TPV Podcast, Episode 246: How to Preserve Yourself Through Chaotic Times

Ep. 246: How to Preserve Yourself Through Chaotic Times

In this episode, Stacy and Sarah talk about their busy lives and how they are making it through their stressful days.

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The Paleo View (TPV), Episode 246: How to Preserve Yourself Through Chaotic Times

  • Intro (0:00)
  • News and Views (0:40)
    • Stacy has had a crazy week so we’re recording short and late!
    • Stacy sold her house, then the buys backed out, then she sold it again! Meanwhile, she aggravated her back when removing her clothes!
    • Stacy is feeling better now, especially since she’s learned how to treat back injury flare ups. See Episode 204 for more on that!
    • Stacy has been documenting her recovery on her Instagram Stories, if you want more!
    • Now Sarah is in crunch time on her manuscript for Paleo Principles! She’s just about to turn it in and is working really hard!
    • She still has a few recipes and all the meal plans left to do. And those are difficult for her!
    • How are they managing through this chaos and how can you support yourself too?
      • Stacy starts every morning with a Vital Proteins Veggie Blend Smoothie (created by Sarah!) instead of coffee.
      • Sarah has a non-negotiable bedtime for herself so that she preserves her sleep amounts (10:30 pm for her).
      • Sarah also never skips her workouts because they fill her with energy.
      • Stacy actively keeps the “sugar monster” at bay. While it may seem like sugar will help you, it won’t! Instead, she eats peanut butter and Licorice and Cinnamon tea with cream.
      • Sarah also substitutes her sugar cravings with healthier options. She often goes to fruit, like frozen grapes or mangoes.
      • Sarah also goes for 85% or more dark chocolate. This will satisfy her sugar craving, but she’s careful. If she indulges in a “real” treat, then the 85% chocolate will seem bitter and not satisfying by comparison.
      • Sarah also ups her protein content of her meals to keep her eating habits in check.
      • Sarah makes sure she has great quality time with her family every day. She makes sure she is present for these moments as well. When she returns to work after this family time, she’s recharged.
      • Stacy does as well, but she focuses on touching and physical closeness as well. This goes for animals as well!
      • Stacy is learning to accept situations as they are and stop trying to control the uncontrollable. Do what you can to change things for the positive, but recognize where your powers end. Hey, there’s a reason every culture has a version of the Serenity Prayer!
    • We hope you found inspiration in our strategies. Share what works for you with us!
    • Oh and because it is Wesley’s birthday on Saturday, May 6th, Stacy has been paleo for 7 years! She hasn’t done many things longer than that, so I guess this might be here to stay!
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  • Outro (39:05)


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