Choose to Love Yourself – February Beautycounter Special

Bottom line up front: In February we’re helping you choose to love yourself with safer skincare & cleaner cosmetics!

  • We’re GIVING AWAY Stacy’s favorite eye shadow palette – the Ultimate Nudes (no purchase required, just comment)
  • Stacy’s favorites included as Gift with Purchase – NOW THROUGH VALENTINE’S DAY!
  • What do we recommend? From skincare, to make-up, to teens we’ve listed our favorite ideas for all budgets.
  • p.s. THANK YOU for your amazing support and helping me March 4th on DC for our health and safety!

Just jump to the part that interests you; read below for more info

They say that February is the month of love, with Valentine’s Day strategically placed right in the middle. There’s a lot of focus on partnering and romantic love in February that often makes some people disappointed. In our family, however, we like to shift the emphasis to loving the first person on your “to love” list. Yourself.

♥♥♥ We’re making February Choose to Love Yourself Month ♥♥♥

But how can you do that? By choosing to be healthy inside and out. Choose to nourish your body properly (remember souping and eating 8+ servings of fruits & veggies a day?). Choose to make sure your lifestyle habits are healthy for you. And of course, choose to use products that will be safe and healthy for you the detailed science on safer personal care products was discussed here). We’d like to help.

The Giveaway!

Did you know that the FDA has set allowable levels of lead in cosmetics to 200 times the allowable levels in food? That includes lip products and hand creams that are extremely likely to make in into your mouth (it’s estimated that women eat one pound of lip product per year)! One of the places you see the most heavy metals is in highly pigmented color. It’s incredibly difficult to make safe products that also perform and have a high-impact color story.

Wanna win this? Giveaway entry instructions below!

Which is why I’m SO impressed with this bestselling eye shadow palette by Beautycounter. It showed up in tons of online magazine “best of” and recommendation lists – regardless of ingredients – because it’s stunning. AND it’s tested to ensure there are no heavy metals, nano particles, or hormone disrupting chemicals. I don’t know of any other brand on the market testing to ensure our safety while also making a product used and worn on the red carpet and shows like Nashville!

If you are having a hard time letting go of your Urban Decay Naked or Smoky Eye palettes, you will love this. And you’ll be loving yourself to switch to safer. That’s what we mean by taking care to show your body the love that it deserves!


All you have to do to enter is leave a comment!  We’ll pick the winner one week from today (2/7/18). Us and Canada only. May the odds be ever in your favor!
By entering you agree to let us add your e-mail to our safer skincare list (we don’t spam and only e-mail a couple times a month).


What’s the Gift with Purchase?

These are Stacy’s absolute favorite accessories, the things she uses herself every day. Depending on purchase price, when you shop with you can pick from:

  1. Soap Lift – this eco-friendly BPA-free and phthalate-free little brick helps your soap last longer by allowing it to aerate and be lifted out of its pool of water. I love this brand because it’s the safest and made in the USA. We’ve been using ours for months and it extends the life of our Charcoal Cleansing Bar exponentially!
  2. Contour Brush – When I do my tutorials this brush is the one I get asked about the most. It blends beautifully! I love that it’s made responsibly using 100% guaranteed vegan and cruelty-free bristles, which is also hypoallergenic and repels bacteria.  This brush does so much, but specifically it’s ideal to find the hollows of your cheek when applying blush/bronzer and helps to blend and diffuse color perfectly.
  3. Beauty Blender – this is a 100% silicone and non-latex sponge that makes application of foundation and creams incredibly easy – it blends the product, is more sanitary than your hands, and saves product since it’s not absorbed into a brush. This is my favorite because it’s hypo-allergenic, super easy to clean, and the silicone is very soft and flexible. It’s great for all skin types and perfect for a smooth application that can then be blended for a perfect airbrushed look!
  4. Beautycounter pouch – this canvas bag is for make-up, a clutch, or any purpose you need. Specifically, it would be the perfect size for your Flawless in 5 set and brushes to keep in your purse when on the go. It also is large enough to hold keys, phone, and wallet or even pencils and small note pad for school.


with a qualifying order you can ALSO choose from two of my favorites: a full size Charcoal Cleansing Bar OR a Lip Conditioner for free in your choice of Peppermint or Calendula (neutral) scents! I use both these products ALL. THE. TIME and am sure you or a loved one will LOVE them!


