Stacy’s Weekly Wrap-Up, May 11th: Chicago!

In my last few posts, I’ve been everywhere but home! I’ve become a really confident traveler who loves the alone time. Years ago I didn’t want to eat alone in public, now I wander the city blissfully listening to an audiobook. I was recently in Chicago for a leadership conference with my team at Beautycounter. Not only do I love the opportunities to travel, but also how much women lift up and empower each other.

Exploring Chicago

Before I left for my trip, I reached out to several artists to see if I could get in for a tattoo! I didn’t even tell Matt about it, because it felt so personal. The cosmos brought me and Buddy together! Ive been wanting to get a tattoo representing kiddo, since I have a three-leaf clover for my three Irish boys! And when the tarot card came up in my trip to Puerto Rico, it was BIG FEELS. Just like I felt called to that reading, I felt called to seek out a tattoo to memorialize it. And it worked perfectly!

I sent my ideas to them less than 48 hours before the trip. They specialize in exactly was I wanted and had JUST had a cancellation for the perfect time! Without seeing a pic, they even drew kiddo perfectly!

Even though I’ve been to Chicago before, it’s one of my favorites and I love to explore the city. The tulips were in full bloom everywhere!

This was my third time doing the architectural boat tour and each time I learn something new! I highly recommend it if you visit! My other favorite thing was the Mob Bus (historical) tour.

And as much as I enjoyed loved doing some exploration on my own, it was amazing to experience the city with teammates and friends.

Leadership Conference

The leadership conference was put on by one of my mentors, Laura Stenovec. A dozen of us spent time preparing content, planning, creating crafts, and so much more for the pure purpose of learning from and benefitting from one another. There were two people in that room that I benefit from helping, but there were 80 women I want to help be the best versions of themselves. They also help ME be a better version of myself.

I had the honor of being on stage with Jessica Dukes, who leads with such heart. She had the whole room teary-eyed. I, of course, brought the laughter – because public vulnerability of my actual emotions is the scariest thing I can imagine 😉

I was also on a panel with some incredible women and spoke to market research. In true nerdy Stacy-fashion, I stood in front of a room and said “just create a little spreadsheet”.

Throughout all the learning, laughs, and tears, what I truly love is that we don’t gate-keep, we don’t try to sabotage or withhold from one another. We collaborate for the greater good on a mission that matters to us all. Doing that helps each of us support our families, our passions, our purpose. I couldn’t be a foster mom without the flexibility of this work.

The irony is, as a feminist, I never thought I’d be here. Yet, I’ve had more impact helping readers, listeners, and colleagues with this work that I could anywhere else.

A Sneak Peak & A Glowing Gift

While we were at the conference, we were able to be part of a live training on some amazing new products launching mid-May! It’s a long-lasting lip collection, and I can’t wait to share more. Our products continue to innovate, and we have new product releases almost every month. Check out these amazing colors! This is truly just a small sampling, as there are 14(!) shades to choose from!

On top of the amazing new products, I can’t help but reiterate what a great deal it is to join our VIP perks program, Band of Beauty.

Right now it’s only $19 (regularly $29), it’s free shipping over $75 (usually $100), you get 10% product credit back on purchases (free money!), and there are other perks and special messages from me. Even better, you get a free gift for joining (and renewing). The join gift was just updated to a product I find incredibly versatile (yes, I even use it in my hair) – our Glow First Priming Serum.

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