The Whole View, Season 3 Ep 19: Eating Archetypes & Diet Dating with Toni Marinucci

Welcome Toni Marinucci to the Whole View! This week, Stacy and Toni discuss eating archetypes and diet dating to determine how the diet mindset impacts our every day. They deep dive into the different forms “diet dating” can take and how we can use it to build our own anti-diet lifestyle.

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Key Takeaways


  • Toni Marinucci is a Registered Dietician and business owner of Tips with Toni, who ironically teaches people how NOT to diet. Her team of RD’s provide online nutrition coaching to help women break free from the all-or-nothing mindset.
  • Toni’s mission is to end restrictive diet culture by providing simple tips to healthy living while incorporating foods you love!
  • She recently gave a TEDx talk and wrote a book titled, Once Upon a Diet, where she discusses the parallels between dieting, dating, and romantic relationships – and how we treat them the same. 

Eating Archetypes & Diet Dating

  • Toni thought about all of the women before they would start working with her in the six months of food freedom program, she would watch them go from diet to diet, hoping each one was “the one.”
  • She made the correlation that they went around like Cinderella’s stepsisters trying to jam their feet into something that clearly wasn’t a good fit.
  • There were times Toni genuinely thought that she was talking about lifestyle change and the concepts like finding the foods that work for you and help you feel good. She feels better when she eliminates certain foods.
  • There’s also people who choose to change their body. But because they want to from their heart, not because they’re trying to prove something to the world.
  • Toni started to realize when she would get comments online, it was coming from other people and their projections of themselves and what they think. Any time she or her clients would feel uncomfortable, triggered, uncomfortable in their body, she reminds them it’s because of the people around them. They are projecting their views of themselves or their views of society onto them, and we don’t have to accept that.

Topics discussed

  • Just because it “works” doesn’t mean it’s working.
  • You don’t want to be super fixated on just that one thing because you can easily spiral.
  • Scales not measuring what matters. Stacy is a huge fan of healthy behaviors and choices for mental benefits, too. She thought for sure what mattered to her was being thin, but that was all a veil for what she really wanted which was for people to like her, to be kind to her, and not see her as less than.
  • Once Stacy realized that was the issue it helped to then create emotional fortitude and boundaries around unlearning the negative expectations and instead focus on those in her life whose support and love was unconditional

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