Here’s the exact details:

If you spend $85 or more, you can choose two of the following:

  • Soap Lift, to help your Charcoal Bar last longer
  • Contour Brush, to get perfectly diffused blush and bronzer application
  • Silicon Beauty Blender, reduces how much product you use and gives a perfect application
  • Beautycounter Pouch, to store all your accoutrements

If you spend $160 or more, you can choose any three of those gifts listed above plus one of:

  • Charcoal Bar
  • Lip Conditioner (Calendula or Peppermint balm)

You may place as many orders you’d like in the month of February to get as many freebies as you want. However, if you plan on potentially making more orders later please let us know so that we only ship to you once. As always amount spent is based on subtotal after use of credits/sale items and before tax and shipping. Questions? E-mail me and I’ll be happy to help!

Valid on orders placed from 2/1/18-2/14/18 with – please select “February Freebies” from the options in the pop-up drop-down list. We will confirm your choice via e-mail after receiving your order; if you do not get an e-mail confirmation from us directly, please forward it to stacy@realeverything[.]com to ensure we are processing your order!

What we Recommend

Here’s some options to help you make selections and double down on some deals. Cause I like to save you money, friends! I detail these below, but here’s the high level options that will save you the most money right now:


Beautycounter is extending the sale of their skincare regimens through 2/7/18 (plus my freebies)! These sets will save you over 20% from buying them individually. They also test them for safety, heavy metals, and hormone disrupting chemicals – but, which one is best for you? [shop the Regimens here]

REJUVENATING – Regimen on sale includes:

  • Toner Pads: 85% reported skin looked more radiant, brighter, and hydrated (I personally find they help tremendously with acne, too)
  • Radiance Serum: 80% reported skin was softer and more supple
  • Night Cream: 74% reported skin looked more radiance and felt renewed
  • Face Cleanser provides a light lather with gentle cleansing agents to leave skin feeling clean and soft

This is what I use; it was about two years ago when I switched to the safer Rejuvenating line at Beautycounter and my skin has NEVER been better. It not only lightened, brightened, and reduced signs of aging, but it drastically reduced inflammation in my skin and cleared up my adult acne.

COUNTERMATCH – Regimen on sale includes:

  • Adaptive Moisture Lotion: provides 24 hours of hydration
  • Eye Rescue Cream: 100% said eye area looks brighter and fine lines look reduced
  • Recovery Sleeping Cream: 96% said they woke up with softer, smoother, vibrant-looking skin
  • Intense Moisture Serum: 96% said skin looks brighter and healthier

If you’re looking for the best all-around skincare line, this is it; hydration and vitamins offer anti-aging properties as well as adapt to individual skin needs, making it great for those people who skin changes in environments or who have combination skin. Key ingredients: Shea Butter (Vitamin E), oils from plums and olives to moisturize, and Salicylic acid to even skin tone

NOURISHING – Regimen on sale includes:

  • Cream Cleanser
  • Cream Exfoliator
  • Day Cream
  • Night Cream

The nourishing “essentials” is the easiest and most simple skincare line, best for people with normal skin types; it’s the most affordable and vegan/gluten-free. Key Ingredients: coconut oil, witch hazel, green tea extract, aloe (Vitamins B, C and E)



My 3 4 favorite makeup options that are the best value right now are:

