The Whole View, Season 3, Episode 68: Beyond the Boundaries of Traditional Fitness and Wellness w/ WeShape Co-Founder Katie Bramlett

Welcome WeShape Co-Founder Katie Bramlett to The Whole View! Stacy and Katie discuss toxic weight-loss culture, radical acceptance, and living outside the construct of vanity and validation. Katie helps us goes beyond the boundaries of traditional fitness and wellness. She gives us tips on cracking the door to curiosity and turning our internal dial of self up in order to drown out the external dial of societal expectations.

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Key Takeaways


  • Katie is the co-founder of WeShape and a fierce advocate for bringing awareness to women’s health and fitness. She cracked the door to curiosity and found she had a yearning and desire for something more.
  • She is working on breaking toxic weight-loss culture through empowering people to connect with and care for their body.
  • WeShape, an online fitness app and community that pushes the boundaries of traditional fitness programs. With customized workouts focused on form that you can adjust while doing them to live coaching, challenges, and no need for equipment – it has been featured in Markets Insider, Yahoo Finance, and Bloomberg.
  • Stacy assures us that we are still moving away from diet culture and redefining health and wellness to be inclusive of mind and body, for everybody, which is why she was excited to have Katie on the show!

Beyond the Boundaries of Traditional Fitness and Wellness

  • Katie had one of her own breakthroughs when her daughter came to her and told her she was going to eat gluten. Ultimately, Katie got rid of food restrictions in her house. As a parent, she says all we can do it the best we can and own our mistakes.
  • When we’re born, Katie believes we have two “dials” – internal & external, as we get older, the external dial gets turned up louder than that internal dial; that internal dial is never fully turned off, which is why we can still change.
  • She emphasizes that, especially at WeShape, there is this idea of however you subscribe to the construct of vanity and validation and worth is up to you! And it’s going to look different to everyone.
  • One of the things that WeShape really wants to offer is radical acceptance. Wherever you are, whatever you choose to subscribe to, it’s not her job to tell people ‘don’t do this thing’. It’s her job to hopefully help people connect with their body in a new way and, along that journey,offer them acceptable to however they chose to participate in any of those systems outside of ourselves.
  • Katie thinks that we do live in a culture that values vanity and that women historically and presently base a lot of their worth in how they look. Women especially get in this loop of “when I am praised and validated for that, I feel good”. That loops feeds itself constantly, and it’s really hard to get off of that carousel. But the amount of power and liberation in terms of unsubscribing from some of those narratives is really powerful.

Next Steps

  • Katie reiterates advice she got from a therapist: Your pure existence gives you power to have worth.
  • She reminds us that a shift in those internal and externals dials takes time. Give yourself grace and get rid of the shame.
  • When guilt and shame or desires for validation come up, question it: Where is this coming from? Why do I want to do it? Did it serve me?
  • Katie notes that when we’re in a willing space, things tend to naturally unfold.


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