TPV Podcast, Episode 234: Will I Have to Supplement Forever?

Ep. 234: Will I Have to Supplement Forever?

The Paleo View TPV 234 Will I have to supplement

In this episode, Stacy and Sarah talk about supplements and nutrient sufficiency. Will you have to take supplement pills forever or will you get to a point where you no longer have to?

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The Paleo View (TPV), Episode 234: Will I Have to Supplement Forever?

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    • Sarah launched her own supplement with Vital Proteins!
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  • Question from Lisa (13:10): “Hi Sarah and Stacy,I love your podcast! I am learning so much and always in a timely manner. Thank you for explaining things in a way that satisfies a curious mind! I came across the paleo lifestyle while doing some research after my dr recommended I go grain free when my HA1C reached 6.1 and in just a short time I am seeing positive results.My question is about supplements. I have been chronically low in ferritin and recently found that I am deficient in vitamin d as well. I have been paying more attention to my vitamin and mineral levels since following the AIP. I wonder, once I reach an optimal level of a vitamin/mineral do I need to stay at the amount of supplementation indefinitely? Also should I consistently retest the serum levels of vitamins/minerals I have been deficient in? I appreciate your time and look forward to your response. I am just going to begin reading The Paleo Approach so please forgive me if the answer is in there!”
    • You will recheck your levels as you go through your journey and adjust accordingly. You may have to take it for a long time or you may not. Depends on many factors!
    • For example, we supplement with Vitamin D more during the winter.
    • Stacy had to take a lot of digestive supplements for a long time, but no longer depends on them, so you may be able to stop using eventually!
    • Number one cause of nutrient deficiency is, obviously, a nutrient insufficient diet (imagine that!). 90% of Americans are deficient in some essential nutrient, including 75% deficient in Vitamin D and 73% deficient in zinc.
    • Nutrient focused diets high in vegetables and seafood and organ meats will get you to nutrient sufficiency.
    • Essential nutrients are ones will make you die if you don’t have it, but there are also 1000s of non-essential nutrients that you still need for optimal function.
    • There are other causes that might contribute to nutrient insufficiency, like poor gut bacteria that don’t help you liberate all the nutrients you need, heathy gut lining, liver, and pancreas and enough stomach acid to break it down.
    • Inflammatory Bowel disease, Celiac disease and other conditions will also affect your ability to obtain nutrients.
    • If you have a condition that prevents you from absorbing nutrients, then “Molly, you in danger, girl.”
    • You can see signs of poor digestion in your stool. If there are particles of undigested food in there, then you probably have poor digestion and therefore poor nutrient absorption.
    • Food allergies and intolerances can also be indication of a leaky gut and poor digestion
    • Some nutrient deficiencies are hard to identify, so Sarah recommends getting your nutrients checked.
    • Sarah had Spectracell Micronutrient Analysis done. She likes the way they test!
    • Once you have the data, targeted (not multivitamin or guessing supplementation) is recommended with a doctor’s supervision. Single supplements are better because they tend to be much more absorbable.
    • Remember: deficiency is a problem, but so is overdosing. Copper and zinc toxicity, for example, are often caused by over supplementation.
    • Adjust your dosage as you retest and adjust your diet to help yourself heal.
    • If you get your diet in line, you may be able to stop supplementing, but you may still have to take them for a long time.
    • Sarah and her whole family all supplement with Vitamin D. That’s not a failure, that’s not a problem. It just is the way it is for her.
    • Supplements are a help, but they are not to be used in place of a good diet.
    • Stacy and Sarah both recommend the Vital Proteins Liver Pills!
    • Stacy has a MTHFR mutation, meaning she has an issue absorbing B complex vitamins.
  • Stacy is on board with monthly Facebook live video podcasts! Get hyped!
  • The Paleo View endorses looking in the toilet after you go. That’s official.
  • Outro (39:53)


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