired from the book tour and receiving the common question of – I am seeing improvements, but am not healing like I should be, what am I doing wrong?
    • Sarah’s response to this question is always, how is your sleep?
    • Sarah wrote about the role that sleep plays on the immune system in The Paleo Approach, but wanted to delve into the topic even more to share on the profound impacts it has to other systems within the body
    • After reading up more on sleep and sharing many more blog posts on the role that sleep plays in overall health, it became clear that this was a topic that would make for a great book and to tackle all that sleep impacts in far more detail
    • Sarah created Go to Bed as an e-book so that she could update the content (and distribute updates to those who already purchased it) as the science around sleep and health continue to evolve
    • Sleep quickly falls off our radar when he become overly focused on the role that diet and exercise play, which are important pieces, but sleep is still a critical component to healthy living
    • Sarah wanted to create a resource that put sleep back on our to-do list and distill all the science into action items
    • There is a 14-day sleep challenge built into the program, which is essentially a process on implementing 14 small changes over the course of those days
    • The program will ease you into the best bang for your buck approach to improving your sleep, and you will see tremendous improvement in your sleep over those 14 days, giving you a taste of what adequate sleep feels like, motivating you to continue to work on making those habits stick
    • The program is not designed to be a hard thing that you follow and then stop once you complete it – it is instead designed to ease you into lifelong habits that will improve your sleep quality and quantity
    • The first challenge just started, but the group challenges will start the first Sunday of every month, except in January there will be two groups – with the second group starting on Sunday, January 17
    • All it takes to join the group is to buy the program, sign up for the email series if you would like them, and then go to the Facebook and Instagram pages to collect group support and inspiration
    • How quickly the research on sleep is evolving and the insights it is providing
    • Sarah feels like this is an exciting time to stay in the know on what the scientific community is discovering in regards to sleep
    • How sleep makes you more resilient to stress, and when you are stressed how difficult it is to get sleep – this e-book has tools for managing both stress and sleep since those things are interlinked
  • Stacy’s goals in the new year as it pertains to healthy sleep habits
  • Find more information on the book Go to Bed HERE, and also review the full table of contents
  • There is a special launch discount available right now, simply use the code ‘INEEDSLEEP’ to get 30% off
    • The program will never go on sale again after the sale expires in about a week
  • Thank you for tuning in everyone!
  • We will be back next week!
  • Outro (52:12)

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