  • Ultimate Nudes Palette – this sold out twice previously and will sell out soon! Valued at $116, priced at $88. It will immediately get you 2 freebies! With 18 neutral shades, a double-ended brush, and a removable mirror it contains a satin, metallic, and matte finishes to create endless looks for every skin tone. Derived naturally from cocoa seed butter the powders are wonderful for sensitive skin and eyes!
  • Ocean & Pacific Palette – originally priced at $58, this is on sale for $48! This sold out in less than two weeks, and now this limited-edition palette is back; it includes nine satin and shimmery hues for eyes and face. Included are six iconic eyeshadows, plus a blush (a safer swap for NARS Orgasm), bronzer (a safer swap for Benefit Hula), and highlighter designed to be worn alone or blended together. The luxurious texture is naturally-derived from cocoa seed butter.
  • Flawless in Five – Beautycounter’s version of a 5 minute face includes 6 essentials to get you ready in the morning in a flash. When purchased individually this set is $194, but together in the customizable set it’s specially priced at $148. Set includes Tint Skin foundation, Concealer Pen, Blush/Bronzer duo, Eyebrow pencil (can be used as brown eyeliner), Lip Gloss, and my favorite – mascara, your choice of lengthening or volumizing.
  • Perfect Match Lip Set – individually valued at $59, on sale for $48 with adorable Valentine’s-friendly packaging. These neutral colors are both best sellers and an Allure Magazine’s best of award winner.  Includes Sheer Lipstick in Twig (lightweight and ultra-moisturizing, no synthetic fragrance, with a hint of vanilla) and Lip Gloss in Bare Shimmer (moisturizing formula goes on smoothly with no stickiness, shimmery and sheer with subtle color and shine).

Teen Skincare

Choose one of my “kits” for tween and teens from my recent post on Safer Skincare for (pre) Teens. More details on the products and why I chose them are available in the post, as well as printable instructions so that you don’t have to talk awkwardly talk about about washing groins.


  1. Shower & soap: either the Body Wash, Kids Body Wash, or Charcoal Cleansing Bar.
  2. Shampoo & hair care: Kids set or Next Generation Hair Care line
  3. Deodorant: for sensitive skin, use the Charcoal Balancing Mask and Charcoal Cleansing Bar as described in this post


  1. Wash face first with the Charcoal Cleansing Bar
  2. For acne, use the Charcoal Balancing Mask weekly or spot treat as needed.
  3. Acne next step, apply 1/2 of a Rejuvenating Toner Pad to clean skin
  4. Balance changing skin the Countermatch Adaptive Moisture Lotion


If you want even more simple than the Flawless in 5 try this combo:

  1. Apply Base: Dew Skin is a sheer tinted moisturizer with SPF
  2. Eye Make-up: Pencils:Color Outline Eye Pencil (eyeliner) as well as Color Define Brow Pencil (eyebrow)
  3. Eye Make-up: Mascara:Lengthening Mascara or Volumizing Mascara
  4. Finish with Lip Gloss
  5. Remover – either the Instant Eye Makeup Remover or my preferred super gentle Soothing Oil
  6. Night time routine: clean your face with the other side of the Rejuvenating Toner Pad from the morning and then apply the Countermatch Adaptive Moisture Lotion before bed


Because you all are such awesome supporters, I get to go to DC and fight for better regulation to protect health and safety! This is such a HUGE part of why I LOVE Beautycounter as a brand. Most companies lobby for LESS regulation in their field, but Beautycounter is sending us to ask for more! They truly care and want everyone to be safe. I’m so grateful to you all for helping me be able to March 4th on DC! I’m excited to celebrate with this giveaway & gift with purchase!

RECAP (skim the rest, just read this)

  • Comment below to enter the giveaway for the Ultimate Nudes Eye Palette
  • Make any purchase over $85, get your choice of 2 freebies
  • Make any purchase over $160, get your choice of 3 freebies plus a full size product (lip conditioner or charcoal bar)

Remember to love yourself, which means accepting you exactly as you are this minute – regardless of what you strive to achieve in the future. Honor yourself with being healthy inside and out. If your choice today isn’t what you intended, guilt and shame won’t help – just decide to make a different one going forward. ♥

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