ICYMI Monday May 9th: So Much Personal Growth!

If I had to pick an overarching theme for the last two weeks, I would have to say: personal growth. Between myself, Kiddo, the entire family, and advocating for the mission of health and wellness for all, we have been pushing to be the change we wish to see! So in case you missed anything, here’s a recap!

Feeling the Mother’s Day Love

I asked the kids what one thing was I did as a mother that they appreciate, and they answered:

  • you make us feel safe
  • you do a good job taking care of us
  • we always get to school and have what we need
  • I appreciate your patience when I’m not having a good day
  • ups help up when we need it
  • I appreciate your work ethic and it helps me want to do better

And honestly, what more could I want my children to feel than my love?! I know I’ll be crying over this for years to come, so I definitely recommend asking your loved ones, too!

We spent Mother’s Day AR Workshop Alexandria because what’s better than arts and crafts someone else preps and cleans up after? While the day was fill with mixed emotions (especially for Kiddo and Matt having to work), we had a truly wonderful time creating memories.

I’m so grateful they were open for us to do something inside because it’s been doom and gloom here all week. And I’m looking forward to seeing these art pieces around the house for years to come!

Emotional Breakthrough

When I went to DC, I was away for a week between the retreat and lobbying.  Because Kiddo is working to develop safe, healthy, trusting relationships (Foster care in and of itself creates trauma), this was hard for them. They did well, but the moment I was home, the safety returns and those walls come down. It’s like a boomerang effect of emotion and that “keeping it all together” comes undone.

I have to say, Kiddo did the best they’ve ever done with my absence! There are still some areas we’re working on, we have to work to rebuild trust, and further strengthen the brain so it doesn’t rush to flight or flight every time. But we are making consistent progress together and that is incredible!

My Own Personal Growth

I was given some advice about how to handle some of Kiddo’s behaviors by a treatment team worker, but got polar opposite advice from another. Instead of freaking out like I might have in the past, I asked for some time to process. Kiddo and I had a heart-to-heart, and my venerability allowed them to do the same.

We had a breakthrough I was able to brief the entire team about and get to the root of some issues we’ve been struggling with for weeks. I cannot express how truly grateful I am for the growth and healing they’ve brought into our lives.

Body Positivity

Confession time: I have wasted so much of my life trying to shrink and be smaller. I was all-in on the diet-dogma, unhealthy attachments to food, and I used “health” as an excuse to push myself to lose weight.

I cannot tell you the peace that comes with knowing who you are and owning the space you’re in. Seeing photos of myself taken in DC, I can honestly say I’ve never felt more beautiful – inside and out. It’s not just about what I look like, but who I am and how I feel. I am a woman on a mission I feel good about.

So, may you all live a life as big and full as my skirt!

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